Monday, April 25, 2016

I feel like I`ve used every subject title that exists in these last 20 months.‏

This week went well, it was the first week in the church building! Lots of members, investigators, and less actives showed up! Everyone was amazed at how nice the church building is so it was really cool. Today we`re going to go use the church soccer court for the first time! Ush, made history.

Then Marcos is going to get baptized this Saturday at 6:00, he`s super excited and has been 100% receptive from the start, always super excited to learn the gospel and keep the commandments and his commitments. Honestly, he was and is a sweet and tender mercy of the Lord. I know that this is God`s work, I`ve seen way too many miracles to ever doubt that, but my sure belief comes from having read the Book of Mormon, and with a humble heart prayed and asked God if it was true. I know that it is. I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon and always to kneel down and ask God if it is true, strengthen your testimony each day. 

Elder Lohberg 

Aaron: This week was good, we went to the church building! 160 attendance, 7 investigators us and 7 the sisters (14) and 25 less actives in total. It was cool, then Marcos will be baptized on Saturday, May 7th at 1:00 in the morning he leaves for the states, Rosaura still wants to be baptized the 7th but we might postpone it for the 21st.. because we need a baptism for the wards open house.. so we`ll see.. i feel bad moving baptisms for that but the sisters promised a White night, so we need to have a baptism or more. Sisters.. 
It`s rained here lately but it`s also been SUPER hot. like SUPER HOT. CRAZY FETCHING HOT. I didn't even want to walk, we were in a proselyting area and I just stopped after a lection and stood under a roof overhang in the shade.. Crazy hot lol.. then we went out again. 

Mom: holy cow! That's crazy!! I should look and see the temps - probably it's the humidity that is the biggest factor as you have thick air from it! haha!
So - Marcos actually moved his baptism out then - as he was going to be this next Saturday right? I think that you should just have Rosaura get baptized and worry about finding someone else for the 21st - as why wait?? why make her wait if she is ready to be baptized?

Aaron: it is this next Saturday. the 30th. I don't think we`ll find someone else for the 21st too be honest =P 

Mom: where's your faith?? :p  
Why do you HAVE to have someone baptized that day again? like why specifically?

Aaron: the sisters told the ward that the Last day of activities for the week of the open house for the ward would be baptisms.. a white night, but the open house was postponed like 3 times so everyone we had has basically already been baptized.. so we`re like uhh.. not sure who has baptisms but the ward already announced a white night that Saturday evening 

Mom: then you need a ward fast! and then search out people :p 

Aaron: but they have to have 3 times in church to be baptized, there`s only 3 Sundays left, the 1st 8th and 15th haha.. so it`s kind of difficult on that one=P this week already began, but we`ll see wut happens.. rosaura also needs more lessons, we`ve only taught her lesson 1, and a little of lesson 3.. so this week would technically be her interview but we haven`t finished everything it would be teaching her SUPER fast. 

Mom: oh I see!  or is that someone else you are teaching?  Are you working with anyone else?? did you ever get back to teach that family "cina? or something like that?
What did you do this past week then? Like do you actually "tract" then?  I guess I never pictured you actually tracting - I was thinking that you just did street contacts 

Aaron:  We have her sister named Katia.. and we have a family the Family Rojas but they`re waiting on their divorce, they have like 7 months of going to church haha. Then we have Daylan.. but he`s been struggling to really commit himself to go to church and stuff. they all have times in church. 
We have another guy named Daniel, we found him in Marcos`s house. He`s awesome, yesterday was our first lesson with him, but he went to general conference (The Saturday afternoon session... where they read ALL 50000 names, so I don't think he took much out of it) but he`s awesome. So we`ll see how it goes. 

Mom: isn't there a lot of common law marriage there?like people just living together? - guess that's not JUST there :p  So - tell me about the Roja's and this divorce? Like they need a divorce to be baptized or so they can get married :p?

Aaron: yeah theres a ton. She needs to get divorced so that theycan get married so that they can get baptized.. apparently the lawyer said the divorce would take about 6 months.

