Monday, May 30, 2016

Forced a general letter out of him - terrible internet options lately :/

Hey this week went well and last week too, we have been having a lot of success and have been finding really special people. I love this work so much, everyday we go out i can see some small miracle that heavenly father gives us and my love for him grows more. He is blessing us a ton out here, one of the women we are teaching told us shes ready to be baptized now and we have a 20 year old young man whose been progressing super quickly hopefully they both are able to be baptized these next 3 weeks. I encourage you all to invite the missionaries into you home, even if only for 10 minutes like we do here, let them share there testimony with you and your family. They are true representatives of Jesus Christ. Let them bless your home and families. 

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hi mom
Not really sure lol I'll ask next week remind me. 

Mom: hey! you're on super late - what did you get to do today?? something fun??
ok I will try to remember - I just thought about it when I was looking at the flight info and noticed it didn't say anything about luggage on there - I think the mission pays for it - but not sure - so ask if you remember to next time you email the office.

Aaron: We played soccer to practice for a soccer challenge we are going to have next week, our zone versus a zone from San Jose.. it should be good haha, we are going to get shirts and everything with our names and what not haha. Does it say I'm writing with a tablet???? Its 'cuz the internet has been closed when we get to our area so Randall lends us his comp and a tablet to use
Well see I'm going to ask next week for sure;) how's Kara?

Mom: I wondered if you might be having to use Randall's internet/computer today - as it's late for you ;)
Glad you are having fun playing soccer though :) Shirts and everything eh??? so next week you will email late again you think??
to be honest I haven't heard a peep from her since the reception when she left on her honeymoon!  I think they were to return to Orem today - so maybe I will hear something from her soon. I didn't want to be THAT mom that emailed/texted/bugged their kid on their honeymoon ;)
hey don't forget to write a general this week since you didn't write one last week - check in with everyone and tell us about your past 2 weeks (whatever you can remember!!) :)

Aaron: Yeh we are going all out

Mom: haha sounds like it!! So how many are in the zone that are playing?? Are the sisters playing too? what position are you playing?

Aaron: They might play not really sure.. it seems like i might play a forward but they wanted me to play goalie because no one else wants to lol but i don't either.. so well probably put someone who's not too good as goalie
I cant write a general.. it doesn't let me make messages like that only reply.. 

Mom: hahaha - you played forward when you played soccer I think - right?  How is your team? are they any good??
write a "general" and send it to me and I will forward it to everyone as the general - like Laurzia does.
can you get your new investigator that used to play soccer to play as a ringer ;) haha 

Aaron: No i played defense. Its a missionaries only soccer game haha sadly. We're pretty good.. i think we will win to be honest but i don't know the other team too well either

Mom: oh - I couldn't remember what you played back then :p  Are the other elders "experienced" soccer players :p haha??  To bad about not adding in your ringer ;)
thanks for writing a general - I know it's a bother but I also know people love reading what's new with you :)  I appreciate you doing it for me ;)
so how much are the shirts costing you??  Who's printing the names on them or are you just writing them on with a sharpie ;)
Also - did you want me to put more money into your account then?? if so - how much?

Aaron: Like 4500 o 9 bucks i might need more money if you can put it on.. gotta go mom i love you have a good week!!!

Mom: doh!! such a fast week!! Remember next week we are searching houses so i will try and watch the phone - have a great week!! I will put some more money into the account - LOVE YOU!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

No general email this week :(

No general email this week - he had a bad internet connection - I actually went through and corrected a bunch of stuff or you would not have been able to read it - all the words were connected :/ 

Aaron: Hi mom
The week went pretty well
How was the wedding?
The family week was an activity that thy planned to do in each ward in the stake but we combined ours here with the open house, it was basically just a week of different activities like playing ball and sports genealogy work open house presentation of he history of Turrialba and a talent night. It happened this week. We have a new investigator named Tomario who showed up at the church with his girl friend and he's super awesome. I'm almost positive he will be baptized o the 18th. That's the date that we gave him. And the volcano i can see it eruption a ton, when its not cloudy but lava no i cant see jeje but they say it might erupt like 100% so maybe i will be able to in a bit haha

Mom: The family week sounds cool - so it's a church thing? or it's a Costa Rica thing?? I saw a picture posted on Randall's facebook page that I could see you in it - you were playing basketball I think??

