Monday, May 2, 2016

Church Dedication

This week, our church building got dedicated! It was super cool, the prayer they offered to dedicate it was super beautiful, there were 224 people there, it was super full. We had the confirmation of Marco, it was very special, he was super happy to be able to receive the Holy Ghost. Truly this week was very exciting for me, being able to see the history of the missionary work in Turrialba. In the church meeting the 3 speakers were the 3 first members of the church here, (2 and the 4th generation granddaughter of the first member) so it was super Spiritual, and then to see a beautiful building full of members. I know that this is God´s work, and it´s rolling forward, gaining speed and expanding rapidly. I know that He´s in charge and He can´t and never will fail, He´ll touch the hearts of those who are willing to follow Him, and they´ll receive His truth. I hope that we may ever keep our hearts open for Him, that His word may grow and prosper in our lives. 
Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hi mom!! That´s crazy, the house is coming along well then? It´s hot still.. crazy hot.. but it rained some days this week, the first day it rained it was SUPER humid.. then the second day like normal... we played soccer, she wasn´t crying she was hiding from the surprise photo haha. Marco got baptized It was super SPIRITUAL even though next door there was a work football party with loud music.. it went well. He got confirmed Sunday in the Church building dedication.. tons of leaders from the stake came, there were 224 people there.. super crowded.. the sisters and us each had 9 investigator in church, so it went well. Poor Laurzia.. it´s true though, we lived there with them for like 12 years.. you two are close, it has to hurt her that you´re leaving. 
We´re thinking 6 o clock here. We can do skype 

Mom: HEY!!
Yes the house is coming along - I was just outside painting trim on the deck - did another coat on the deck pieces dad replaced already this morning.  
That is AWESOME about Marcos!! I sure hope he stays active in the gospel when he moves to the states!  Cool that you had so many in attendance at your dedication as well!! That is so awesome!!
Ya - it's supposed to be 81 today - which is nice but Seattle isn't built for WARM weather - with no air conditioning in the houses it makes for hot afternoons for sure - although I will not complain as even though we have humidity - it's not as humid as Costa Rica is for sure!!
How are things coming along with Rosauria?  Did she & JoseMaria attend the baptism??  
So that's 5:00 my time then right??- we are an hour off of each other right now - I am SUPER excited to see your face!!!!!!!!!
Remember Elder Curran?? He got married and then divorced like 3 months later - he has done a TON of "rap" type videos about the church - like Restoration etc.  But he just came out with an EP with 6 songs on it - and one of the songs hit #1 on the hip hop charts and has been there for several days now - he is going to be making some bucks that kid! What is cool though is his EP - he is donating 50% of the proceeds to the church missionary fund! Pretty cool right?  He says his mission is to be a face to show the world what a mormon is like - that they are just normal everyday people etc.  Anyways - it's an interesting way to do missionary work and he has a HUGE following.

Aaron: Yeah I heard lol, one day Randall showed us a video of a Mormon Rapper who had a hit song, and I saw it and I was like, what the beep, Curran. Lol.. that´s crazy, do you still talk to him? Yeah my comps going to talk to his family at 5:00 here which is 6:00 for them and I´m going to talk to you guys at 6:00 which is 5:00 for you guys. 
Rosauras going well, we got her to stay all 3 hour instead of just 2, because she leaves work like at 5:00 in the morning, so she wa always tired. The plan is baptize her and her sister the 21st, but we´ll see how well the sister progresses.. we need to teach them mores.. they´re really slow and learning 

Mom: ya once in a while I talk with Curran - last time he was out this way he came over for a bit.  He is still super down to earth though at least for now :p
Ok - I will mark my calendar and set and alarm on my phone!!!!!!! woot woot!!
did they come to the baptism?? Do you have any pictures from the baptism to share from Saturday?

Aaron: no they didn't come, but there were like 30 people there. It looks like I lost my Credit card, but the mission one.. not the home one :/

Mom: yikes! So what do you do about that?? did you message the president or call the office about it? if not - you should do that then for sure - would they just send you a new one or what??

Aaron: I think I have to pay for it, like 10 bucks, not sure.. Randalls going to see if it´s in his car.. I don't know how I lost it lol.. so we´ll see if it turns up. I´d talk to the secretaries, it wont be a big problem because the Secretary right now is my missionary half brother, we get along well.. I was his zone leader when he started the mission, so he love me =), he´d get it done fast, but I might have to pay.. that´s what i´m seeing if we can find it first 

Mom: well can someone use it if they found it? like does it work like a credit card where you just charge stuff? if so - then just pay the $10 and get it canceled and replaced - not worth waiting and losing your money in your account over it.  

Aaron: I´m not sure, I think so? But you need the pin I think. I don't think they can without the pin. 

Mom: ok so if they can't use it without a pin then you have a little time then to look - that means it's like a debit card.  BUT if it is a credit card - credit cards do not require a pin - so those you need to cancel immediately if you lose them.
LOVE your general email by the way - I bet that meeting was amazing - how cool is that to hear from those founding members!! What a wonderful experience to be a part of all of that!!
you still there?? you've been quiet just wondering if you've already left...

Aaron: Yeah sorry I was writing president 

Mom: no worries - I know you do that weekly correct?  Next week is changes - are you feeling anything about that?? Think maybe you'll stay and possibly train?  Your comp was already there when you arrived correct? So probably he would transfer out?

Aaron: I have 4.5 months here has 5.5 months, so we´ll see. I cant send photos here. the comps dont let me.. because of the virus on the camera memory 

Mom: you need a new memory card - weren't you going to go buy one? or is there not a place you can do that there?

Aaron: Yeah, I´ll buy one, but I still have 181 photos left that I can take on this one. I think today I´ll probably pass all the photos from my memory cards to both my USBS to just to be safe. 

Mom: I will move the photos off dropbox again to clear it back off - there were some shots from a park with a lake looks like - what's that park called?

Aaron: Idk, the place is called KATIE it´s like a college of some sort.

Mom: got any fun plans for today?? 

Aaron: nope, we were going to play paintball as a district, but the sisters in both areas didnt have enough progressing investigators to get permission, so we canceled it and we´re just going to relax i think. 
But anyways mom, I gotta go, I love you!!! have a good week and I´ll see you Sunday at 6 my time, 5 your time i think. =) 
Mom: ok Aaron - love you!! Have a great week!! excited to skype with you next week!!! LOVE YOU TONS!

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