Monday, June 29, 2015

I always forget to write general mail.‏

Hello! This week went really well, we brought a good number of people to church so we hope to start helping them progress even more with the assistance of the members. We made a lot of progress with many of our investigators, some of them had doubts and we got them to tell us them.. with one of our investigators they were actually really hard doubts to resolve haha. This was the last week of President Wilkinson, the mission President. He leaves tomorrow in the morning I believe. So tonight at about 8:30 the new presidents will land here in Costa Rica and take over as the Mission Presidents of Costa Rica. I look forward to the second half of my mission, now with a new mission President to see what changes happen when Presidents swap in a mission. I´m in the east mission, nobody had changes, everyone stayed where President had put them in the last changes we had. I´m super excited, but I also don´t have very much time to write right now, I´ll let you all know how it went the first week with a new president next week! Love you all thanks for everything!

Elder Lohberg

Mission just prior to split

President & Hermana Laboriel, President & Hermana Wilkinson, President & Herman Hayes

Aaron: hi mom!!!

Mom: I have like 5 minutes be for the flight will tell me to get off 

Aaron: No one had changes, like I assumed. President just told us that he sent his ideas to the first Presidency and they sent it back the same, so no body moved. They gave us a photo of the whole mission and we just listened to president teach us one last time. My week went well, we got 7 people in the church building finally, but it wasn´t easy haha, we had to show up 20 minutes late to church.. we went at 8:30 to the house of investigators and forced them to get up and get ready and then we took 2 kids that showed up at there house too haha and we bought a taxi to get us there faster but still got there late.. but we got the sacrament because the church starts late too so ya! Super tiring every week.. we give every ounce of energy we have. 
Aaron's first haircut :p

Mom: Anything else real quick to say? I'm sad to not chat for very long but glad I got to connect quickly :)
Love you tons! 
Glad you got a group to church even if it was hard to do it 

Aaron: I cut my own hair
this morning
with a razor and then with scissors.. and a super broken mirror.. it was hard.. and then also my comps hair but it was harder because he´s latino

Mom: What? YOU cut your own hair? 

Aaron: trying to send a photo. 

Aaron: And i got my Cedula too!!! My like.. green card Idk? I´m legal haha.

Mom: I have to go now! LOVE YOU! have a great week! I will be on next week for sure! 

Aaron: thanks mom!!! I really love you I hope you have a safe flight, President leaves today. HEY I CUT MY HAIR

Monday, June 22, 2015


This week was pretty good. We went and had a ton of lessons we were expecting tons of results in the end- that tons of people would go to church... and it didn't turn up that way. We were a little disanimated.. we worked super hard and the people didn't show up. So we analyzed what went wrong, we gave everything we had, every ounce of energy. For the last two weeks we haven't had any lessons with members because there´s only 1 member in our area that can actually accompany us and he was going to the dentist and doctor every day and then he got sick and then after that he went on a trip.. so we had 2 weeks without lessons with members... (our ward is split.. we have 6 missionaries so the missionaries divided the area.. we work up in the mountains.. we only have 2 active families... and then this future missionary) so we´ve been trying to just beg the members to accompany us haha so that our investigators have friends and actually want to go to church. This week looks a little brighter, we should have more lessons with members to help us out.. so we expect better results. I know that this is the Lord´s work. That he really does expect a trial of our faith, and not just once but frequently. I´ve come to understand what is faith really, and I´ve learned that almost no one has it, which is why the Savior said that if we had faith as big as a mustard seed we could move a mountain. Faith is to put all your confidence in the Lord, do what he asks with the hope and the belief that all your needs will be met and all will work out in the end if we do what he wants. One of the saddest things I have seen in the mission is when you know what people are missing out on, and you can´t force them to accept it or force them to really have faith. They say they have faith but they wont give up working on Sunday, they say that have faith but they wont pay their tithes because they need to feed their family. I´m sorry, I know it´s hard, but that´s not faith. We had two really good lessons with two less active families about faith, about the changes they needed to make. And in the end both were crying, and they thought for a long time, and they couldn´t let go of their nets. They didn't have faith even as the apostles of old, to instantly drop their nets and follow Christ. It crushed our heart. But we´ll keep visiting them. This work is inspired and driven by love. I testify that it is true. It is the only way to return to our Heavenly Father. 
With all my love,

Elder Lohberg

**from typing back and forth:

Aaron: IMA HERREEEEE‏ Thank you for the super expensive box haha.