The wedding was excellent! We had the BEST sealer :) He had some really insightful things that he said - and Jarom was getting choked up as the sealer talked about the gift that Kara was to him and how to treat her etc.  Truly it was wonderful.  It rained of course!  
Oh - the photographer posted a picture of them online - let me download it and send it to you!!

Aaron: hats awesome.. they look so happy. They leave for Utah now right? Its a church thing, an activity. 

Mom: ya they are gone - they left after the reception for their honeymoon - they are still in Seattle I think - went to the zoo today - leave in the morning to drive down to the Redwoods - then spending the night there (camping) and then off to lake Tahoe for the rest of their honeymoon.  They head back to Utah I think next monday?  Then we head out the end of that week to go for the reception out there on the 4th of June - and then we are planning to stay the following week a few days to look at houses I think.
so all you can see is the ash billowing up then? have you had any ash fallout by you? and no lava glow that you've seen eh?? So what do you mean when you say "they say it might erupt like 100%" do you mean like truly blow - with molten lava bombs being sent out?? I'm so freaked out about like a Pompeii type event happening :(  i don't want you to be encased in lava :/ so be safe!!

Aaron: Nahh i don't think it will be that bad haha but yeah thy say its close to blowing

Mom: so how are things with your new companion?  And tell me about your new investigator Romario - did he just show up to church on his own or how did you find him? How many discussions have you had with him?  You said he came to church with his girlfriend - does he know any of the members or ??
how far away would you say the volcano is from you? do you know? Like how many miles ?? Is Turrialba the city at the base of the mountain? 

Aaron: Yeah his girlfriend brought him. Its going well with my comp we get along really well, no problems no problems. He doesn't know how to make pupusas though haha.  So we are teaching him now. He's cool haha hes 20 years old and he played on the Turrialba soccer team and on the national volleyball team

Mom: you comp played on the Turrailba soccer team? or the investigator?  Is his girlfriend a member then?

Aaron: Don't really got much to say in a general mail right now so just gunna leave it, it wot let me choose the group of contacts either soo

Mom: if you want me to send it out I can do that - just send it to me and I will insert your last email list you used for the group email.
You should say something about the volcano erupting - people have been asking about that since it's right by where you are at 

Aaron: The investigator haha.. how would my comp from El Salvador who just got here have played o he Turrialba soccer team haha??Its because there really isn't anything to say about the volcano and I'm on a tablet because all the internet places were closed at this time of day.. the volcano doesn't affect us at all but it's cool to see the smoke rise up and i've taken pictures but any affect from the volcano hits the rest of Costa Rica.. we're fine and lucky for that

Mom: were talking about your comp and then went into the whole soccer team and volleyball thing and I was confused :P 
Your comp doesn't know how to make pupusas though right? ;p  And Romario then has the girlfriend that is a member and he is 20 years old and was on the Turrialba soccer team and the national volleyball team - and you are currently teaching him now - there - did I get that correct? :D

Aaron: Yup
Mom: That's good that it isn't effecting you at all - I too am thankful for that!!  I was wondering actually if we would hear from you today because of the ash fallout - on the Tico Times they made it sound like the rain made the ash just drop and they showed pictures of the ground covered in ash - so that must be west of where you are at then.
When is the next Zone conference? 
Are you still teaching Josemaria's daughters at all or did they move?
did you read Tyler's email from this week? Do you two email each other or no?  In it he said he is a counselor in the branch presidency in his new area! Over Primary! haha - that is so interesting!

Aaron: Gotta go mom! I love you have a good week!!! Thanks for writing me, 

Mom: ok Aaron - have a great week!! LOVE YOU!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Woah crazy..‏

Well.. today they sent me my flight plans.. super crazy.. when I saw them I actually felt pretty sick inside. 

