Monday, August 31, 2015


This week was changes, we only had 4 areas in the zone that had changes, all sisters. So.. 3 sisters left, and 1 got move like, 10 minutes from her old area to open a new area in our ward haha.. and all 4 are going to train. We´ve been working pretty hard... We were challenged by Elder Nelson to study in the guide for scripture study some topics.. one of the topics I studied that was pretty cool was about the Tree of Life.. it´s an interesting topic and we´re still studying it. Just going to be honest.. once we´ve started STUDYING the topics really specifically we´ve just confused ourselves a ton haha.. so we´re going to keep pondering and stuff. Anyways it was a good week. 

*From emailing back and forth:

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: Hey - so getting an email now means - you didn't transfer and are still in Toyopan right? Did you keep your comp as well then?

Aaron: Yup.. Still here. Yeah we only had like 4 sisters who had changes and will be training here.. but we stayed the same

Mom: push forward then and keep plugging along right?  Must have something to accomplish there still :)
How has your week been?  Do you know the new sisters who will be coming in? I saw a picture posted on facebook of the new missionaries heading out - TONS of sisters actually - but - just wondered who you were getting in your area.

Aaron: I guess... Pretty poop. One of them is from a dif area in our zone.. she´s just moving and they´re going to train. 

Mom: it's ok to be upset about not transferring - to feel a down for a bit - just don't let that overtake you! Don't let that hinder what you are there to do.

I think the Lord has something for you to do there - and I know we chatted briefly about that last week - but truly I think there is something - someone you are there to help.  

Think about those whom you've met - investigators, members, missionaries in your zone.  Think of your ward.  How can YOU impact or help them the most?  Can you light a fire in your ward in regards to missionary work? Can you strengthen their testimonies by sharing yours (in word or actions)? Do they know you love them and are there to help them be successful in doing the work? truly? Do you think the missionaries you work with - you serve - know that? Feel that? And investigators - or just people you've met - like Ma  - have you boldly shared the gospel with them?

I'm not asking this looking for or expecting answers - just want you to think about it yourself and look deeply to see what it is the Lord wants/needs you to do and then do it.  Ask him - have him point out what it is he wants/needs you to do.

You have grown so much while serving a mission - I have no doubt you are a good missionary.  I know it's hard - truly I do. I recognize that there are ups and downs to serving a mission - and sometimes it seems like the downs just stay level for a while - but there will be sunshine as well that will come your way.

See if you can find some peace with this assignment as you pray - ask for that peace and assurance that this is WHERE you are to be right now - and it will come - your direction that you need will come and you will figure it out - I have no doubt in that :)

Aaron: Just keep swimming just keep swimming=). That´s crazy about the wind storm.. it´s ended now? 

Mom: haha - yes keep swimming :) Dad says make the whale sound if you think it will help - "do you speak whale"?
it's still windy but not as bad as saturday :)


Mom: could you focus on reactivating people? maybe start taking members out to go in search of those who have left the church?  Maybe that will fire up the ward and help boost that as well as those who have become less active getting reactivated - they will have nonmember friends who you could possibly teach - contacts 
thoughts? - go after the less actives maybe?
I know from other mission blogs I've been reading - that a lot of the missionaries are trying to strengthen the wards - seeking out less actives - bringing them or rather inviting them to return.  Just a thought.

Aaron: We´ve almost reactivated 2 families and a 63 year old man... We have about 9 part member families we´re working with.. the problem is that the m's are crazier than the i's.. 

Mom: well that may be true - but try to over look their craziness :p See Others As They May Become "We must develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become." ~ Pres. Monson
This one too - is really good - talks about Unity - I was reading it for my lesson last week - it is one of the pitfall can get into in the church - one of the things that keeps us from being unified is pride - but it's a great talk as well Our Hearts Knit As One

Aaron: I´m going to see... i think i have the first one already but ima check my usb

Mom: I think it's not uncommon for us - the natural man takes over if you will - at times to forget that the gospel changes people.  Even the less actives CAN change - they just need to see the reason for the change and experience that change in their hearts as well so they can be a strength  rather than a burden

Have you ever read "The every day missionary" I think that's what it's called.  It's a book about becoming a member missionary basically - but in it - one of the chapters talks about inviting people to "help" in the church - it makes them basically rise to the occasion to give service.  Maybe look at the "less actives" see what "service" they can offer - but pose it not as YOU need to do this but rather WE could really use YOUR help with this blah blah blah.  Help them see how they are needed.

