Monday, December 28, 2015

General email... fetttchhh =( ...Tell them HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Aaron: hi mom
Today we´re going to play paintball as a district so I´ll have to leave in like 45 minutes now to meet up with them and show them what bus to take to get there and everything 

Mom: Hi Aaron!  How are you doing this morning?

Aaron: I´m good and you=) 

Mom: That sounds like fun!  Have you done that before as a zone?  Sounds like a fun activity!! Is it very far away? Is it inside? or?

Aaron: No, only our district hit their goal so we´re going to play today. It´s inside, underneath the bishops gym in Montes de Oca, it´s an underground arena from what I know. It´s kind of close.. everything is just the roads are bad so we get there slower lol 

Mom: I'm doing good - I think I might be coming down with a little cold - must be sinning :D  I did read something while I was preparing my lesson for last week that sort of said that as well (which you had said Talmage had said that in Jesus The Christ).  Guess I better do better! :/

I am gearing up to paint the family room in preparation for the new heater - they are putting in a new thermostat so Ima gunna paint that red wall back to the tan color.  Then I also need to paint Kara & Jessie's old room - probably just back to the tan color - in preparation for a new bed we are gunna put in there.  With all that is happening - we need to start adjusting this house a bit to fit families :) Not that anyone is 'moving in' but for visits and such.

Aaron: I woke up with a sore throat.. think i´m getting sick too. You´re going to put a new bed in Jessie and Kara´s old room?

Mom: ya I think we will put a queen bed in there - the room is SO small - we will have to get rid of the dresser in there - so I think we will get a queen bed that has drawers under it. Space is not our friend in this house.  It's just too small. Plus from now on when people come to visit - we will have couples - and I'm sure before we know it - you will be married as well - probably sometime next year (2017) or so. 

 your room is so small - and Dad has his work desk in there - I'm not sure what we will do with that - We've discussed maybe getting a futon or something so it can be folded up but brought down when needed for a bed.  It's just a tiny room.  We need a bigger house!!  someday.

oh but I don't plan to make any changes to your room until after you come home.  It will be the same (except for dad's computer desk which I unfortunately can't change :( sorry)
do you have any airborne?  I can't remember if I sent you out with any of that or not.
Zicam would be a great thing if you think you are getting sick - that helps as well fyi.

Aaron: Yeah i´ve been taking the airborne.. just waiting. 

Mom: good! load up on it then!!
I'm sorry - I hope it doesn't become a full blown cold for you.  Have you had many sick days while serving a mission? I can't remember you mentioning being sick since you've come out.
Who all is in your district right now?
Oh - and at the Christmas dinner - were you sitting with your district?  or who?

Aaron: Don´t you remember in my last area when I went to the hospital and everything haha? I´ll tell you about it later if not. In my district is Elder Jensen, Dunkley, Me and my comp, (Elder Paiz and Coca but when wont be coming) and then Sister Markle, Sister Castleton, Sister Chavez and Sister Madrid. We´re going to take 2 others from the other district because the paintball place is in their area and Elder Paiz and Coca dont have money to go.. and they don't do much lol they didn't want to go 

Aaron: Elder Lohberg´s wedding, August 30th 2016.

Mom: hahahahahah!  Awesome.   Who is the lucky lady? 
Plus - that's a school day - 2nd day of classes so not a good day to get married - you'd have to forgo your honeymoon for a few more days and then would only get a weekend away.  Better plan it for a different date :p

Aaron: Fetch. Hmm. Christmas then. =P Gotta find a Latina or a Hawaiian girl. 

Mom: why are you so into Hawaii now? haha - you want to learn Hawaiian - where did this come from?
Or you could marry a blonde who went on a mission to a Spanish speaking place :p
BUT Christmas - is no good - we are all planning on spending Christmas together.  I had thought we could all go to Costa Rica - but then realized it was  your first Christmas home so that's no good - we need to be home for Christmas!  right?!  