Mom: holy cow! 6 months?? That's crazy!
Too bad.
well - just keep swimming :p haha!
So - Mother's day!! coming up!! Super excited!! Do you have any info on that yet?? Skyping from Randall's? or? do you know a time frame yet?  Do you have morning church or afternoon? Are there multiple wards that meet in that new building? how many wards are there in Turrialba? do other cities in the area use that building too?  Are they then rededicating that building? who will do that if so?

Aaron: I imagine we`ll skype with Randalls comp but IDk but the internet is kind of slow =P but maybe.. if not with our cook and her son. i haven't heard anything yet. morning church. 1 ward only. 1 ward nope, because the 2 closest cities are an hour and a half away haha. they`re going to dedicate it again may 1st apparently.
i don't know who

Mom: so they are dedicating the building May 1st but the "open house" is the 21st? interesting!
What's the building like? similar to the other buildings you've seen down there?  Do any of the buildings look just like here or are they different? I remember in Herridia the chapel had folding chairs and tile flooring - seemed like a multi purpose room
keep me posted on the skype thing then.  We have late church 1-4  (so I think you are an hour off us right now - so that would be us getting out 5 your time) I need to teach Sunday school but if we need to be home earlier we can figure that out - or something - just let us know the time - if I need to get a sub - I will do that too! :p

Aaron: yup. It`s nicer than the other buildings I`ve seen here, but the stake centers I`ve been in are obviously nicer haha. They`re all different and a lot of them her look the same. All the buildings have tile flooring, no carpet never. and here they have plastic chairs with a cushion,there`s no pews. 

Mom: interesting! probably easier to keep clean I would assume.
Changes are the week of Mother's day as well right? - would you know already when we Skype or do you find out in the evening normally the Sunday before changes?

Aaron: changes are may 9th hey what do you want me to buy you guys? It might be good to put money on the card, so i can take it out and start looking for things for everyone. Because only 14 more pdays the only thing that even comes to mind is sports shirts lol... 

Mom: haha - your counting p-days eh?? that's 101 days :p that's how we are counting haha.  We are excited for you that's all I'm going to say :p
you should just pick up something that is a good reminder of Costa Rica :)  don't think "tourist" think something that you see in Costa Rica that would be a representation of it.  Maybe ask Randall & Marian if there is something that is a good representation of Costa Rica to pick up?  
How much money do you want on your card? I think there is $130 or $160 on it right now. I moved most of your money into another account so it wouldn't be an easy target for fraud if your card got stolen there - but you've done fine thankfully. 

Aaron: hmm.. idk i`m thinking.. I cant think of anything ORIGINAL Costa Rica too be honest.. besides sports shirts lol.. like the Costa Rican teams and stuff.. but i will keep thinking about it.
Gotta go mom, I love you!! have a good day!!! Tell dad i love him too! 

Mom: ok Aaron! LOVE YOU!! have a great week!!! Happy for Marcos & the baptism Saturday!! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Guess What!!!!!!‏

this was a "joke" Aaron said in our house for YEARS!
Chicken Butt! Ha.. what a dumb joke. This week went well, we`ve been working super hard and we had our recent converts daughter who told us she had a dream where she got baptized. So that was awesome and she is now working really hard to be baptized the 7th of may. The bishop also told us yesterday that they got permission for us to use the chapel this next Sunday even though it`s not dedicated. Entonces, this week we`ll be in the recently finished Turrialba church building! Should be awesome. (For those who don`t know it was under construction to make it bigger, and update it for about 4 months) 

I love being a missionary so much. I know our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. And He wants to guide and teach us, even though that means we might have problems and trials. I know that He has an eternal perspective when He looks at us, He sees us as we are and He sees how great we can become. I know that He speaks to us, that He calls prophets to guide His children in the true path back to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are true, that both are the word of God given to His prophets. I encourage each and every one of your to study the word of God, especially the most recent word of God, and learn what His will is for you.