Mom:YIPPIE!!  Me too :)
Tell me about your week! I was so sad to miss you last week :( I stayed home today from the foodbank so that didn't happen again!!  Tell me about your week - how you've been - the things you've been up to - how things are with the ward, your comp, the investigators you are working with - and was it fun to get your package? did everything ship ok? nothing smashed or broken (like your bottle) - does it cost you to pick it up (like a customs fee?)

Aaron: My week was good.. we worked super hard we both came home exhausted and than called our district leaders every night and got ready for bed at 10;30 at night and slept like rocks. We´ve been doing Insanity.. see what happenz.. we only had 1 investigator in the church.. super disappointing. we worked super hard both weeks and only brought 1-2.. so we´re going to try and force the members to come to our area.. it´s cuz we live in the fetching mountains and they live down below and it´s expensive and time wasting for them to come help us.... that´s why we focused on the youth.. the 1 investigator.. because he can accompany us to visit after he gets baptized.. i´m not sick anymore. the ward is divided basically two, because we´re 6 missionaries in this ward.. our area is up in the mountains and the other 4 missionaries are in the city where all the members live. We have the bishop but he´s always busy and 2 other active families.. the problem is that they live even higher up than where we work so it´s super expensive to bring investigators to their houses.. so we´re working as if we were in a branch. baptizing youth so that they go visit with us and bring our investigators.. always looking for families obviously.. but it´s hard for them to go haha.. because the bus is like a dollar each.. a family of 5 is 10 dollars in a day.. that´s a lot for them... especially just to go to church it requires a lot of faith. Our investigators are pretty good.. just lots of doubts.. the evangelical church is super strong in our area... so they have tons of confusions and they get mad at what we teach... crazy people.. it was fun, we´ve already eaten all the funyuns... I´ve been hording the other stuff haha, i eat a protein bar a day.. we ate the Funyans together and I share the jerky but the protein is mine. haha. It got okay.. i´m using some of the gel implants for the shoes and they work well, the leather of my shoes is like soft now.. from all the hills so they fit a bit big on me, but it´s not too bad.. i´ve almost worn through the soles of them and then i might change the soles or just buy new shoes or use the others more often!!! no bigz. my bottle was fine all the ties were good no problemzzzz,, I haven't ever had to pay anything idk

Mom: that is super expensive for them to travel to church then - so most people don't have cars then? they use public transportation? I'm sorry people haven't been showing up for church though - did the lady come back again that came the week prior? or have you been to visit her? 
How is your money holding up then? if it's so expensive to take the bus each day  - are you getting food then? we can put money on your card so you can for sure eat.  PLEASE EAT!
I'm glad it all got there safely (nothing broken) and that it didn't cost you anything.  I never know what to send you - I thought the funyuns might be fun :)  But if you think of things (that are mailable) be sure to mention them - and I will throw in more goodies next box I send to you.  I probably will just do regular priority unless I'm in a hurry to get something to you - although it was nice to know you got it in a week vs 6 weeks :)
Any ideas about tomorrows conference? Have you heard anything?
Oh - and yes - you already know this - I'm a freak and I still haven't done your mission plaque and I can't find the scripture you want - so do you remember it or do you have a new one you want me to put on it? I know, I know - I'm being your mom!! pulling a typical mom thing!!
oh - and you are WORTH the "super expensive box" by the way :)  AND it is well worth it - if you enjoy whats in it ;)

Aaron: =) thanks mom
We tried.. she basically told us she didn't want anything.. so we´ll see, maybe she feels the spirit again! I need to take out money.. i just need to find a city bank in San Jose one of these days to take it out. We went to cosco.. so we´ve had food, at least to survive, my comp basically came without money from his old area so we used all the money i hadn't used.. i had like 100 mil still haha.. from the mission.. so i used 60 to buy food in pricesmart for us. we only have to last a week more and we and go again to pricesmart. cosco. We fry a lot of food.. bean burritos.. pancakes with hotdogs (basically cheap corndogs haha) I don't think i´ll have changes.. 

Mom: oh my goodness! Your letter this week touches my heart!  You have grown so much! I LOVE your letters!! 
Sumsions said the same thing - the LOVE your letters - Laurzia even posted on facebook (under one of the blog postings I did) how much she loves your letters home.  They are faith building! 
Isn't it just the truth though - we need to be willing to drop our nets (whatever they are) and follow Christ.