Aaron: At the Christmas dinner no.. just with my comps and 2 elders from my district and a sister who used to be in my last zone. IT´s cuz, Elder Parker is going to get me his parents discount in the airport to visit some time.. it´ll be like 140 bucks round trip flight to Hawaii... soo.. Yeh. I dunno lol.

Mom: oh ya - I remember that now! I had forgotten - they gave you a bunch of meds right?  I guess I was thinking colds etc.
I didn't know Elder Jensen was in your zone! Is he doing ok?
Were the kids at the table with you at the dinner your district?

Mom: haha - you don't even like the beach :p  

You'll get like 2 weeks off for Christmas break - should I be planning a trip for Christmas next year instead of planning for ya'll to be home here? Would you prefer that over coming home for Christmas? 

Aaron: Yeh. Yeah he´s doing good. I told you he was here=)  Some of them.. like I said.. two of the elders were.. and the sister used to be in my zone.. 

Mom: no I realize you said he was in your zone - I didn't realize that was your district ;)
sorry - I had typed back to you too fast and our messages crossed paths :p

Aaron: Hmm.. we could go to Costa Rica, whatever the majority would prefer. I´m good with anything.  gotta go mom, I love you! have a good day! I didn't write a general email... fetttchhh =( I forgot. Tell them I forgot but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mom: already?!! no general :( 
Ok - have fun Aaron! Hope you stay well - enjoy your week! LOVE YOU TONS!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The only thing I forgot to do was write a general mail to everyone, Woops. Well, in this Christmas week I just wanted to share my brief testimony that I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to earth, was born of Mary and lived a perfect life. I know that He fulfilled his mission and paid the price for us, and I´m so grateful for what He´s given me. I know that He was chosen for this mission before we were born, a mission to be the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that He loves us, and that His simple words ¨Come follow me¨ are the only words that are truly important. I love Him. I´m learning of Him, I hope to be able to keep learning of Him, and I hope to be able to be with Him one day. I wish you all a merry Christmas, and pray that we all may keep our Savior in our hearts and that during this week, our actions truly show our love for Him. 


Elder Lohberg 

Aaron: Hey mom how are you? Let me see IF i can answer your all of your questions, It´s sunny but December is also pretty windy, so there´s a nice breeze. They have HUGE nativities, like they make the landscape and everything, they´re pretty though. I will try and take some pictures one of these days. On Thursday we found out Elder Valles was going to be put into an area now, so he left Thursday but he´s doing good. He stayed with us last night after the Christmas party, which was good. The ward's about the same except for they´re changing out the leadership. The counselors changed, our mission leader changed and everything. The zone is about the same.. not really getting too much better.. but we´re seeing what we can do to fix that. Geanina got baptized. We´re going to Skype Thursday evening at 6:00 it appears. Some people for the Christmas thing stayed in the secretaries house or if not our zone lent up like 9 extra beds, because we´re close. So they just stayed the night and then today go back to their areas. SAN JOSE is crazy right now. SO MUCH PEOPLE. it´s so crazy, I´m starting to  imagine what China is like 

Mom: wow! Ok - I will be ready to Skype then for sure and will watch the time in case you are on earlier.  Are you skyping from someone's home then?  How much time are they giving you this year?  West mission only gets 30 minutes - so I wondered if that was the same for you guys too this time.
I saw a picture of you and Toledo posted to Facebook by the cook I think - I downloaded it :)
I had read that Christmas time was crazy busy in Costa Rica - that a lot of people came to holiday there.
Tell me about the Christmas conference then - what do you do besides eat? :)  Did you get all the things I sent you?

Mom: you still on?  been 20 minutes since you typed something

Aaron:Sorry tons of people wrote me today. From a member's house we´ll be skyping. We get like 45. Like always. We ate, sang hymns or listen to people do like musical moments. But I saw lots of friends and old comps. I got a ton of rice krispy treats and protein bars and a bateria  (battery) and a memory card, pretty sure that I did!  Yah how are you mom! 

Mom: I'm good!  been just sitting here in hopes to chat a bit more - got your email with the "answers" but just waiting to hear more from you :)

Aaron: going to try and send some pictures to you. 

