Monday, May 23, 2016

No general email this week :(

No general email this week - he had a bad internet connection - I actually went through and corrected a bunch of stuff or you would not have been able to read it - all the words were connected :/ 

Aaron: Hi mom
The week went pretty well
How was the wedding?
The family week was an activity that thy planned to do in each ward in the stake but we combined ours here with the open house, it was basically just a week of different activities like playing ball and sports genealogy work open house presentation of he history of Turrialba and a talent night. It happened this week. We have a new investigator named Tomario who showed up at the church with his girl friend and he's super awesome. I'm almost positive he will be baptized o the 18th. That's the date that we gave him. And the volcano i can see it eruption a ton, when its not cloudy but lava no i cant see jeje but they say it might erupt like 100% so maybe i will be able to in a bit haha

Mom: The family week sounds cool - so it's a church thing? or it's a Costa Rica thing?? I saw a picture posted on Randall's facebook page that I could see you in it - you were playing basketball I think??

The wedding was excellent! We had the BEST sealer :) He had some really insightful things that he said - and Jarom was getting choked up as the sealer talked about the gift that Kara was to him and how to treat her etc.  Truly it was wonderful.  It rained of course!  
Oh - the photographer posted a picture of them online - let me download it and send it to you!!

Aaron: hats awesome.. they look so happy. They leave for Utah now right? Its a church thing, an activity. 

Mom: ya they are gone - they left after the reception for their honeymoon - they are still in Seattle I think - went to the zoo today - leave in the morning to drive down to the Redwoods - then spending the night there (camping) and then off to lake Tahoe for the rest of their honeymoon.  They head back to Utah I think next monday?  Then we head out the end of that week to go for the reception out there on the 4th of June - and then we are planning to stay the following week a few days to look at houses I think.
so all you can see is the ash billowing up then? have you had any ash fallout by you? and no lava glow that you've seen eh?? So what do you mean when you say "they say it might erupt like 100%" do you mean like truly blow - with molten lava bombs being sent out?? I'm so freaked out about like a Pompeii type event happening :(  i don't want you to be encased in lava :/ so be safe!!

Aaron: Nahh i don't think it will be that bad haha but yeah thy say its close to blowing

Mom: so how are things with your new companion?  And tell me about your new investigator Romario - did he just show up to church on his own or how did you find him? How many discussions have you had with him?  You said he came to church with his girlfriend - does he know any of the members or ??
how far away would you say the volcano is from you? do you know? Like how many miles ?? Is Turrialba the city at the base of the mountain? 

Aaron: Yeah his girlfriend brought him. Its going well with my comp we get along really well, no problems no problems. He doesn't know how to make pupusas though haha.  So we are teaching him now. He's cool haha hes 20 years old and he played on the Turrialba soccer team and on the national volleyball team

Mom: you comp played on the Turrailba soccer team? or the investigator?  Is his girlfriend a member then?

Aaron: Don't really got much to say in a general mail right now so just gunna leave it, it wot let me choose the group of contacts either soo

Mom: if you want me to send it out I can do that - just send it to me and I will insert your last email list you used for the group email.
You should say something about the volcano erupting - people have been asking about that since it's right by where you are at 

Aaron: The investigator haha.. how would my comp from El Salvador who just got here have played o he Turrialba soccer team haha??Its because there really isn't anything to say about the volcano and I'm on a tablet because all the internet places were closed at this time of day.. the volcano doesn't affect us at all but it's cool to see the smoke rise up and i've taken pictures but any affect from the volcano hits the rest of Costa Rica.. we're fine and lucky for that

Mom: were talking about your comp and then went into the whole soccer team and volleyball thing and I was confused :P 
Your comp doesn't know how to make pupusas though right? ;p  And Romario then has the girlfriend that is a member and he is 20 years old and was on the Turrialba soccer team and the national volleyball team - and you are currently teaching him now - there - did I get that correct? :D

Aaron: Yup
Mom: That's good that it isn't effecting you at all - I too am thankful for that!!  I was wondering actually if we would hear from you today because of the ash fallout - on the Tico Times they made it sound like the rain made the ash just drop and they showed pictures of the ground covered in ash - so that must be west of where you are at then.
When is the next Zone conference? 
Are you still teaching Josemaria's daughters at all or did they move?
did you read Tyler's email from this week? Do you two email each other or no?  In it he said he is a counselor in the branch presidency in his new area! Over Primary! haha - that is so interesting!

Aaron: Gotta go mom! I love you have a good week!!! Thanks for writing me, 

Mom: ok Aaron - have a great week!! LOVE YOU!!

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