Elder Lohberg

**Aaron wanted to make peanut butter balls for Randall & his family (the members they live above) so I sent him the recipe a few weeks back - the ingredients were gathered and Randall sent me these pictures from the "event" haha.  Apparently there were some complications as A it was super hot and B they used the wrong sugar! Used processed sugar instead of powdered sugar - the results were not as Aaron had imagined :p haha
"Hi Kim!! How are you? Elder Lohberg wants to know how 
many balls he is gonna get with the recipe you gave...
Aaron: Hi mom. Quick answers, this week were going to the chapel, ya no more high school. It`s not dedicated but we`re going anyways. Josemaria is doing well, paid his tithings last week, we got a youth to start reactivating himself, he has 5 months as a member, marcos has a baptism date for the 30th, and it should be in the chapel. First baptism there, he`s going good. Josemaria`s daughter Rosaura wants to get baptized the 7th but she prayed to see if she needed to be baptized as we advised and she had a vision of herself being baptized like her dad. So she went to work and left at 4:00 in the morning Saturday night, went home and slept and then showed up on time Sunday for church. She`s cool. The families doing okay.. we kind of had a crap lesson.. we taught simple stuff.. so we`re planning on going back tomorrow maybe with members and teach direct lesson 1.. should be good, and invite them to the church this week! NEW BUILDING USH. Ana said they wont be able to be sealed here, but when I come back for vacations yeah haha, she said they just cant pay their tithings still.. but she`s got her whole family doing well, only 1 daughter is less active. It`s been a little rainy lately.. but they say it wont be really rainy until May or June. I understand how the reading goes,,  what I meant to say is that it makes me trunky.. counting down the days basically. 
"Is the dough sticky? It's sticky!!!"

Mom: Oh ok I understand - then don't do it - not worth it :)
wow that's great about the church building!! I'm so happy for JoseMaria then that he is doing well and that his daughter also wants to be baptized! That's awesome!!
Yes - it's pretty easy - what you need is an address where he will live and then on you can search the ward/bishop etc - so does he know that info yet - May 7th is pretty soon! AND right after baptism!! yikes! So fast!
Too bad about Anna - hopefully they will get there.  The fact that they are going to church is great - now just to get the rest as it should be would be amazing!  
Oh - that gal you baptized in the area before the Meet the Mormons area - can't think of her name off the bat - but her kid (s?) got baptized! I saw it on facebook!

"I told him that today has been so hot!! Probably it's 
the issue but i'm not sure!!"

Mom: I BEEN good :)  Painting today :p  I painted the trim on the kitchen cabinets - we are going to get countertops put in and fix up the house.  I'm going to paint the red away next in the dining room and kitchen - already did the familyroom - then once that is done - I will paint the red away in the entry/hall area.  Last - I need to paint your room :p
Dad is replacing the drawer slides in the kitchen - and he will be working on the outside of the house - fix up the siding - the front porch and then we need to put a new coat of that paint stuff on the decking.
busy busy busy :p

"Take a look!!"
Aaron: Yeah tatiana, I talked to her it was cool both her daughters got baptized just because the sisters put the date haha.. they`re working with her daughters ex boyfriend too.  

Mom: sorry you guys got the wrong sugar so your peanut butter balls didn't turn out right :(  They were probably super gritty consistency :p  I thought it was funny that Randall was "TASTY! I can taste the sugars!" haha! I was all - "um gag!" haha :p

 Aaron: He doesn`t know where yet, says hes not even sure they`ll let him in, but he said he has a visa. so who knows
"this is the result"
yeah like if we just sucked on them they weren't that bad.. but if not they were like super sugary gritty. 
YES! that is her name! I couldn't think of it!!

Mom: I can imagine!  Are you going to attempt them again??
I laughed when Randall was like "I'm going to taste something from the states!" haha - I told him "this was not a representation of the states :p" haha

Aaron: Idk IF we`ll do them again.. did we used semi sweet chocolate chips, was that right? 