Mom: coolio!  I sent you some cash as well - was that in the bag or did it get stolen? :(
I had sent a box of protein bars and a bag of rice crispy treats (which had an envelope with money in it) and then the package I sent you had the battery / camera card etc 

Aaron: oh I got that too, I forgot!! Yah I got the cash. 

Mom: oh good! I was a little worried - I had sent that with a girl coming back with her family to tour the mission - but I had to give her money to bring it and I had cash in it - so I was worried the cash in there might not make it since it was just in the bag and it would be in luggage and in offices etc - glad it made it! Take your district or your comp or something and go get pizza on us or do something fun you want to do :)
It's not your Christmas gift nor birthday - that money we put in the account - this is just because and for fun and so you would have something now  :)

Aaron: okay. Thanks mom, I love you guys so much and am very thankful for that. I´m looking forward to skyping you Thursday! It´ll be awesome to see you all again. 

Mom: you have to go now? will chat more Thursday!! LOVE YOU!!

Aaron: No, I still have 30 minutes haha. =) I was just saying that I´m excited for this opportunity.

Mom: oh! haha!! I AM SUPER STOKED to be honest! I super excited we still get 45 minutes! West only gets 30 :( 
so things going ok with you and Elder Morales then?  You guys get along ok then?  What's new with the people you are teaching? anything?  

Aaron: How´s it been having Kara back there now?? West is getting really strictly guided to be honest, it would be hard to be there. 

Mom: it's been great! I miss ALL of you guys so much! It's been hard not having anyone home anymore :(

Aaron: Yeah we get along pretty well. Not much, we had that baptism but now we´re trying to find someone else that can be ready for this next month of January.. don't really have anyone still. 

Mom: maybe just pray for someone who is prepared to be placed before you!! Someone who is ready to be in your path - then just start talking to EVERYONE :) 

Aaron: Yeah that´s what we´ll be doing like what happened in Heredia where we found Ana and Rodolfo. 

Mom: you'll have to keep us posted on that - those are the real miracles that happen - when you are led to those who are prepared :)  I'm super stoked that you still get 45 minutes!! L and I have MANY times discussed the fact that we "won the mission lottery" by having our boys go to the East mission :)

Did S get his orange chicken sauce? I bought that and the rice crispy treats - and then split the box between you two :)  I was in Utah to do it - so L just sent me a check 

Aaron: Uhm, I don't know, I didn't hear anything from him, But I will talk with him in the week to find out.  Now I do basically have to go mom, Thanks for talking to me. I hope you have a lovely week and that everything goes well! Bye mom! Love you and dad and kara and jessie and spencer and jarom, PEACE OUT

Mom: LOVE YOU!! Will watch for you Thursday!!! Be safe!!

Conversation between Kara & Aaron:

Kara (on Dec 14): Halo. How are you?

Aaron (on Dec 22): HEY HOWS IT GOIN

Kara: GOOD HOW ARE YOU? Kiper man has a toilet in his yard for some of his plants.

Aaron: Wut? I dont understand what you saying. 

Kara: Remember the thief guy from Marysville? He has a toilet in his backyard now.

Aaron: AHA??? How long ago did it appear. THIEFS WILL ALWAYS BE THIEFS. 

Kara: I dunno. I've only been here since Thursday night. Mom didn't notice it until I pointed it out though. His yard looks terrible. So much random stuff. PROBABLY THAT HE STOLE.