This week went amazing, we`ve been finding new investigators and lots of investigators that we already had have started to progress more. My new companion and I get along super well, we haven`t had any problems, he works hard, he`s got a desire to learn and so we`ve been working well together. I think I already said it but he`s from El Salvador. To those who have never tried a pupusa, you need to try one, they`re pretty good. =) The Lord`s work is progressing! Something I remembered this week is our need to have the Spirit, we need to do everything we can possibly do to have the Spirit with us, so that God can direct us in our life. Strive to have the Spirit, keep the commandments. The Spirit will direct you in all that you do.


Elder Lohberg
Aaron: hi mom.

**He emailed his flight itinerary with this comment "Only because you were asking for it haha.. i got it today.. makes me feel sick.. "

Aaron: that`s crazy. tons of stuff then. The volcano actually doesn`t effect us at all.. I can see the smoke and ash coming out, but lava no. all the ash goes towards San JOse and Heredia (It`s a weird feeling.. in Heredia I was getting hit by it and now I`m seeing where It comes from haha..) start and end. My comps cool, he`s a hard worker, he`s new but he strives.. his feet smell but that`s not too big of a deal haha. He talks to people and is trying to get better. He`s from El Salvador, like 30 minutes from where Toledo is from.

Aaron: Hey, We have a mini Christus in the house right!?!!?! in stone 

Dad: I don't think we have a Christus anywhere. I'll look around but we have a picture of it I think.
this is Dad I'm on mom's comp now. 

Aaron: this is dad right? 

Aaron: i had an idea but i`m going to send it to your email.. something i`m thinking of doing 

Dad: Yep this is Dad, I'm trying to reach mom.

Aaron: Okay okay, Me parece bien=) 

Dad: We have so much to get done before the wedding, Mom is running around like mad trying to get them done. She is sooo sad she is missing you. She wants you to know she loves you and wishes she could be talking to you.

Dad: Ok Mom is cutting my Mom's hair right now (she doesn't have any other time to do it) she is going to cut like mad and hope she can make it home to talk to you.

 Aaron: I have 30 minutes left, I dont think she`ll get home in time haha. No big deal, next week we can talk =) 

Dad: Maybe, I think she said in her email to you that she wouldn't be able to as she will be taking people to Seattle for a tour. I'll set her up so she can do it on her phone or something. I'm so glad to get to talk to you. Glad your comp and you are doing good. Why do his feet smell do you think? buy him some foot powder LOL. "nothing personal but you um need this"

Aaron: idk almost all hondurans have HORRIBLE feet smell.. and his feet are kind of like that, I was tihnking about buying him the Tree things that smell nice that they put in cars, to put in his shoes, so that when we get home his feet smell like vanilla or something haha.. powder doesn`t help much for them. 

that`s true she told me that, I`ll see if we can right later int he day so that we can talk.. but i cant remember what time this internet place closes.. if they close early we`ll be jacked either way to be honest haha.a 

Either way, I`m super happy, our love isn`t shown by digital emails sent through a computer, but in the knowledge that we`re part of the family of Christ sealed together for time and eternity. There are always things to do in life, always, and sometimes we get our communication, but that doesn`t mean our love isn`t the same. I know that you both love me, and you both know that I love you too. Even though we can`t right today, I know that you still love me haha, It`s all good=) I`m happy to be honest. I love what I`m doing, I love where I am, I love the people. I have no reason to be sad, no reason to have regrets, and no reason to be worried. All is well, All is well. =) 

Dad: bummer but we'll try to make it all work. I'm looking forward to learning of your interest in soccer by the way. Not sure I'm going to go full bore in watching it but Its worth looking into. I see you are coming home on the 4th, wow time went fast. Thanks for sending those, Mom was looking for them and they didn't come to us. Keep working on the investigators you never know when a principle will make it all snap into place. We have a member here who is trying really hard to live the law of Chastity but he moved his girlfriend in with him. Bishops calls it a huge sword hanging over his head. He's been doing good for a bit now but like all temptations it can't be avoided forever if you surround yourself with it.
I have no idea what this is - but it looks like hotdogs with guac  on a tortilla:)

Make sure you absolutely get something for yourself to remember you special time there. I don't think the car deodorizer will work on his shoes but maybe. I think the real problem is all the moisture in the air that makes the shoes themselves stink (along with the foot odor) and just FYI are you sure your shoes don't smell either?