Mom: ya I use semi sweet chocolate chips - I melt them - I put a little shaved wax in mine (so you don't get chocolate on your hands when you pick them up - a trick my grandma did) but I didn't tell you guys to do that - I just kept it simple. 

Aaron: I`m going to runaway and live in CostaRica. Just kidding haha=) El Salvador 

Randall with the Elders on his birthday
Mom: HAHAHA! well - I KNEW you would eventually decide that you LOVED Costa Rica!  You sure didn't want anything to do with it or to return when you first went out - probably the first year or even more! BUT it has grown on you and you now love it and the people there which makes me happy.  Who knows where you will end up once you finish school - but for the next several years you will be in school and I'm sure before long you will be finding a wife and getting married as well (while in school :p) So you will be in Utah for at least the next 4 years - who knows maybe longer if you do a masters program or a special program even in school.
Any thoughts on what you'd like to do for a living? Like what interests you? What you might want to major in?
haha! did you hear about Ecuador having an earthquake?  They said all the missionaries were accounted for so they were all safe thank goodness!

Aaron: Engineering, I might study something like what dad does, for video games because that seems to me like a growing industry. but idk. I talked to Jonathan, and he reminded me that I promised him I`d play games with him once and a while when I was home and I was like.. oh yeah... sure.... so i`ll be playing but limited time definitely. Yeah I heard 

Mom: engineering is a ton of math - but good salary :p  I was thinking you might like computer engineering or some computer sciences.
Did you do anything fun today? you are on sort of late for you.  Who all played soccer last week with ya'all?
Anything exciting happen this week? When is your next zone meeting?

Aaron: We went and helped the old bishop move 3 meters of sand, super hard work at 8:00 in the morning and then we went straight to the bus stop and caught a bus for San Jose, so my comp can renew his visa. We`re here in San Jose still.. because we needed to the write the family So we`re writing you guys then we`re heading to San Jose centro, we`ll buy subway and grab our bus for turrialba (2 hours or 2:30) for traffic.. and then we`ll probably get home like 8:00 or 7:30.. and we`ll see who we can visit nearby the house. Last week we played ball with the bishop, an investigator, the sisters, some of the young single adults, and another investigator, and a recently returned missionary girl, there were like 11 people. we expected more to be honest. 
Zone meeting is 1 every 2 changes now, someone gave me the tip up that the next one we`ll be with president and lunch and everything, it`ll be the week before changes. 

Mom: #buildingmusclesthroughservice how much time do you have? like 20 minutes or so left?  Don't forget your general (although maybe you are already writing that right now! haha!)  No pictures to send? just checking :p

Aaron: yeh like 20 minutes or so. 
i have some but i forgot the cable=P maybe tonight! but they`re just from the service today, I snapped quick photos of the family and the sand we moved 

Mom: you should take a picture with your bishop for sure there.
Wow - is it fun to be in San Jose today? or more trouble than fun? 
So Zone meetings are every other change now and the next one is right before the next change (which that change is right after Mother's day I think) - so when you said someone gave you a heads up - will it be a multi zone meeting then with President? President doesn't come to all the zone meetings then?  I know Adriana had said she was serving lunch for the mission in May - so maybe this is what she was talking about.  - That would mean your meeting would be in San Jose then right?  Are all your zone meetings held in San Jose or are they held in the area you serve in?
I will have dad move the other pictures off so there is plenty of room :)

Aaron: they`re like 5 photos.. Moving sand is hard business.. you find yourself sweating everywhere. My church pants were all wet in the knees part of the FRONT of my pants, the back no. Who understands? I dont. But its awesome to sweat a ton. No. 
It`s a normal zone meeting. Each zone will meet with president alone and have there lunch but he might do ours close to San JOse to make it easier. At least that`s what I`ve heard. 