Aaron: uhm... scripture.. let me look really fast. They´re only going to move those who aren´t in the right mission.. but I feel like president is pretty good at feeling the spirit.. i´m sure he put us where we belong.. and more.. i only have 7 weeks here and my comp 2 weeks.. so if i leave he´ll hardly know the area.. i don't think it´d pass but who knows! he basically knows the area really because its just a straight line. and we only work in like 2 areas. 
I like Galatians 6:9 and Mark 1:18

Mom: Before I forget - 
So this week you got on like 10:30 my time (so 11:30 your's) so do you think that will be around the time for you each week then?
Next week  I travel - so - then do you think you will be on the same? I fly out - so just wondering if I might be able to catch you at all or if I will miss you next week  (which sucks since the conference is TOMORROW and I want the details!!)  thoughts?

Aaron: Yeah.. that´s the idea. unless we get changed or something. Because we have studies from 4-6 now, in the evening. But i´m not sure what will happen this week. All i know is that when the new president comes we obey EVERYTHING he says.. but i don't know if that means that the extra rules that president put in are kicked out or if the new president has to tell us or change them.. i´ll probably just keep going as it is, because the rules right now are stricter than the handbook puts them.. so not sure what happens. I´ll think we´ll be on at the same time.. because we write as a district. We got on at 10:50 our time.. but i was putting numbers in.. usually our plan is to get on at 10:30.. .but the sisters show up late so we have to wait or things like that

Mom: I might miss talking next week - but I will try and watch while I wait to board the plane - I will stay logged in until they tell me I have to turn off my phone - but if we don't connect - know that I love you and I will FOR SURE be on the following week come heck or high water!! :) 
I'm very proud of you Aaron.  My heart is bursting with the love I have for you and know you are doing great things!! 

Aaron: I love you mom!!! i don't know how much time I have.. because I had to put zone numbers on google drive for the mission.. so that ate some of my time.. like 25 minutes.. usually we do it before but we didn't have internet or the keys to the family history.. sooo.. next week i think it´ll be better. I love you mom have a good day and week mom, I love you!! 

Mom: LOVE YOU!! hope you have a wonderful week with tons of miracles!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hola Amigos!‏

This week has been super good, my new companion is awesome, we get along super well! We´ve been making tons of changes in the zone and in our area to be able to have more success. We´re super coordinated and we work basically the same way so we´ve been seeing miracles. Throughout the whole week we were super focused on making changes in the zone but also in bringing people to church with us on Sunday. At the end of the week, Sunday in the morning we went to pass by for all the people, they gave us tons of excuses... so we went to church with one youth super cool and then when we were their a woman showed up that we had contacted in her house. We had only talked to her for like 10 minutes and we invited her to church and everything, so she drove from her house like 25 minutes away to the church Sunday morning at 9:00. I think we had contacted her Tuesday, and we hadn´t talked to her at all... it was an awesome experience and miracle. We talked to her after the gospel principles class and she told us, do you know why I showed up? Where we had contacted her was her dad and moms house, they´re like 95 and they´re both super sick. She told us that she is passing through a ton of problems in her life, but that when we talked to her for 10 minutes she felt peace. She felt good. So for that reason she came with us to church at 9:00. It was super awesome, a great miracle. We testified to her that she had felt the Spirit, telling her that we were God´s messengers and that this was the truth. We put a lesson to go back and visit her. I know that this is God´s work, when we´re obedient with exactness he blesses us, we can see miracles. He is in charge of this work and we´re His children. He wants all to find His truth but He can´t force them, no good father uses force, they use love. Thank you all for the love and support! 

Elder Aaron Lohberg     <--- Liga Deportiva Alajuelense (my soccer team here)