Aaron: Okay.. I will try! Thanks mom, I love you and dad and kara and jessie and spencer.. have a good week!!!! =D =D

Mom: Have a great week Aaron - hang in there!! Praying for you!! LOVE YOU!!

Monday, August 24, 2015


Leadership Training
I like that line from The Office.. i´m not sure why it came to mind #Stanley. This week went pretty well.. we worked really hard. We also had a broadcast with President Nelson, he talked about how to improve our studies and about how to become better missionaries. There were some cool things I learned, definitely going to study each day specific topics now! I love this church and know that it´s true. It changes us and gives a perspective of who we can become. Sometimes ask ourselves why we have trials, why we have problems, why 
we´re sad, why we´re not maybe as successful as others. God knows why because He sees what we are becoming. He has a plan for us, and He has a will for us. I often think of the video by Elder Holland, I think it´s also called However Long or Hard the Road, the Mormon message, where he says ¨It will all be well in the end. Some blessings come quickly, some come more slowly, and some don´t come until heaven, but to those who obey the commandments of the Father, they come¨ It´s something along those lines. I know and I testify that it´s true. God will bless us, if we obey. He will guide us, if we let him. And He will teach us, if we listen. 

Elder Lohberg


Ticoblock - hillside behind Aaron's apartment
 Mom: Transfers are this next Sunday (you'd find out) right? - do you think you will stay or ? any thoughts?
Aaron: Next sunday yup! I don´t know.. I feel like we´ll stay.. But we both kind of want to leave.. neither wants to be here but I´m trying to kick this thought out of my head and then help my comp too.
Mom: that's probably smart - I know that is hard to do sometimes :)
IF you stay - then ask the Lord what it is He wants you to do and if I don't know - ask again - and again until you figure it out or you get moved :)
Aaron: hahahahahahaaahaah That´s what i´ve been trying to do, maybe i can do it better I´ll pray more. I read a talk today on pride.. that kind of hit me hard.. i´ve been pretty prideful i think.. just trying to figure out how to get rid of it. This is the talk i read today in the morning. Beware of Pride 
Mom: that's the story of EVERYONE'S life!! Learning how to get rid of pride!  I have been struggling with that myself for a long time - and it's been in my face a lot lately.  I am seeing I need to humble myself and be willing to be happy for others successes even if and when I don't see that in my own life - I have a LOT to be thankful for. Like YOU :) and Kara & Jessie & of course Dad :)
Aaron: I gotta go!  I love YOU SO MUCH!!! Have a good week

"hotdogs, beans, chicken patties that we eat every day" - mom note: say what? chicken? that doesn't look like chicken to me! haha