Mom: awesome general email - makes me so happy to see the love you have for the people there and the joy you are finding in serving as a missionary :)
So - I guess I'm wondering - doesn't president normally meet with you guys on zone meetings? or do you normally not have President attending? Our mission - the mission President attended all the zone meetings. So just wondering.
Ya - I'm sure that was super hard to move all that sand - and having to do it in church clothes is insane!
what kind of meals has your cook made for you this week? 

Aaron: she made us a huge porkchop with salad and rice and beans and yuka (it`s kind of like potato but it`s a root, super delicious.) and then she made steaks-sausages with tortillas rice, mashed potatoes, salad, and beans. I cant remember more than that.. she gave us a pasta 1 day with bread and always gives us icecream afterwards. 

Mom: sounds yummy :)  so you are getting your rice and beans then?? :)  is it like gallo pinto basically? so do you use Lazano sauce still?

Aaron: Nope, well maybe.. i don't know how she does the beans to be honest. But no, it`s separated. different flavor. 
oh she makes fish too, like tilapia.. they eat lots of tilapia here 

Mom: do you like the fish then? is it breaded or how is it cooked?  That's interesting since you aren't by a coast line - so its not like there's a ton of fish because it's fresh caught or anything

Aaron: like idk like on the stove with oil? it`s good though 

Mom: good I'm glad you like  it!! Would be terrible if you had to eat something a lot that you hated. 

Aaron: GOTTA GO MOM, I love you so much! have a good week and we`ll talk next Monday! tell dad I love him=) 

Mom: Ok! Be safe!! Have a great week Aaron! LOVE YOU!!! I will!! :)

Monday, April 11, 2016


**FYI : "Diay' is perhaps best translated as 'what happened', 'why not', or a number of similar phrases that can express surprise and wonderment." (I had to look it up!)

This week went super well, because in our companionship we had a change of heart together and we`re starting to be a lot more unified, and in just 2 days of having that happen, we`ve have many miracles, we were able to find a woman her mom and her two teenage sons yesterday by accident to be honest, we were looking for someone named Cynia, and the grandmas name was Cynia.. but it wasnt the one we were looking for, needless to say they dont go to any church and they let us in to teach them. The Spirit was super strong and we challenged them to prepare to be baptized, to follow Jesus Christ`s example and they accepted. So we`ll see how well they start to progress. Either way it was a super awesome experience and we`ve seen many blessings after having made this change in our companionship and individually. Never be satisfied with how you are today, be humble and ask God what you have to do to better, He`ll tell you. 


Elder Lohberg

**Mom note: got a message from Randall who owns the place where the Elders live and has been so kind to send me messages and kind notes about Aaron :)  His last message sent was: "Cooking time!!!! The elders were cooking PATACONES (fied green plantains) for dinner at home!! Elder Lohberg loves them!!!! It was yesterday !! Fun time with missionaries in Turrialba!!!"


Aaron: hi mom 

Mom: woot woot! Hola! Como estas usted?

Aaron: acachete me estraña pura vida. Haha. Good good, we had a pretty good week this week, lots of changes in our hearts and we`re going to be much more unified as a companionship i believe. Josemaria is doing great, Sunday he payed tithing (rare to see that so soon) and Marcos has been progressing a ton, he says he wants to be baptized.. we`re just seeing if we`ll wait till 
April 30th to baptize him in the chapel because that week we get it, or if we try and find another pool or river or something.. the leaders want the baptism to count for this month but i know that the wards not going to like the idea of finding a place and transporting everyone again.. so we`ll see.. Patacones we cooked in oil both ways.. they`re salty, kind of like eating potato chips but better. no seasoning.. just salt sometimes if you want and you put a dip on them.. or beans and ham and sour cream. stuff like that. We made like 30 or 40 and each person ate like 8-10 idk. Don't know the kidd family =7 but that`s awesome. 