Aaron: That`s true.. yup August 4th.. 11 more weeks. Crazy how fast time goes. 

La Liga lost.. again haha.. i`m thinking about changing my tico team.. but maybe not.. i`d change and then they`d win.. they made it to the end, beat their rival 5-1 (humilliating for the rival and everything) and then lost 3-1 to another team haha... the mormon team.. 

Bayern Munich lost to Atletica de Madrid 2-2 (atletica made a goal in Germany which counts for 2) 

Galaxy ( I have no idea because the states teams are kind of iffy either way) 
No mine smell too.. but not that bad.. haha.. i put the car tree in and it helps.. my foot comes out smelling like sweatty berries 

Dad: I'm rolling in laughter, that is so funny.

Aaron: I don't get this scored a goal in Germany and got 2 points (what?) I didn't even think that was possible.
Yeah, like apparently if you score a goal in the other teams field, like in their home turf, it counts for two, (but for ties) 

Dad: I'm going to have to look that up. I don't know that rule (then again I don't know all the rules for Soccer either) I had to look up and research a lot of the coaching stuff I used when I was doing that. I didn't remember a lot of the drills I used to do. There is a big difference between playing and coaching (learned that the hard way)

Dad: what fun things are you guys going to do today? soccer / sightseeing / basketball? etc.
Mom is home!

Aaron: I`ve learned super fast too be honest.. if i dedicated time at home to practice, I could pick up the stuff pretty fast with muscle memory. 

Mom: I'm here Aaron!! How has your week been??

Aaron: Hey mom, pretty good!!! how`ve you been 

Mom: I'm good! super stressed out but good!!  Did you write your general email already and I missed it?? I'm trying to read through what you have written here -  NEXT WEEK - I have to take people to Seattle - so we will leave here like 9ish our time (so 10 yours) and probably wont be home until 2 our time or so. So that's like 3 your time :/ Not sure how that will work for you time wise. Are you doing anything fun today??

Aaron: im writing it now haha to finish up. Today we`re going to go shop, buy food, buy a new cologne Hugo Boss I hope, i feel like they smell different once they mix it with alcohol.. so i`m going to try one, even if i don't like it at first and see if i like it after with alcohol lololol.. risky hehe? cuz the last one i bought wasn`t hugo boss but i liked it, then when they mixed it i couldn't stand it. today no i don`t think so, next week maybe,  we`ll see 

Mom: Lisa Henry just messaged me and said that Spencer is comps with Elder Colindres (spelling??) - that was your kid right?? He says he's a good worker and they are getting along great!

Aaron: yeh they`re comps haha.. No, hès not my kid.. but i get along supr well with him. 

Mom: Alcohol man haha!! That's why it's so cheap :P  Does it burn when you put it on?? haha!  I have a new bottle of it here for you when you get home - it's ready for you :)  Probably doesn't smell like you remember since you've gotten accustomed to the cheap stuff :P

Aaron: i`ll try and write at 3 next monday.  but it`s a mix, we buy the best they sell which is 50-50, 50 percent essence 50 percent alcohol, it lasts all day. but i think when they mix it changes the smell of the essence a bit 

Mom: what was your kids name then?? I don't know why I thought that was your kids name :??
3:00 your time or mine?? I will try my darnedest to be home then by 2 if it's your time - let me know 
I'm sorry you had to send me your flight info and that it made you sad :(  I know you've grown to love Costa Rica and the people there - and that you love being a missionary - I'm so happy for that!! Truly I am!!  It's now home to you - I understand :)