Toyopan Zone with Elder Duncan

Monday, August 17, 2015

Yeh. Yup. Yoop.‏

Well, this week was pretty awesome.. lots of funny experiences and we´ve found some people with crazy beliefs. This week, because of a talk about revelation that I had read last Monday I started studying a little bit about revelation, also there´s a member who has a ton of doubts because he started reading anti-Mormon doctrine and he only has a year as a member. So we started talking about revelation and being able to really receive guidance from God in your life. There´s a scripture in 1st Nephi that I had read that almost gives a recipe for receiving revelation from God. 
¨And they said: Behold, we cannot understand the words which our father hath spoken concerning the natural branches of the olive treeand also concerning the Gentiles.
 And said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?
 And they said unto me: We have not; for the Lord maketh no such thing known unto us.
 10 Behold, said unto them: How is it that ye do not keep the commandments of the Lord? How is it that ye will perishbecause of the hardness of your hearts?
 11 Do ye not remember the things which the Lord hath said?If ye hearts, and ask me in faithbelieving that ye shall receivewith diligence in keeping my commandmentssurely these things shall be made known unto you.¨ 
So, really in verse 11 it gives us a clear cut way to receive our answers from God, receive our guidance from Him. I like to apply it also with Alma 32 
 27 But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in manner that ye can give place for aportion of my words.
When we talk about not hardening your heart, and asking in faith believing that we can receive, I like to start off just saying, Even if you can just WANT to believe it, WANT to receive an answer, you can start there, and then let that work in you. But we ALWAYS have to be obedient. It made me think of a talk I read in the Liahona.. that sometimes when we have doubts we stop going to church or stop doing the things we know we need to do, and they related it to leaving a storm shelter in the middle of a hurricane or a tornado or something like that. ¨Doubt your doubts before your doubt your faiths¨ It´s okay to have questions, that´s normal. But in this gospel and in this church we progress precept by precept and receive more light when we act on the light we´ve already received. If you do have questions and want answers, I encourage you to follow this recipe, given to us from God by way of his ancient and modern day prophets! This is super long.. sorry but it´s something that I remembered one day and used in a lesson this week so I wanted to share it!  
Love, Elder Lohberg! 

Mom: Hey - saw your post on the weekly questions - so see that you are on!  How has your week been?
Aaron: Pretty good... well like the same.. but it was pretty funny.. lots of laughs. 
Mom: um...ok - we want to know the "pretty funny" and "lots of laughs" insights :) please spill the beans so we can enjoy too! :p
Aaron: uh... well i went with the mission leader.. who´s hilarious as far as work goes haha.. and with my comp we planned a ton of lessons in our area.. the plan i had with the ward mission leader was go contacting in the sister´s old area to find news.. hahahaaha.. so we left his house and he started whining after like 5 minutes haha because he put on new black timberlands that he had NEVER used before and they we chafing his ankles hahaha.. he told me LETS TAKE THE BUS and i was like.. no it´s closer walking.. so we kept walking, he stopped at a store and bought 2 bandaids to put on his ankle and kept whining haha... and then i said, Let´s see who gets let into a house first, and he was like FINE i served in Nicaragua, that´s easy. So we said a prayer and he wanted to start contacting in a place that had a TON of money hahahaha.. he was like NEW STAKE PRESIDENTTT.. and he knocked on like 3 doors and was like, OKAY it sucks here lets go.. haha but we kept trying and then after about 30 minutes of pretty good contacts he was like, what else do you got? and I told him nothing.. just keep finding news and he like almost fell to the ground laughing and whining hahahaha and i thought of Kung fu Panda when he wants to see the fireworks and is locked out.. he was like I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO ACCEPT ME SO I CAN TAKE WEIGHT OFF MY ANKLE haha so he went like super crazy and everyone was like NO NO NO hahahaa... then he like asked for my agenda and I gave it to him, we had like 9 lessons planned on one line and he´s like WHO are all these people, and i´m like calm down don't worry, elder Escarcega is visiting them, and then i showed him and in the back up plan it says ¨With J¨ and I boxed in like 5 hours in red pen but it was blank hahahahahahaha. So he whined and cried laughing and then went to the Mormon apartments where a bunch of Mormons live and he rang EVERY SINGLE doorbell lol and no one left so he was like WHAT THE FREAK EVEN THE MEMBERS DON'T RECEIVE US. and he started whistling like crazy trying to get someone to come out and let us in to the complex lol. And 1 member came up from the most bottom house and came out to greet us and when he opened to door to shake the Mission leaders hand J the ML just walked right in haha and then turned and greeted him. So we went and sat down for like 45 minutes and taught them a little bit... Then we went out to contact again.. then like an hour later he was hungry bought a taxi to his house and we ate lol.. then we had to wait an hour because he didn't want to go out again and it was the other elders area and then they left me with another convert in Tico Block, my comp was close but i couldn´t go look for him so i waited another hour and then they found me and we went home lol. Crazy day. Also we found some crazy people who believe in dumb things