Mom: ok - what does "acachete"  mean? haha! Estrana is "strange"? and pura vida "pure life" got that so strange pure life? haha??
Well hopefully you and your comp will be able to move forward with the work and HOPEFULLY you will get to train next transfer too :)
I'm so happy for Josemaria - we still pray for him to progress - I'm so happy for the blessings of the gospel to enter his life - he seems like a man of great faith!! I love the story of him walking to and from church such a distance! 
So - the ward transported you to the baptism then? I was thinking you guys all walked there - that was what I asked last time and I thought you said the buses weren't running so you had to walk - but maybe I miss understood :p
That's cool for Marcos! I've continued to pray for him as well that he would feel the Spirit and it would help his heart to soften so he would be receptive to what it is you have to offer him.  So that is cool that he is progressing!  Cool that you guys will get back into your building - April 30th isn't that far away BUT I guess there is always that chance that a delay might happen - Has Marcos been attending church regularly then? Do you have to have your investigators attend 3 weeks consecutively or just 3 weeks in total prior to baptism?  Will you guys walk to church when it opens up again? Or is it too far from where you live - I can see it on the map but don't know how long the blocks are or what the distance actually is.  Does Randall have a car then that he takes you in to go places?
You will have to make us some of the patacones when you come home :p

Aaron: i`ll explain it later haha.. #ticospanish. yeah we started to walk there but we found a member who picked us up and took us.. and then took us to the center on the way back the bishop.. but we were going to walk and hour to get there. lol 3 times before but the idea is that they understand the sabbath day and keep it. the church is only a little further than the highschool from our house in the other direction. randal has a car yeah. 

Mom: so just tell me - is it bad? Like should I not put that phrase on the blog? :p
Do most of the members there have cars then?  You said " took us to the center" - is  the center a place or is that the center of the city or ? How did you get that pool anyways? I never asked you - is it someones house / private pool or is it a community pool?  Looked like there was a community pool not too far north of where you live (via the satellite picture I was looking at #stalkermom :p)

Aaron: no it`s not bad.. it`s like awesome, of course, pure life.. it`s a community pool.. we drive like 15 minutes, to the right i put it on the map i showed you. the center is the city of turrialba, the heart of it.. like downtown marysville. 

Mom: oh gotcha! Ya I saw where you went to pool at - it looked like it was south from where you live - but maybe I looked at it wrong :p
What else is going on with you these days??

Aaron: Not much.. not sure if I want to keep up reading D&C that way.. it kind of distracts me, takes me out of my focus, maybe I will just read it normally from start to finish and see how soon I finish it

Mom: it's ok - you don't have to do it.  
Tell me where you are studying in the book of Mormon these days?

Aaron: Today I read 3 nefi 28 to the end and then 4 Nefi 1 =) both super awesome. 

Mom: that's right - you said you get more time to study now right? Like I was thinking 3 hours? but maybe that is wrong :/
So - what are your plans today? Doing anything fun?  Did you make cookies or anything yet for Randall's family? or what are you planning to make? Did you need a different recipe(s) than what I sent to you already?

Aaron: 1 hour personal, 1 hour companionship, 1hour language. we`re going to go play soccer with tons of people because it`s a noworkday or school day and we`re going to make peanut butter balls I think. 

Mom: so does your comp speak English? do you teach him English or are you just 'practicing' Spanish?
is it like a holiday then?

Aaron: Yeah he understands a lot and speaks a little english.. we`re going to be working on it. yeah it`s a holiday but it doesn't have a name =P lazy day. 

Mom: so when you do an hour of language study is it to speak Spanish better or do you use it for both languages to help each other? Guess that is what I'm wondering as well.
Randall says your accent is better than his haha!
A friendly reminder: don't forget to write your general email :p
also - what sort of things have you been eating for meals lately? what's the most common thing you have and do you cook it yourself or is it when you eat with someone?  What sort of things has your cook been making for you? Do you have someone who does your laundry still or do you do it yourself now?