Hi mom! 
I´m sure you´re not on, President changed P-day studies to 4-6 in the afternoon, so I think we´ll be on at like 10:30 from now on!
My comp likes to run a lot, we get along well, he´s kind of nerdy but he´s cool. He has a good heart and we´re working well together. He´s from the city of Mexico, the capital. It´s the United States of Mexico, they´re states. Half my zone left, every area had changes, so we´re basically set up for having success now! We´ve talked to the families.. we lost some.. others are just super slow to progress.. but two of them seem pretty good, they´re just couples with little kids but we´re going to keep trying=) right now we´re working with some youth, so that we can baptize them and they can help us bring people to church and accompany us=D  That´s crazy that Tyler is going to mexico, I don't know how he will do it.. without getting sick.. they use a lot of eggs.. lots of milk.. lots of cheese... it´ll be hard. I think it´ll be possible but he´ll need members to coordinate super well with him. I don't know how it´ll workkkzzz. I´m feeling better, the medicine only lasted me the week they gave it to me, so i´m long done with that. she hasn't sent me any photos. but i remember she took them and told me she´d send them to you, its because they use an iphone to take the pictures! 
Next tuesday the mission splits.. we have a full mission meeting.. i might have to say goodbye to Elder Toledo and Elder Parker and even Elder Contreras until after the mission haha... that could be sad.. 
I got the package too, I basically have to go now mom, I love you! thank you for the package.. even though it was super expensive.. im going to be big now;) hahaha

Monday, June 8, 2015

Insert Good Subject Heading‏

Elder Escarsega 
I need to make a list of those this next p-day. This week was changes, well today. I have a new companion, Elder Escarsega. Funny story because when my companion Elder Contreras went to get his finger prints done, I ended up being in the office talking to Elder Escarsega for like 2 hours, and now we´re companions! This is his going to be his first change as zone leader, so we´re both pretty new. But we have tons of faith. We´re going to prepare the zone to be able to achieve 20 confirmations in July, which will be a record for this zone. We have 22 missionaries, so we really should be achieving more! My testimony has really grown lately in missionary work, and also in becoming a missionary. I thought a lot about a talk I listened to, I can´t remember the Elders name but the talk is called ¨I´m an Adult now¨and it´s a pretty old talk. He talks about what is maturity, what makes an adult. In the talk he explains how one never becomes an adult really, it´s a process. Equally I listened to part of a talk by Elder Bednar where he says the best advice he can give to a prospective missionary on how to be a successful missionary is become a missionary long before we go on a mission. He states how many people who serve missions never actually become missionaries. In the "I´m an Adult now¨ the speaker states how many people never actually become adults. I was thinking really, noting that the gospel is a process, it´s a day to day thing, we never stop progressing or digressing in it. I encourage all of you to listen to the words of the living apostles and prophets, learn more from the mouthpiece of God on the earth today and then put it in practice what they teach! 
baptism of Dominga w/Elder Rivera

 **typing back and forth:
Aaron: I'm here mom! 
Mom: me too!! How are you feeling?!
Aaron says "it's time travel" (I don't get it!)

Aaron: Better. I got a super cool comp.. he´s saying some bad things about how the zone has been but I don´t care much.. I know the zone hasn´t been in perfect condition how I have wanted it to be.. but we´ll make the changes anyways. His name is elder Escarsega, he´s from Mexico.. I talked to him for like 2 hours in the office when I went with Elder Contreras for his finger prints, so I already knew him basically. 
Mom: great! then maybe you two can work miracles in your area and get things fired up!
Aaron: yeah. I managed to at least get us a ton of family investigators, we just need to teach them more and we´re good to go.
Mom: well there you go!  Sounds simple doesn't it? So now you just move your feet and let the Lord work the miracles!! :)
Aaron:Yeah. Haha. It´ll be rough, but we´re going to improve a ton of things in the zone..
Mom:  oh and don't lose track of time and forget to do your general email 
Aaron: I´ll do it right now. HMM I thought I would be in east mission, the president seems super cool, the West mission president apparently is strict, not that that´s a bad thing, the east mission is a gospel doctrine library I heard, that really called my attention. Elder Parker told me today that this change is 3 weeks, until the 23rd. Crazy, so I don't know! 
Mom: great email! you forgot to sign your name so I will add that to the blog for you :) I will look up that talk you mentioned for sure!