Mom: Tell me about your week.  How have things gone this week for you? Any new leads for your teaching pool?  Weren't you working with a bunch of youth? Are none of them progressing?  How did you split up the area with the other elders? Next time you have a district meeting you should take a picture of your district.  
I was thinking about putting together another box to send to you - what sort of things would you like in this next one? Do you want some more protein bars? I think they are on sale at costco right now (those zone bars) - did you even like those?  What else would you like to have?
Did you ever look up the guy Megan Kint gave you info for?  He lived in San Jose somewhere.  I think she said she just gave you the address she last had for him - which if they don't really go by addresses it may not be that much help - but wouldn't it be cool if you could find him and he was someone you were to teach?  You just never know!
Aaron: They´ve gone pretty well... we found some news that smoke tons of marijuana.. one of them went to church but like left mad i think haha.. but we´ll see he´s 45 lives alone and smokes weed everyday. We are.. one of them is 17 with 2 months until 18... he´s JUST like C.. but his mom didn't give permission.. we fasted with him and she said no.. so he´s waiting until Nov 4th his Bday to be 18. Then we have A.. he´s 14 but he acts a little bit more like his 12.. he wants to get baptized so this week we´re going to try and obtain the permission from his dad. Then also we have I, his friend brought him to church, he´s gone like 6 times and he loves it, he´s 12.. he said his mom said it´s okay if he gets baptized and she wants to go to the church.. the plan is to go today and see if we can have her sign. Then we have some other people but they like.. half progress. We have about 11 people progressing.. but some are slower than others. I don't know mom.. another box.. what a ton of money.....!!!!!! I wanted to go buy watches at a place in San Jose.. if you buy 6 they´re half off.. they´re pretty cool looking and all the elders say that they have hundreds of options.. so elders group up and buy like 2 each.. something like that. But we haven´t had 20 people REALLY welly progressing to be able to leave and go buy them. Also i bought scripture cases.. the cheap ones that aren´t leather.. Vinyl i think it is in English.. i wanted them to be Black and florescent green but afterwards he told me he only found emerald green i think and he bought it so i was like.. wow... okay.. haha but we´ll see how they turn out. The other guy that does leather is like HEY WHEN ARE UGUNNA BUY, IT¨S BEEN BECAUSE YOU´RE HERE IN THE WARD, GOTTA TAKE ADVANTAGE OF it hhaa.. they cost like 120 bucks no thanks. The protein bars did taste good.. i haven´t used the powder yet.. because i haven´t had an exercise plan that´s like.. consistent.. because we go on divisions or we have a meeting and get up early.. so its like.. idk.. I need to look into what she gave me again.. ill try and remember to look for it and see.. the directions are crap so i don´t think i´ll ever find him for anything.. but we´ll see. 

Mom: That is a lot of youth you are working with - but hey maybe that is the best way to go - they can then work with their parents - soften them up to the gospel.  Youth are more open to learn.
Well when you get enough investigators to go on your field trip - go get a new watch! Hopefully that happens before you get transferred :)  If you want me to go pick you up a watch at Kohls and put that in the box I can do that too - just let me know.  
So - I could get you some more zone bars if you liked them - the powder I did not for exercising as much as for protein - but if you haven't touched it - then I wont pick any more of that up.   I made the mistake last time of mailing your box express priority - I will just mail it priority this next time - it will be cheaper.
HAHA - emerald green? lol! ya - that will be interesting :)  How much is he charging your for vinyl?  I would think the leather would be a better investment to be honest - but your choice.  If you decide you want the leather ones - get them - it can be one of your bday gifts or Christmas gifts.