Monday, December 14, 2015

This week has been crazy!‏

Well, this week has been super crazy, we had tons of meetings all over the place, a service project, a Christmas activity and we moved houses on top of everything. This week in the midst of all the craziness I was able to have one of the simplest principles retaught for me. Problem after problem I found myself praying and just asking that everything would work out okay, that I was going to do everything I felt prompted to do to fix the problems and literally every day I found myself praying for the next problem that we had and giving thanks that everything worked out the day before. It truly was another testimony, or many testimonies to me, that the Lord hears our prayers and wants to help us. It really brought the truthfulness of this scriptures to mind again Romans 8:18 ¨For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.¨ The things we go through in this life are very minimal in the eternal perspective of things. Asi que, just pray and ask for help and try and see the things that matter most. 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: We´re still going with the ward.. it´s a constant effort. We moved apartments, so now our house is a lot bigger. My comps are doing okay.. I´m trying to be more humble and learn what I need to learn.. but I am pretty tired of being a zone leader and especially of being in the city haha.. my whole mission in the city, gets pretty tiring. 

Mom: So where is your is your new apartment at?  Is it close to where you were before or? 
Hopefully you will get to a new area - although remember Elder J - well he has seen 4 murders right in front of him - had all kinds of CRAZY happen to him on his mission - and he has been in outlying areas so - that might not always be wonderful as well
but hopefully you will get to see something new soon!!  Maybe next transfer you can move on to a new area!?! you never know!

Aaron: There´s a map.. I think I told you already but I´m like 5 minutes from my last area.. I even ran into my last bishop here and he gave us a ride lol. 4 murders??? what the freakk.. 

Mom: exactly! I was talking to his mom and saying how I would like for you to be able to get out of the city and see more and she was all - be thankful he is safe!  The last murder happened in his backyard of his apartment - he was transferred out that night I guess - let me look for what she sent me about it all.

Mom: "One was next door,  one on the way to church one Sunday. . That was almost a funny one. .. another was near by then Friday in his back yard.  Crazy part is he heard the fighting so he said a prayer that the Lord would plug his ears so he could sleep.  The next he heard was the police banging on their door to make sure they hadn't been hit from stray bullets. .. he never heard the gun shots."

You've had some freaky things - like the drug lord guy and gun shots - anything else you AREN'T or HAVEN'T told me? haha

Aaron: That´s crazy. 

Aaron: No.. not really. my areas have been pretty calm, I've been threatened a few times.. but nothing big. 

Mom: I think he is now down in S's zone - 
Maybe you will get released next transfer and get to train!  You've been wanting to do that for a while now maybe that will happen?
Did you have a leadership conference last week? or no? I can't keep it all straight - when you have what.  I think your "Christmas" conference thing is the 21st if I'm correct 

Aaron: No, Elder J is in my zone right now. In one of the more dangerous areas. I feel like I´ll finish 6 months in this area, then I train and then i come home. Yeah leadership conference, stake president meeting, a ward Christmas activity.. and we changed houses and stuff. But in the mission the Christmas thing is this 21st. I don't have photos haha because my memory is in the packages you sent which are being held captive until the 21st.

Mom: with a weapon? like gun threatened? We do pray for your safety!! H said that she has gained a testimony that the Lord watches over His missionaries with all that her son has had to deal with out there.  She has been worried that he will not have a good experience on his mission and will come home feeling unsuccessful and with no good memories - feel sad about that.

Aaron: No no, him and his buddies never pulled out a weapon, they were super drugged up anyways.
Paso Ancho is where Elder H WAS before he went to be a zone leader. It´s in my zone, Los yoses.
We did that too.. we basically just helped out in an Evangelical Church, and played soccer with some kids there and showed them that the missionaries are cool and helped them with lunch and stuff. Yeah the leadership meeting went a lot better.

Mom: you still on?

Aaron: yes

Mom: you're just quiet today so didn't know if you were still on.  You doing ok for the most part? I'm glad things worked out for you to switch apartments - I hope that things are ok with the comps - it can be a stressful thing to deal with at times I know.
How was leadership meeting?