Aaron: my kids name is Contreras. 
my time or your time idk.. i`ll see haha. i have to convince my comp. he said that`s okay. so yeh unles something comes up
Gotta go mom1 I love you=) it was nice to talk a bit, have a good week, dont stress hehe=) 

Mom: ok - love you Aaron!! Have a great week!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

It`s monday, monday, gotta get down on monday!‏

This week went well, we had a zone conference with President Hayes in San Jose, in the car ride there (we had vip transportation provided by his person-- just kidding he was baptizing an investigator here who asked him to baptize--) and either way in the car ride I asked him about the word of wisdom. I asked him if Te de Manzanilla was against the word of wisdom, I`m not sure what it is in English but now that I`m thinking it might be apple cider or something close to that... but he replied by asking me if I knew the doctrine behind the word of wisdom!!!!  Skipping to the answer

He taught us, Paul taught the saints that they had to be different from the world, a peculiar people. In the time of Joseph Smith just like today everyone smoked, drank tea, and drank coffee and alcohol. So, the word of wisdom is a way that we as saints become different from the world. We then applied the doctrine, if that is the case, in terms of coke or caffeine or any question you may have about that, following the Spirit of the Law, the doctrine, we need to make sure we`re still being different from the rest of the world, trying to be a chosen people, trying to be "An example of the believers" we can`t be an example if we`re the same as everyone else. And that`s the reason why, I loved the answer and I know that it`s true! I hope that each one of us can try and be an example, follow the feeling of the Spirit to change and be more pure and worthy. 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: mom, what airport do you want me to come in through? or airline i dont know, because they`re going to buy my tickets now 

Mom: you will fly into SeaTac - so SEA is the airport code.  

Aaron: OKay I read everything, nothings happened with that family yet, it`s been hard to find them but we`re going to keep trying. the income.. idk it depends on the family.. it could be around 150mil 300 bucks every month or every 15 days to be honest.. it`s low i think here in turrialba. some members have cars, the majority use bus. i`m hoping rosaura and katia get baptized the 21st too be honest.. going to convince them not to leave. 

Dad: Hey bud, Mom is talking to someone on the front porch (return missionary) how are you doing today?
Dad: Its Lincoln. LOL

Aaron: Oh, I`ve been talking to Lincoln`s sister, Shaleen, she started writing me. I`m doing good, my comp is super awesome it seems, he`s from El Salvador

Dad: That is cool. El Salvador huh! that would be pretty cool. I bet its pretty cool for you to get people that speak different kinds of Spanish, although it actually might mess you up?

Aaron: No, only a few words change, to be honest.. if you start talking specifics then yeah it`s different... but it just depends! Normal day to day communication is very similar, just talking in the house about things and what not changes! 
He`s cool it seems, very humble. 

Mom: Hey I'm back!  Sorry - I had a random knock on the door and it was Lincoln Troxel!!  He came by to tell me how much he had loved having me as a teacher and we chatted for a bit at the door - he had to come home early - he was suffering from depression but is doing much better now.  He said he is going to Provo in the summer to BYU and then plans to come back up here to do radiology here at EVCC I think he said - anyways - it was super sweet of him to come by and touched my heart that he would want to see me and for what he said to me as well.
So your comp isn't from Guatemala then after all - does he have only one eyebrow? :p haha  Wasn't Toledo from El Salvador too??  Where is he coming from serving at just now?  
Shaleen is leaving on her mission soon I think - like in a month?? Is she going to Japan then? I can't remember where she got called to.

Aaron: no he has 2, he loosk normal haha. Yeah Toledo and Valles were from El Salvador.. DANK.. He comes from Atlantica, he was with Elder Adams, his trainer was elder Jackman who went home early with like 3 sicknesses. 
She leaves in July I think or something idk, leaves from the MTC august 15th.. going to Korea! 