Aaron: Ma gave me a watch, it works.. but the other ones are like really cool looking.. they claim to be real brands but they´re not but still cheap and cool.. so i wanted to buy two.. no rush really because i have 1 right now. But i dont want you to send me more.. so much money lost=( 
for the vinyl it was about 25 bucks but both the cases. in total. 
vinyl is like a cheap looking leather right? my comp has them.. they´ve lasted him and he says they´re water resistant.. his bag got soaked and it didn't get in

Mom: awesome general email this week :)  It's been interesting - I've heard a lot of people lately "doubting their faith" and really questioning why they are doing what they are doing.  And I always respond with - well - are you really doing what you ought to be doing?  Reading your scriptures (not just reading but studying, pondering) and are you praying? talking with Heavenly Father daily - seeking guidance and instruction?  Are you keeping the commandments?  When you are doing these things - the rest falls into place doesn't it?
I liked this from President Eyring & President Bednar - Eyring talks about the need we have for greater spiritual strength to help us stay the course - and Bednar talks about how to stay worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost - which we need too if we want to have revelation in our life:
President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency spoke about the increased need for continuous spiritual growth in the latter days: “As the forces around us increase in intensity, whatever spiritual strength was once sufficient will not be enough. And whatever growth in spiritual strength we once thought was possible, greater growth will be made available to us. Both the need for spiritual strength and the opportunity to acquire it will increase at rates which we underestimate at our peril”(“Always,” Ensign, Oct. 1999, 9).
Elder David A. Bednar pointed out that to fully enjoy the companionship of the Spirit, we must avoid activities that will drive the Spirit from us:
“If something we think, see, hear, or do distances us from the Holy Ghost, then we should stop thinking, seeing, hearing, or doing that thing. If that which is intended to entertain, for example, alienates us from the Holy Spirit, then certainly that type of entertainment is not for us. Because the Spirit cannot abide that which is vulgar, crude, or immodest, then clearly such things are not for us. Because we estrange the Spirit of the Lord when we engage in activities we know we should shun, then such things definitely are not for us.
“… As we become ever more immersed in the Spirit of the Lord, we should strive to recognize impressions when they come and the influences or events that cause us to withdraw ourselves from the Holy Ghost” (“That We May Always Have His Spirit to Be with Us,”Ensign, May 2006).
In my study of Acts lately -  the Apostle Paul is a great example of someone following the Spirit - and gaining revelation and then acting upon it.
Aaron: I told u i ate gizzard right? and chicken heart and everything
Mom: yes! yuck!  I think you said it was hard to swallow!?!  I think your wording was something like "the fight was real" haha

Aaron: Yeeh=) i´m going to try and put videos on dropbox.. our bishops car is a mister bean car. it´s pretty sick and funny to see and be in=) 

Mom: a Mr. Bean car?! that's awesome!! HAHAHA!! That is hilarious!! it took him 3 times to get the car up the hill?haha!! I love how he had to back it way up and then zoom up! haha! So did you walk up the hill or did you have to get out and he rolled back down and then tried to get up? how did that all happen? haha - I've watched this like 3 times now! I love hearing your voice!! So excited you sent this to me!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

MultiZone Meeting with the Area President, President Duncan‏

leadership training was in the building by the temple :)
Well.. this Thursday we had a multizone meeting with the area president. I´m just skipping to the good stuff=) He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, he said that in the area, 1 out of 20 that get baptized have a Spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon before they were baptized, and that one 95% of the time is an active member. Whereas the 19 is 65% of the time, he talked about the need to read the Book of Mormon with our investigators and converts, with everyone, and help them strengthen their testimony of the truthfulness and divinity of the book. It made me think also of the way in which we as members, who claim to be active study the Book of Mormon. Do our studies show a true and strong testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon? Sometimes I feel as though our studies are a good habit, but nonetheless meaningless. If we don´t feast on the words of the scriptures, and really look for answers, apply the doctrine in our lives, we are surely not strengthening our foundation, deepening our roots. Even in the mission I have found that when I study the Book of Mormon I don´t do it looking for answers, craving the guidance of the Spirit. I promise and testify that if we can create good habits of diligently searching and pondering the scriptures we will be blessed and we will never become only believers, we will always remain faithful doers of the will of our Heavenly Father. Things that act, instead of things that are merely acted upon. 

Love, Elder Lohberg! 

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: hey! How has your week gone Aaron? 