Aaron: It was okay, we ended pretty bad in the zone , but i just don't let it stress me now, I just take it easy

Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Almost Christmas

This week was good, Elder Carter had changes, now I´m in a trio, with an Elder Morales, who is from Honduras, and he´s a zone leader with me too and then Elder Valles from El Salvador is our 3rd comp. They´re both pretty cool! So, we´re excited to keep working hard. I also was able to see the Christmas devotional but with bad connection so it kept jumping around, but some nice members invited us over to watch it! I truly loved the music, and felt a sweet, Christmas Spirit as I thought of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I´m sure many of you have seen the new church videos, #HaNacidounSalvador, or in English I think it´s like #ASaviorisborn. I know that that message is true. Jesus Christ is the Savior of us all. All who chose to follow Him, can be led back to the presence of our Heavenly Father and receive eternal life. As we go through this Christmas season, think of His importance in your life.  If necessary, make Him important in your life. He is the gift. Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo que ha dado a su hijo unigénito para que no se pierdan, mas tengan la vida eterna. (Juan 3:16) 

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hey mom! That quote´s in Preach my Gospel. 
I´m in a trio, with Elder Morales and Elder Valles . Elder Morales is the zone leader with me and Elder Valles is with us for the time being... Morales is from Honduras and Valles is from El Salvador.. he´s kind of like Elder Toledo, almost the same situation but he has only been a member for 3 years and apparently before the mission he was with the gangs there so he´s got a funnier way of talking haha 

Mom: HEY!! I'm here!! wow! So - Who is Elder Morales? Where did he come from serving? Was he the elder who was with Elder Henry? And Elder Valles? - where did he come from?  How is it going being in a threesome?

Aaron: He was with Elder Henry yeah, Elder Valles was in Los santos in San Jose, a small hole in the mountains. It´s cool because we can do divisions quickly, but the house is super small for 3 people and it makes food a little more tricky.

Mom: ahh - I thought Elder Morales sounded familiar!  I have seen pictures of him from Elder Henry's blog - he seemed nice
So - how DID you do food?  Did you buy food WITH your companions in the past and then share it or do you always buy your own food and do your own thing? ya I get it! Your apartment was pretty small for 2 and now you add in another so that could be interesting.  I was in a trio on my mission - once - I had a senior sister with me and then another sister (who was pretty interesting).  The senior sister (Sister Ertzberger) was my favorite! I really enjoyed serving with her.
So tell me about your week!!  

Aaron: it went well, not sure. not much to say. we found a young guy who wants to get baptized this week and we´d already announced another baptism, the sister of the young man who had got baptized a week ago, we maybe we´ll have two baptisms this week so we´ll see. The only time I bought food alone was with my kid for a bit.. other than that I´ve bought with my comp almost always. so we´ll do it again.. because there´s no space in the fridge for everyone to do there own thing, because we have half a fridge. soo we do it all together 

Mom: what do you mean there's not much to say!?! You have someone who randomly wants to be baptized and that's a problem or no big deal? :p
How did you find this kid?
How are things going in the ward? How did the meeting go with the Stake President? Was that this last weekend or is that this upcoming week?
Didn't you say you had leadership meeting as well last Friday? or was that changed? Does your trio guy go to that as well (if he isn't a zl)?

Aaron: Well.. we´ll see what happens! =) haha. He´s been going for like 4 years.. but like usually just to mutual not to church, but we invited him and he started showing up.. so now we gunna baptize him.. he already knew everything in the interview except for the commandments. The wards.. like.. idk.. getting better. The meeting with the stake president is going to be this week. tomorrow will be the leadership meeting. He wont go, we´ll prob throw him with other elders for the day, because they wont want to buy him food too. so they usually put him with other missionaries.

Mom: oh I get that! I saw your kitchen! haha!  How much do you have to cook for yourselves? Your cook moved right? So now you have to do it all? Or is the ward feeding you? Since your fridge is so small you must have to go "shopping" often eh?  what is that like there? the stores I mean - are they large like Fred Meyer or Albertsons or are they more IGA size?
The Christmas devotional was great last night!  I love listening to President Uchtdorf!  Actually I really enjoyed all the talks - and the music was amazing as well!  I love the carol of the bells - which was the second to the last song I think - the one before Pres. Uchtdorf sang for sure.

