Monday, May 30, 2016

Forced a general letter out of him - terrible internet options lately :/

Hey this week went well and last week too, we have been having a lot of success and have been finding really special people. I love this work so much, everyday we go out i can see some small miracle that heavenly father gives us and my love for him grows more. He is blessing us a ton out here, one of the women we are teaching told us shes ready to be baptized now and we have a 20 year old young man whose been progressing super quickly hopefully they both are able to be baptized these next 3 weeks. I encourage you all to invite the missionaries into you home, even if only for 10 minutes like we do here, let them share there testimony with you and your family. They are true representatives of Jesus Christ. Let them bless your home and families. 

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hi mom
Not really sure lol I'll ask next week remind me. 

Mom: hey! you're on super late - what did you get to do today?? something fun??
ok I will try to remember - I just thought about it when I was looking at the flight info and noticed it didn't say anything about luggage on there - I think the mission pays for it - but not sure - so ask if you remember to next time you email the office.

Aaron: We played soccer to practice for a soccer challenge we are going to have next week, our zone versus a zone from San Jose.. it should be good haha, we are going to get shirts and everything with our names and what not haha. Does it say I'm writing with a tablet???? Its 'cuz the internet has been closed when we get to our area so Randall lends us his comp and a tablet to use
Well see I'm going to ask next week for sure;) how's Kara?

Mom: I wondered if you might be having to use Randall's internet/computer today - as it's late for you ;)
Glad you are having fun playing soccer though :) Shirts and everything eh??? so next week you will email late again you think??
to be honest I haven't heard a peep from her since the reception when she left on her honeymoon!  I think they were to return to Orem today - so maybe I will hear something from her soon. I didn't want to be THAT mom that emailed/texted/bugged their kid on their honeymoon ;)
hey don't forget to write a general this week since you didn't write one last week - check in with everyone and tell us about your past 2 weeks (whatever you can remember!!) :)

Aaron: Yeh we are going all out

Mom: haha sounds like it!! So how many are in the zone that are playing?? Are the sisters playing too? what position are you playing?

Aaron: They might play not really sure.. it seems like i might play a forward but they wanted me to play goalie because no one else wants to lol but i don't either.. so well probably put someone who's not too good as goalie
I cant write a general.. it doesn't let me make messages like that only reply.. 

Mom: hahaha - you played forward when you played soccer I think - right?  How is your team? are they any good??
write a "general" and send it to me and I will forward it to everyone as the general - like Laurzia does.
can you get your new investigator that used to play soccer to play as a ringer ;) haha 

Aaron: No i played defense. Its a missionaries only soccer game haha sadly. We're pretty good.. i think we will win to be honest but i don't know the other team too well either

Mom: oh - I couldn't remember what you played back then :p  Are the other elders "experienced" soccer players :p haha??  To bad about not adding in your ringer ;)
thanks for writing a general - I know it's a bother but I also know people love reading what's new with you :)  I appreciate you doing it for me ;)
so how much are the shirts costing you??  Who's printing the names on them or are you just writing them on with a sharpie ;)
Also - did you want me to put more money into your account then?? if so - how much?

Aaron: Like 4500 o 9 bucks i might need more money if you can put it on.. gotta go mom i love you have a good week!!!

Mom: doh!! such a fast week!! Remember next week we are searching houses so i will try and watch the phone - have a great week!! I will put some more money into the account - LOVE YOU!!

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