Aaron: Pretty good.. not really sure how to improve our area... i´ve been trying to get rid of some bad thoughts I have.. i just... i don't know.. for some failures we´ve had and keep having i´ve really wanted to just be kicked out of the assignment of zone leader. just not have the responsibility and work load.. because i haven´t been able to really idk.. get a consistency to our efforts..I´ll always work hard.. but i´m not going to lie that almost everytime we fail the thought comes to my mind to not want to be zone leader anymore. 

Mom: well it is a tough assignment for sure!  But all you can do is to work hard and truly - the rest just has to happen because the people are prepared for it.
You will definitely have ups and downs mood wise throughout your mission - where some days things will seem to be going so well - with lots of great things happening and then there will be times where nothing seems to be going right.  Think about all the missionary stories in the Book of Mormon - not every city received them - lots chased them out - lots imprisoned them - but after the trials - after they pushed through it - came the sweet success.
Success is just around the corner. Don't give up - just do your best and have faith that the Lord will open the doors of success to you.
I think you are were you are right now to learn something - put your faith / trust in the Lord and ask him for guidance.  You should read this talk - 
maybe this talk will help you in the issues you are faced with right now

Aaron: It´s true... the trial of faith.. but jeezy.. why did the trial have to be so hard... basically 3 months without baptizing.. well we had 1 baptism.. but like.. 1 month no baptize.. 1 baptism.. and now like 2 months again almost without baptizing. 

Mom: some people go their whole missions with NO baptisms!  Just because you haven't had a baptism recently doesn't mean you are a failure.   Keep in mind Elder Hollands advice. 

“Don't you quit. You keep walking, you keep trying, there is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late. Some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in Good Things to Come.”

― Jeffrey R. Holland

good things will start to happen again Aaron - just press forward - have faith and give it your all - that is all you can possibly do.  Plead with the Lord.  Pour out your heart to Him and then ask Him for the help that only He can offer you on this.
Seek advice from Him.  Seek advice from your president as well if you feel inclined, but most of all - know that Heavenly Father is aware of you and your desires - and if you are truly seeking to do His work - He will help you to accomplish it. I know He will.
That quote - while we generally associate it to the mormon message - actually comes from a talk - you should read it - maybe it will give you some comfort and guidance. 
- October 1999 conference - by Holland of course :)

Mom: so the member who didn't have money - you cut his hair?? haha! That's awesome!!
the word has spread that Elder Lohberg can cut hair :)  *this is a ward member
I should have taught you how before you left - but obviously you picked up some skills :)
Are you still able to go to the temple? or was this a split in that area? how did you get to go there? it's in the other mission isn't it?
OH - don't forget your general email as well 

Aaron: his hair was super hard.. he´d been growing it out to donate it.. and then idk he wanted to cut it more but it was SUPER long.. and curly on the ends.. so i couldn´t use a comb like with Escarcega i had to use my fingers but he was super PICKY on how i did it.. so.. it actually looks really good right now.. but it would´ve been cooler if i had been able to do it. That was the leadership meeting.. it was in the chapel behind the temple.. from what i know we can still. but yeah it´s in the other mission.
Elders LOVE pizza :D

Mom: tell me about the family you are posed with in the last set of pictures - and the area - you are standing on what looks like an overpass - is that your area behind you? and what does:

ticoblock es buenisimo and Ilish Que Rata mean?  

I know tico is what the people of costa rica are called - so tico block - like a street where they live? but what is buenisimo?
when was this pizza shot taken? today? or? and where? is that in your area or someplace else?
Whose the other set of elders?
So - you had leadership last week - when is the next zone meeting? or when will you meet with President again? - when is transfers again?
"ticoblock es buenisimo"
What did you gather from leadership training - anything that can help you in your area? was your leadership training then with both missions since it was in West area?  Did you get to see any of the other missionaries that are on that side now?