Mom: HAHAHA! I just thought of your comment yesterday about the guy having only 1 eyebrow :p so had to ask! :)
I'm glad you are liking your new comp then already - as it will be nice to work with someone you like - easier right??
Oh ya! I had forgotten about Korea! that's right! 

Aaron: yup it`ll be cool cool cool

Mom: haha - so they didn't have your travel stuff taken care of yet then eh? they are doing that now then? will they email that to me or will they email that to you and then you email it to me? how does that work?
what's your new comps name again?

Aaron: dunno.. i`ll send it to you just in case.. idk! 
his name is elder Catalan (CA-TA-LAN) hmm.. the A is always like CAUGHT

Mom: wow - that's kind of a cool name!! thanks for telling me how to pronounce it too :)  So how long did it take for you to go get him? Did you just go down to Cartaga or did you have to go to San Jose??

Aaron: to Cartago, we supposedly had to be in Cartago at 11, we left at 10:30 =P got there at 11:30 and the microbus showed up at 12:20 to take the people, so he showed up, we got lunch, and left on the bus at 1:50, got here at about 3:30, randall picked us up and took us to the house, and now we`re writing. Martinez is now in San Jose in his area, he called me... It`s all different again! =P 

Mom: wow it is so crazy how it changes so much! I remember when you ALL traveled to San Jose and met up right? isn't that how Toledo lost his luggage??  
Who all writes to you these days? Dad is asking how many girls are writing you :p

Aaron: Gotta go mom! I love you have a good week!! Take it easy!! the internet guy is closing now 
love you too Aaron!! Have a great week!! talk to you next week!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Church Dedication

This week, our church building got dedicated! It was super cool, the prayer they offered to dedicate it was super beautiful, there were 224 people there, it was super full. We had the confirmation of Marco, it was very special, he was super happy to be able to receive the Holy Ghost. Truly this week was very exciting for me, being able to see the history of the missionary work in Turrialba. In the church meeting the 3 speakers were the 3 first members of the church here, (2 and the 4th generation granddaughter of the first member) so it was super Spiritual, and then to see a beautiful building full of members. I know that this is God´s work, and it´s rolling forward, gaining speed and expanding rapidly. I know that He´s in charge and He can´t and never will fail, He´ll touch the hearts of those who are willing to follow Him, and they´ll receive His truth. I hope that we may ever keep our hearts open for Him, that His word may grow and prosper in our lives. 
Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hi mom!! That´s crazy, the house is coming along well then? It´s hot still.. crazy hot.. but it rained some days this week, the first day it rained it was SUPER humid.. then the second day like normal... we played soccer, she wasn´t crying she was hiding from the surprise photo haha. Marco got baptized It was super SPIRITUAL even though next door there was a work football party with loud music.. it went well. He got confirmed Sunday in the Church building dedication.. tons of leaders from the stake came, there were 224 people there.. super crowded.. the sisters and us each had 9 investigator in church, so it went well. Poor Laurzia.. it´s true though, we lived there with them for like 12 years.. you two are close, it has to hurt her that you´re leaving. 
We´re thinking 6 o clock here. We can do skype 

Mom: HEY!!
Yes the house is coming along - I was just outside painting trim on the deck - did another coat on the deck pieces dad replaced already this morning.  
That is AWESOME about Marcos!! I sure hope he stays active in the gospel when he moves to the states!  Cool that you had so many in attendance at your dedication as well!! That is so awesome!!
Ya - it's supposed to be 81 today - which is nice but Seattle isn't built for WARM weather - with no air conditioning in the houses it makes for hot afternoons for sure - although I will not complain as even though we have humidity - it's not as humid as Costa Rica is for sure!!
How are things coming along with Rosauria?  Did she & JoseMaria attend the baptism??  
So that's 5:00 my time then right??- we are an hour off of each other right now - I am SUPER excited to see your face!!!!!!!!!
Remember Elder Curran?? He got married and then divorced like 3 months later - he has done a TON of "rap" type videos about the church - like Restoration etc.  But he just came out with an EP with 6 songs on it - and one of the songs hit #1 on the hip hop charts and has been there for several days now - he is going to be making some bucks that kid! What is cool though is his EP - he is donating 50% of the proceeds to the church missionary fund! Pretty cool right?  He says his mission is to be a face to show the world what a mormon is like - that they are just normal everyday people etc.  Anyways - it's an interesting way to do missionary work and he has a HUGE following.