Aaron: We usually don't eat breakfast or dinner, unless they give us something.. maybe we just buy a snack or something, at lunch we have a sister who cooks for us, started about a month ago. She gives us a ton of food. she made us chicken cordon blue, she made us chicken pot pie, she barely gives us rice, she`s a great cook too be honest.. it`s awesome haha. But we do have to take a bus to get there =P I don't know to be honest these last few weeks I`ve just read liahonas or things like that in language study, but now I`m going to try and help him.. it`s basically a cut deal, I help him and lose my studies, or we both do our own thing and he learns nothing.. so i`ll have to just throw out my Spanish studies and help him.. either way everything I do is in Spanish all day long soo.. lol 
a lady washes our laundry.
a member

Mom:   Is your cook then a member as well?  Does she cook for her family too then when she cooks for you? And does she also cook for the sisters in your area or just you two? Lisa Henry thought you were looking skinny - thought you weren't getting fed - I thought you looked great for living in a country of rice and beans - you hadn't gained any weight and looked fit to me - not even too skinny :)
 how are your pants holding up? and your garments & shirts, shoes? Do you need me to send you garments or anything?

Aaron: nope i`ll be able to finish well. My garments are fine.. they`re actually not even like yellow or anything I don't think, people say my shirts are kind of yellowish now but i dont see it, they seem white to me. My pants, 2 have holes in the knees but stitched up, and another one I`ve sewn like 3 times, but it`ll last. I have 1 with me that I never used, my suits still okay, and I have my black pair that I rarely used too.. so i`ll probably bring them home with me. My shirts, I think I have like 2 I didn't use.. but I might try and give away my shirts and just bring 1 home. My shoes should last i think. We good we good 
Just us, no her son almost never eats much haha.. so she just cooks for us, it`s awesome. and she always gives us icecream or a sweet too :D I don't know if I`m getting skinnier or not.. I still have a ton of my protein powder.. might start using it.. I think I`m a little skinnier than when I left. 

Mom: well you might keep one shirt in decent condition to use for your return interview etc - we can buy new shirts / clothes when you get home.  I won't buy you anything until you get back - but we will be shopping - you will need: clothes, shoes, a computer, printer, phone and apartment supplies for school :P AND we will have to do it rather quickly as we only will have a couple of weeks to get it done.
that's cool - she is new to being a mission cook though?  I think Adriana is cooking for the mission in May she said - so you must be doing some big mission thing all together - unless she is just doing something for those in that area?  Do you know anything?

Aaron: no no, she`s just a cook for us.. I put that wrong. 
idk, hey when is mothers day, the 2nd Sunday in may right? 

Mom: yes it's May 8th - will you be skyping from Randall's place or from where?  I know you will let me know before that date.  I think your next transfers are the Tuesday after we Skype correct?
oh gotcha - so she's your "private chef" haha - glad she's a good one!  How much do you pay to have her cook for you?  How far away does she live? You said you have to take a bus there - how long does it take and how much $$ to ride there and back?  Do the sisters then have a different cook? How far away do they live from where you guys live?   Turrialba looks big on the map - is it big? 

Aaron: not sure when trasnfers are but yeah i`ll let you know, most likely from randals house. 
normal price.. 70 bucks each 35 mil. the bus is like 15 minutes, but we work there a lot too so, its okay, and it`s like a dollar there and back. the sisters cook for themselves, they didn't want a cook because the gringa doesn't like rice or beans  haha..they live like a minute from our house. 

Mom: Randall spells his name with 2 l's by the way :p just in case you write his name on something - you should spell it correctly for him :)
I'm glad you are loving your area - the people and the work.  It's funny how that works - the first year to 18 months you are counting the days sort of to go home but then it clicks and you don't want it to ever end because you are loving the people and the work etc.  #missionlife :D
silly sisters!! I love gallo pinto!! (that's how you spell that right? :P) I would eat it more if dad would let me haha

Aaron: gallo pinto yea. okay mom I love you a lot! I have to go now but I hope to be able to talk a lot next week too, no fotos because nothing to fotofy, but I love you a lot have a good week! 

Mom: no worries! Have a great week!! Randall sent me cooking photos :) #spoiled!!  LOVE YOU!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016