Aaron: Ticoblock was a business.. in this neighborhood behind our house where we work.. the picture on the hill with that little like neighborhood is basically where almost all of our investigators are.. it´s pretty poor.. but there are good people there. Ticoblock es buenisimo is ticoblock is super good! because when the assistants did divisions with me a long time ago, elder tai (who started his mission in this area but it was a lot bigger back then) said that they ONLY worked in ticoblock.. haha.. he told me not to leave it.. but ticoblock is so small.. and everyones poor.. and many don´t want anything haha.. so it´s a joke my companion and i have. Then Ilish is the name of the guy with the hat.. he´s like a drunk 22 year old haha who doesn´t want to change at all but is super loving and so we always joke around with him and then finally took photos. QUE RATA is short for like QUE RASTA, like.. Jamaica.. marijuana people... it´s popular in Costa Rica We already had zone meeting.. last Tuesday! With President i´m not sure.. at least next month the first week for leadership meeting again.. sooner than that i don't know. We´ll have a missionary broadcast by elder Nelson or Scott can´t  remember the 22.. but idk if i will see president there. Transfers should be the last Monday of August.. the 30th i think.. if not the next week in august. Um.. yeah.. we´re trying to put lots of emphasis on the book of Mormon with everyone now.... and trying even harder with the members.. nope it was just our mission.. but the area president needed to be close to the airport.. 
that was.. last Monday. in our zone.. we went with other elders to buy food in Cosco.. which is called pricesmart here.. that´s elder Colindres from Guate and elder Gubler from Provo
cool insects we found, a mantis.. pregnant.. and a spider that´s about the size of half or 3/4ths of a dollar bill.

Mom: oh - I see - I just realized your post said it was a multi zone conference last Thursday - I wasn't connecting that - I was thinking leadership when I saw that.  And then the temple picture.
I think the emphasis on the Book of Mormon is great - just do your best.
Remember that not EVERY area has tons of baptisms - I think it has a lot to do with how prepared the area is - how prepared the people are to accept the gospel etc.  Sometimes what we are called - what you as missionaries are called to do is to prepare an area for the great growth that is to come.  you're planting seeds :) or helping planted seeds to grow - the harvest will come and you will reap again :)

Aaron: we had multi zone AND leadership.. back to back meetings. I gotta go mom! I love youuuuu... bye! 

Mom: bye Aaron! LOVE YOU!!! have a good week!!

Monday, August 3, 2015


from the BYU dancers evening
This week was pretty good, super exhausting but it was rewarding. We felt the spirit and found some new families that seem pretty good! We were given permission to go to the BYU dance group that came here Monday, but only if we brought an investigator. We scrambled and found one so we could go haha.. we went and saw the dance.. honestly it was a little bit weird because they played and danced to all the music in the states.. not sure what I was expecting. But as we got out we hitched a ride from some members and they were talking to our investigator and he was saying, I want to get baptized! I really do. They look like that have successful lives and lots of the members seem like they´re happy, I want a life like that. And the member who was driving told him ¨Honestly you should get baptized, do it because you want to follow Jesus Christ and you love him, I made this decision 30 years ago and I have not once regretted it, I´ve have received countless blessings.¨ And that basically sealed the deal, he wants to get baptized big time and he wants to serve a mission. Really I can´t state enough how important the members are in missionary work. The members don´t even have to teach, all they have to do is testify, and show a small example of how to make the change and the results are AMAZING. I love being a full-time missionary but I can´t wait to be a member missionary! I promise you that you will find SO much more joy in the gospel if you become a friend to those investigating and those who are distanced. Also a small talk that I loved in the July 2015 Liahona was by Elder Faust, when he talks about lambs and pastors. READ IT! Then think the lambs that you´re charged to serve. It´s a great talk. Have a good week!

Elder Lohberg! 

on their way to the BYU dancers evening
Aaron: hi mom!

Mom: hey!! 
Just was talking to dad telling him I hadn't seen anything from you yet.
Tell me about church yesterday - any gators show up?  What's new with  you this week? how goes things?