Aaron: Yeah I heard lol, one day Randall showed us a video of a Mormon Rapper who had a hit song, and I saw it and I was like, what the beep, Curran. Lol.. that´s crazy, do you still talk to him? Yeah my comps going to talk to his family at 5:00 here which is 6:00 for them and I´m going to talk to you guys at 6:00 which is 5:00 for you guys. 
Rosauras going well, we got her to stay all 3 hour instead of just 2, because she leaves work like at 5:00 in the morning, so she wa always tired. The plan is baptize her and her sister the 21st, but we´ll see how well the sister progresses.. we need to teach them mores.. they´re really slow and learning 

Mom: ya once in a while I talk with Curran - last time he was out this way he came over for a bit.  He is still super down to earth though at least for now :p
Ok - I will mark my calendar and set and alarm on my phone!!!!!!! woot woot!!
did they come to the baptism?? Do you have any pictures from the baptism to share from Saturday?

Aaron: no they didn't come, but there were like 30 people there. It looks like I lost my Credit card, but the mission one.. not the home one :/

Mom: yikes! So what do you do about that?? did you message the president or call the office about it? if not - you should do that then for sure - would they just send you a new one or what??

Aaron: I think I have to pay for it, like 10 bucks, not sure.. Randalls going to see if it´s in his car.. I don't know how I lost it lol.. so we´ll see if it turns up. I´d talk to the secretaries, it wont be a big problem because the Secretary right now is my missionary half brother, we get along well.. I was his zone leader when he started the mission, so he love me =), he´d get it done fast, but I might have to pay.. that´s what i´m seeing if we can find it first 

Mom: well can someone use it if they found it? like does it work like a credit card where you just charge stuff? if so - then just pay the $10 and get it canceled and replaced - not worth waiting and losing your money in your account over it.  

Aaron: I´m not sure, I think so? But you need the pin I think. I don't think they can without the pin. 

Mom: ok so if they can't use it without a pin then you have a little time then to look - that means it's like a debit card.  BUT if it is a credit card - credit cards do not require a pin - so those you need to cancel immediately if you lose them.
LOVE your general email by the way - I bet that meeting was amazing - how cool is that to hear from those founding members!! What a wonderful experience to be a part of all of that!!
you still there?? you've been quiet just wondering if you've already left...

Aaron: Yeah sorry I was writing president 

Mom: no worries - I know you do that weekly correct?  Next week is changes - are you feeling anything about that?? Think maybe you'll stay and possibly train?  Your comp was already there when you arrived correct? So probably he would transfer out?

Aaron: I have 4.5 months here has 5.5 months, so we´ll see. I cant send photos here. the comps dont let me.. because of the virus on the camera memory 

Mom: you need a new memory card - weren't you going to go buy one? or is there not a place you can do that there?

Aaron: Yeah, I´ll buy one, but I still have 181 photos left that I can take on this one. I think today I´ll probably pass all the photos from my memory cards to both my USBS to just to be safe. 

Mom: I will move the photos off dropbox again to clear it back off - there were some shots from a park with a lake looks like - what's that park called?

Aaron: Idk, the place is called KATIE it´s like a college of some sort.

Mom: got any fun plans for today?? 

Aaron: nope, we were going to play paintball as a district, but the sisters in both areas didnt have enough progressing investigators to get permission, so we canceled it and we´re just going to relax i think. 
But anyways mom, I gotta go, I love you!!! have a good week and I´ll see you Sunday at 6 my time, 5 your time i think. =) 
Mom: ok Aaron - love you!! Have a great week!! excited to skype with you next week!!! LOVE YOU TONS!