Aaron: No.. our cooks still here but she´s considering leaving.. they´re waiting on some stuff this Friday we´ll know if they have to go or no. the ward gives us food always on Sundays for lunch and then during the week every once and a while we get lucky=) they´re like Bartel Drugs basically, prices and everything. Uchtdorf was good but now i don't remember what he said. Pres. Uchtdorf sang????

Mom: haha NO - I must have done a typo! haha - I meant the one before he SPOKE! not sang! old age Aaron old age it sucks! haha
He spoke about LIGHT!
 buy him food" - you mean at the leadership meeting?  Where do they hold those?

Aaron: Yeah. in the office in zapote

Mom: how big is the office in Zapote?  I always pictured it being smallish - our "office" in our mission wasn't much to speak of - but it looks like you guys meet in a large room when I see pictures of your meetings.
What kind of food do they normally serve at these things?  Do they have a "mission cook" who does the food for the zone meetings, leadership meetings still? or was that just with Pres. Wilkinson?  Does the mission president pay for all of that stuff then?
The mission home looks really nice!  
You'll have to keep me posted on the kid then and tell me what happens next week for sure - one baptism or two!  Whats going on with the "investigator" who took you to the volcano? Any progression there?

Aaron: the office is an old church building.. so it´s the size of a medium sized church building.. they´re smalled here than the states though . They have a cook but last meeting they bought pizza.. they change it up. yeah the mission pays for it. We´re trying to teach him.. but we´ll see what happens. Haven't been able to teach him much.. but we´re going to see if we can today .

Mom: nothing on your package I sent yet eh? I was curious cause you said your other comp (Carter) had gotten a package and that you were going to retrieve it last week - but then also had said they were holding packages until the 21st - so just wondered.
Any other plans for a "fun" day?  to see something fun out there?
So - will you be a trio just for a little bit? a whole transfer or?  Where did Carter go to? Is he still a zl?
What happened with the AP's?  Did the one guy get released? or is he still there? you said he only had 3 more transfers and was going to train - so maybe next transfer? Do you know when that is?

Aaron: No i haven't gotten it yet.. I forgot to look today, but tomorrow I´ll come back here to the office so I can check and see. We need to get 20 progressing first, maybe more towards Christmas day we´ll see what we can find. A trio for this change. Carter went to Zona Sur, to Puerto Jimenez  he wanted to go there. So he´s in Elder Henry´s zone now. He´s been to ALL the pretty places of Costa Rica. Lucky butt. The APS are the same.. no difference. Next change I think. 

Mom: you went to the office today? You're on so early already - wow!!
What do you have planned for the rest of the day?  so is he a zl still or under Spencer?
Maybe you will get changes next time and will get to go see something cool! That is what we are praying for - for you! I hope that you get 2 more changes so you can see 2 additional areas before you leave.  Plus you said pres told you you'd train before you came home right? so maybe 3? that might be pushing it - but we can hope :) how did you find out that you had to sign for the last one?  Just wondered if they will hold this one as well - it was small so hopefully not!

Aaron: under Spencer. I´m thinking I´ll have 1 more area then I go. No, because training is 3 months.. so I´m thinking once I finish this area with 6 months.. 3 months more of training and I go home. I think I´ll have 1 more area. 
This PDAY today ends at 2.. because we have a service project on Saturday as a we have shorted pday because of the project. I just found out my package is there, Sister Burt told me, she said she wants 1 of what I got.. but i don't know what it is.. Apparently I have to wait until the 21st to open it. 

Mom: argh!! I had a phone call so I couldn't type!! I LOVE YOU!! 
I wish I had more time to say something more!! have a great week!!
well - I sent a few things - one package in the mail (your card) and then I found out someone was coming to the mission so I met up with them while in Utah and sent something else with them - not sure what exactly they will keep - or if everything I sent made it - I didn't have much "room" to send stuff - so we shall see.

Aaron: Pues, I need to go now Mom, I love you! Until next Monday we´ll write some more! =) Tell dad I love him too and Kara-Jessie

Mom: Hope you have a wonderful week! love you so much Aaron!!  We Skype soon!! yippie!!!!