Dominga at baptismal interview (paperwork)
Aaron: It´s good! Made me think a lot, I told my 25 year old comp elder rivera what i learned from it and he just laughed.. pride man hahahhaahaha he thinks he´s an adult.. oh wells! I TRIED MY BEST WITH ALL MY LOVESSSS =D
Mom: I just google searched it and it didn't come up - do you know who the speaker was for sure?
Aaron: Melvin something or Martin
Mom: marvin j ashton? or is melvin or marvin the last name?
Mom: found it!
Aaron: Yeah marvin j ashton i think!
Mom: I never know how much time you will get on here - so just in case you quickly sign off today - know we are praying for your success and for you to have the Spirit to guide you - I know you are doing great things - we are so proud of you!!!  LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS!!!
Aaron: I have 10 minutes

Mom: ok! So any other things to quickly share with us about what all you've been doing this week?
Mom: you had a baptism? and what is with the calendar?
Aaron: Yeah her name is Dominga, the Calendar is time travel, look for it. and then the guy with glasses is Pablo, he is like an american. I love you mom1!!!!!! I LVOE YOU! BYE

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Week!‏

Whelp, I apologize for not writing last week, I got sick last week and I´ve been sick since then. It´s just like a flu or something, but it´s wiped me out. With that we really haven´t been able to work much, but I have seen the hand of the Lord in the members here. This week has really strengthened my testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows what we´re going through and he knows how to comfort us and protect us. I´ve had many people who have helped me during this sickness and have showed me love. I´ve learned to appreciate more the power of prayer. Even when we feel alone, when we feel bad, our Heavenly Father is always listening to us, always. I encourage you to look at your relationship with God, with your Heavenly Father. Think about how often you talk to Him and truly communicate with Him the things of your heart. If need be, get closer to Him, put more trust in Him, talk to Him more, seek his guidance. Our lives keep passing, if we only rely on our personal judgement to progress we´ll end up where we don´t want to be, but when we allow ourselves to be guided where God knows we should go, in the end we´ll be eternally happy. Thanks for your messages and your support! 

Elder Lohberg
"they robbed my blood =O it sucked."


Kitchen-opening room

a little info from emailing back and forth:
Aaron:hey mom!!!
Mom: I'm here - how are you feeling? better I hope! Tell me about your week 
Aaron: still just getting over the sickness... went to the doctor and everything but it was a joke experience. I´m gunna write the general... give me a bit
Mom: I'm sorry you've been so sick Aaron :(
What did they say at the Doctors then?  I see they gave you a buttload of medicine - so do you go back for a follow up or?
Did your comp go out and work then with a member this week (while you stayed with a member) or what happened?
Aaron: They told me, if I understand well that it was like a synus infection and light bronchitus.. but I don´t feel like that´s my problem... more than anything I´m just super dissy and like without air.. like.. no energy or anythin... 
Mom: well - a sinus infection could effect your balance (equilibrium) so that could be the case there - and bronchitis means a swelling of the lung tissue - so you'd have less air - harder to breathe - which would make you have no energy as well - so could be
so how long are you to take medicine and do you go back for a follow up visit then or?
Aaron: Like... one of them for a month and the other ones like a week.. nope! jus the one visit
Mom: well take the medicine until it's gone but if you don't get better - go back for sure!
so - is tomorrow the leadership training meeting? or? and then next week is transfers? or when?
Aaron: The leadership meeting is this Friday, tranfers is next monday from what I know. 
Mom: I saw on facebook another Zone went on a hike to a place called La Piedra De Aserri (I think that's what it's called) - it looks like it's down by where you said Toledo is serving - sort of that area.  Sad that you haven't had a "free" p-day to do something fun :/ maybe sometime soon that will happen.
The missionaries here can wear sunglasses - so that rule there is probably that mission president - so maybe the new one will allow it and save your eyes :)
So - crazy rain? I saw stuff from other missionaries talking about the abundance of rain.  Is it still hot even with the rain? I have seen pictures of S H where he is wearing a sweater! I thought - hmmm - is it cold? or is he a freak? :P
Aaron: It´s cold here.. haha.. i feel like i´m almost in washington, mostly because it´s just so windy, the wind makes it rough.. rain falls sideways
Mom: go buy a sweater then or something if you need to - I will put $$ on your card if you need some more
Aaron: yeah i´ve been praying that they let us use sunglasses! =D Elder Toledo is in Cartago if that is where it´s from, but they didnt do an activity today I dont think 
Mom: I think it was to the west of that area - like right next to it or something like that.
Liga Deportiva Alajuelense
Aaron: I gotta go now, mom! I love you so much, I´ll get better dont worry=) just keep swimming just keep swimming! I´m so glad that you write me every monday, it really makes me happy! I think I already remembered to tell you happy mothers day since I forgot on mothers day, and I already said happy birthday to dad I believe and to Spencer, but if not... ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSIE in 18 days!!