Monday, May 9, 2016

It`s monday, monday, gotta get down on monday!‏

This week went well, we had a zone conference with President Hayes in San Jose, in the car ride there (we had vip transportation provided by his person-- just kidding he was baptizing an investigator here who asked him to baptize--) and either way in the car ride I asked him about the word of wisdom. I asked him if Te de Manzanilla was against the word of wisdom, I`m not sure what it is in English but now that I`m thinking it might be apple cider or something close to that... but he replied by asking me if I knew the doctrine behind the word of wisdom!!!!  Skipping to the answer

He taught us, Paul taught the saints that they had to be different from the world, a peculiar people. In the time of Joseph Smith just like today everyone smoked, drank tea, and drank coffee and alcohol. So, the word of wisdom is a way that we as saints become different from the world. We then applied the doctrine, if that is the case, in terms of coke or caffeine or any question you may have about that, following the Spirit of the Law, the doctrine, we need to make sure we`re still being different from the rest of the world, trying to be a chosen people, trying to be "An example of the believers" we can`t be an example if we`re the same as everyone else. And that`s the reason why, I loved the answer and I know that it`s true! I hope that each one of us can try and be an example, follow the feeling of the Spirit to change and be more pure and worthy. 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: mom, what airport do you want me to come in through? or airline i dont know, because they`re going to buy my tickets now 

Mom: you will fly into SeaTac - so SEA is the airport code.  

Aaron: OKay I read everything, nothings happened with that family yet, it`s been hard to find them but we`re going to keep trying. the income.. idk it depends on the family.. it could be around 150mil 300 bucks every month or every 15 days to be honest.. it`s low i think here in turrialba. some members have cars, the majority use bus. i`m hoping rosaura and katia get baptized the 21st too be honest.. going to convince them not to leave. 

Dad: Hey bud, Mom is talking to someone on the front porch (return missionary) how are you doing today?
Dad: Its Lincoln. LOL

Aaron: Oh, I`ve been talking to Lincoln`s sister, Shaleen, she started writing me. I`m doing good, my comp is super awesome it seems, he`s from El Salvador

Dad: That is cool. El Salvador huh! that would be pretty cool. I bet its pretty cool for you to get people that speak different kinds of Spanish, although it actually might mess you up?

Aaron: No, only a few words change, to be honest.. if you start talking specifics then yeah it`s different... but it just depends! Normal day to day communication is very similar, just talking in the house about things and what not changes! 
He`s cool it seems, very humble. 

Mom: Hey I'm back!  Sorry - I had a random knock on the door and it was Lincoln Troxel!!  He came by to tell me how much he had loved having me as a teacher and we chatted for a bit at the door - he had to come home early - he was suffering from depression but is doing much better now.  He said he is going to Provo in the summer to BYU and then plans to come back up here to do radiology here at EVCC I think he said - anyways - it was super sweet of him to come by and touched my heart that he would want to see me and for what he said to me as well.
So your comp isn't from Guatemala then after all - does he have only one eyebrow? :p haha  Wasn't Toledo from El Salvador too??  Where is he coming from serving at just now?  
Shaleen is leaving on her mission soon I think - like in a month?? Is she going to Japan then? I can't remember where she got called to.

Aaron: no he has 2, he loosk normal haha. Yeah Toledo and Valles were from El Salvador.. DANK.. He comes from Atlantica, he was with Elder Adams, his trainer was elder Jackman who went home early with like 3 sicknesses. 
She leaves in July I think or something idk, leaves from the MTC august 15th.. going to Korea! 

Mom: HAHAHA! I just thought of your comment yesterday about the guy having only 1 eyebrow :p so had to ask! :)
I'm glad you are liking your new comp then already - as it will be nice to work with someone you like - easier right??
Oh ya! I had forgotten about Korea! that's right! 

Aaron: yup it`ll be cool cool cool

Mom: haha - so they didn't have your travel stuff taken care of yet then eh? they are doing that now then? will they email that to me or will they email that to you and then you email it to me? how does that work?
what's your new comps name again?

Aaron: dunno.. i`ll send it to you just in case.. idk! 
his name is elder Catalan (CA-TA-LAN) hmm.. the A is always like CAUGHT

Mom: wow - that's kind of a cool name!! thanks for telling me how to pronounce it too :)  So how long did it take for you to go get him? Did you just go down to Cartaga or did you have to go to San Jose??

Aaron: to Cartago, we supposedly had to be in Cartago at 11, we left at 10:30 =P got there at 11:30 and the microbus showed up at 12:20 to take the people, so he showed up, we got lunch, and left on the bus at 1:50, got here at about 3:30, randall picked us up and took us to the house, and now we`re writing. Martinez is now in San Jose in his area, he called me... It`s all different again! =P 

Mom: wow it is so crazy how it changes so much! I remember when you ALL traveled to San Jose and met up right? isn't that how Toledo lost his luggage??  
Who all writes to you these days? Dad is asking how many girls are writing you :p

Aaron: Gotta go mom! I love you have a good week!! Take it easy!! the internet guy is closing now 
love you too Aaron!! Have a great week!! talk to you next week!!

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