Monday, June 6, 2016

Por Fin! Finally!‏

It´s been a few weeks since I´ve been able to write a general mail, but everything should be back to normal now. Today, we had a zone versus zone soccer game (We won 4 to 2) it was a lot of fun. We bought shirts and everything. We´ve been finding lots of new investigators in our area and I think one of the things I was most excited about is that we finally got our Liahonas of the general conference!! (We get them late in the country places haha) I love reading the words of the Prophet and his apostles.. I know that they are called of God, they are His chosen servants. I know that what they spoke and speak is exactly what God wants for us, for those who feel an emptiness in your life I invited you to fill it up, with the word of God. Elder Eyring explained like 4 times in the Saturday morning session that the word of God is the seed, the seed and grow and fill our emptiness with joy and happiness and with truth. Seek the truth, because the truth will set you free! 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hey mom, the areas going well. today we had a zone versus zone soccer game, teams of 11 with changes and everything when we got tired. We won 4 to 2 officially and with the extra 20 minutes that we played after it would´ve ended 5 to 3, I didn't make any goals but I had two good assists for the goals as I was playing center and right and left laterals. The game was fun. Cartago versus the Paz we had shirts and everything in our zone. we have lots of investigators who are progressing and are close, they just have a Little bit left to change, a little bit left to prepare themselves.. I get along well with my comp.. he´s kind of like a young kid still but he´s funny and cool. Send it to Randall Wednesday!!! 

Mom: ok!! cool!! I'm glad you won your game!! How exciting!! yes I will send the picture to Randall :) Super exciting!!

Aaron: Yah, they´re going to send me pictures of before the game and after but who knows when. Everyone was like cheering us on haha because we were in Cartago walking around 20 missionaries with Cartago team shirts haha, it was cool=) 

Mom: awesome! I bet you were eating that up :)
So - are you at an internet place or are you wanting to send a general through me - and I promise to actually send it out this time

Aaron: I´m at an internet place in San Jose, I can send it.. then we´ll take a bus for our area. any luck with the house seach?? 

Mom: no not really - the crazy realtor didn't have a way to get into the houses so we came back home - she is supposed to be showing up to take us out now that she has keys - but I haven't heard anything from her - stupid!! 

Aaron: pfft what poop. gotta wait then? 

Mom: well we are heading out as soon as she gets here to look at homes - but ya basically a wasted day!!

Aaron: haha and what day do you go back to Washington?? 
Ben and I are planning to see if we can go on divisions with the missionaries the Saturday i get back to visit all our friends and see if we can then pass him in his car and me in mine for all the investigators that Sunday to take em to church. we´ll see haha.. Are you sure we don't need to renew my license?? 

Mom: we go back to Washington on Thursday after we've gotten to see Jessie's ultrasound on Wednesday :)  haha so wait - you are talking about here with Ben after you get home?  Cool if so.  I think you renew your license this year I believe when you turn 21??

Aaron: Are you sure, can you make sure?!?!?! It would suck to find out I cant drive haha or that I have to take the test again.. 

Aaron: Will I have to take the driving test again?? 

Mom: haha no you don't have to take the test again - your license shouldn't expire until you are 21 - so I think you renew in December actually - but you should be fine - when we get home though I will check your wallet :) but I'm PRETTY sure you are fine :)

Mom: You will drive again my son for sure :)

Aaron: Hey i saw that there´s home remedies to get rid of freckles, we´ll need to do that too! 

Aaron: When do i have to take the test again, sometimes you have too right??!?!?! 

Aaron: Gotta go mom, I love you!!! going to take the bus back to turrialba, have a good week! Hope you find a cool house, take care and we´ll talk next monday!! i think in the morning.. we dont have any plans that I know of. Love you and dad, bye!! 

Mom: love you Aaron!! Have a safe ride back - talk to you soon!!! LOVE YOU!! HUGS!!

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