 ** the number thing is in answer to an email question about his letter from a few weeks back about numbers in the scriptures:
Aaron: 3, 7, 12, 40 are perfect numbers in Hebrew.. that´s what the godhead is.. 3.. 7 days in the week, 12 apostles.. it means like complete.. sufficient.. what´s required.. So when in revelation when it says 144000 and the lord will come that's what the Jehovah witnesses take as meaning like saved.. but 144000 is 12 times 12000.. two perfect numbers signifying the sufficient amount.. those numbers is the Lord´s way of showing his fingerprint in his work. That´s why i had asked you why the number 3 is in the scriptures like 5000 times.. jaja. Noah sent a bird 3 times to search for land (he sent as many as it took to find the land) Jesus fasted 40 days (he fasted as many days as it took to receive the revelation...) i´m still trying to understand and everything.. Our investigators are good.. we´re finding new families and leaving a bunch behind. Right now we´re working with lots of youth.. we don´t have many like golden families, but this last week we found some good ones that might progress well! We had 5 in the church.. some went for themselves.. the bishop brought 2 of them!  

Mom: that's AWESOME!! the numbers thing is REALLY interesting :)
Glad to hear you had gators in church and that things are picking up for you somewhat - the scriptures say "and a child shall lead them" so maybe working with the youth is the way to go - more open minded and willing to listen and hopefully they can help their families to listen as well 

(his main email came - shown above)

half way through the haircut for his comp :)
Mom: I love your letters home!! I will look that talk up and read it :)
I need to find people in our area for the missionaries to teach!  
is that a picture of you cutting your comps hair again?
on the plate - is that plantains, rice, beans, potatoes? and what is that? fried green tomato? and a meat of some sort?
What else can you tell me?  I see you've had tons of rain - how are you keeping dry? 
Do you get mosquitoes at all? I'm sure if you get transferred to Limon you will for sure have them.
how's your toe doing?
Your hand - with the cut?
your knee?
how bad was the hole in the pants? could you mend it or are they toast?

Aaron: Yeah Ma mended them for me.. i just don't have time now.. my toe.. idk it still hurts a bit.. it´s turned like a darker brown underneath slowly.. i think it´ll fall off. I´ve just been cleaning it with alcohol. my knee is better.. my hand too.. we did service again but i was more careful. 
injured toe from soccer last week :(

Aaron: We´ve not had too much.. sometimes yes.. but it´s super windy.. the rain falls sideways.. basically.. not really with the mosquitoes.. I´ve been putting the spray thing on my blanket just in case.. Yes. I told president i wanted to train haha and he said ¨We´ll see what happens. I plan to have all my zone leaders train before they go home..¨ I was like.. pfft.. hahaha. but oh wells I´ll never stop working hard. 

Mom: so have you met with him again then? or just the one time?

Aaron: Just the one time. but he actually replies to our emails.. short messages.. apparently they told him not too because it takes forever haha but he does it.. i love him haha.. just the 1 interview, the zone meeting and the leadership meeting. This Thursday we have a multizone meeting with him and President Duncan from the area and then also Friday is leadership meeting with him and President Duncan

Mom: well take your camera to those!! 
I'm so glad you are loving him!! and know he will be a blessing for you as well :)
yum those tacos look amazing!! I want some!!
yummy tacos Aaron made :)

plantains, roast, a pumpkin with rice & beans of course

Aaron:Yeah i cut his hair again haha.. he said he´d give me $4 lol.. i was like.. whatever.. i think it turned out better this time. it was like a roast thing with plantains a small pumpkin like thing yeh. 

Aaron: i´m putting the finished product now. haha. 
Aaron's latest work of art :D

Mom: looks GREAT! You have a career ahead of you as a hairstylist :p
make him buy you lunch!! :)  You paid for him when he got there so it's fair :)

Aaron: Pfft.

Aaron: I don't know how.. i was just cutting for fun and that´s what happened. ANyways I gotta go, I love you so much mom. Have a good week! Also tell dad I love him! 

Mom: oh I forgot you already had a career lined up....going pro! :p

Aaron: hahahahahaaha. No. I don't know.. I´m only going to play a tiny bit of video games now.. such a waste. I have lots of things I want to learn.. how to restore a car.. how to play guitar (rhymes) i want to practice soccer a bit. 

Mom: I will!! LOVE YOU!! have a great week as well! I hope things go well and people PROGRESS!! LOVE YOU!!

Aaron:Then i´ll also be working-studying-dating
.. no time 

Mom: that's my boy whose grown into a man! LOVE YOU!