Monday, May 16, 2016

Woah crazy..‏

Well.. today they sent me my flight plans.. super crazy.. when I saw them I actually felt pretty sick inside. 

This week went amazing, we`ve been finding new investigators and lots of investigators that we already had have started to progress more. My new companion and I get along super well, we haven`t had any problems, he works hard, he`s got a desire to learn and so we`ve been working well together. I think I already said it but he`s from El Salvador. To those who have never tried a pupusa, you need to try one, they`re pretty good. =) The Lord`s work is progressing! Something I remembered this week is our need to have the Spirit, we need to do everything we can possibly do to have the Spirit with us, so that God can direct us in our life. Strive to have the Spirit, keep the commandments. The Spirit will direct you in all that you do.


Elder Lohberg
Aaron: hi mom.

**He emailed his flight itinerary with this comment "Only because you were asking for it haha.. i got it today.. makes me feel sick.. "

Aaron: that`s crazy. tons of stuff then. The volcano actually doesn`t effect us at all.. I can see the smoke and ash coming out, but lava no. all the ash goes towards San JOse and Heredia (It`s a weird feeling.. in Heredia I was getting hit by it and now I`m seeing where It comes from haha..) start and end. My comps cool, he`s a hard worker, he`s new but he strives.. his feet smell but that`s not too big of a deal haha. He talks to people and is trying to get better. He`s from El Salvador, like 30 minutes from where Toledo is from.

Aaron: Hey, We have a mini Christus in the house right!?!!?! in stone 

Dad: I don't think we have a Christus anywhere. I'll look around but we have a picture of it I think.
this is Dad I'm on mom's comp now. 

Aaron: this is dad right? 

Aaron: i had an idea but i`m going to send it to your email.. something i`m thinking of doing 

Dad: Yep this is Dad, I'm trying to reach mom.

Aaron: Okay okay, Me parece bien=) 

Dad: We have so much to get done before the wedding, Mom is running around like mad trying to get them done. She is sooo sad she is missing you. She wants you to know she loves you and wishes she could be talking to you.

Dad: Ok Mom is cutting my Mom's hair right now (she doesn't have any other time to do it) she is going to cut like mad and hope she can make it home to talk to you.

 Aaron: I have 30 minutes left, I dont think she`ll get home in time haha. No big deal, next week we can talk =) 

Dad: Maybe, I think she said in her email to you that she wouldn't be able to as she will be taking people to Seattle for a tour. I'll set her up so she can do it on her phone or something. I'm so glad to get to talk to you. Glad your comp and you are doing good. Why do his feet smell do you think? buy him some foot powder LOL. "nothing personal but you um need this"

Aaron: idk almost all hondurans have HORRIBLE feet smell.. and his feet are kind of like that, I was tihnking about buying him the Tree things that smell nice that they put in cars, to put in his shoes, so that when we get home his feet smell like vanilla or something haha.. powder doesn`t help much for them. 

that`s true she told me that, I`ll see if we can right later int he day so that we can talk.. but i cant remember what time this internet place closes.. if they close early we`ll be jacked either way to be honest haha.a 

Either way, I`m super happy, our love isn`t shown by digital emails sent through a computer, but in the knowledge that we`re part of the family of Christ sealed together for time and eternity. There are always things to do in life, always, and sometimes we get our communication, but that doesn`t mean our love isn`t the same. I know that you both love me, and you both know that I love you too. Even though we can`t right today, I know that you still love me haha, It`s all good=) I`m happy to be honest. I love what I`m doing, I love where I am, I love the people. I have no reason to be sad, no reason to have regrets, and no reason to be worried. All is well, All is well. =) 

Dad: bummer but we'll try to make it all work. I'm looking forward to learning of your interest in soccer by the way. Not sure I'm going to go full bore in watching it but Its worth looking into. I see you are coming home on the 4th, wow time went fast. Thanks for sending those, Mom was looking for them and they didn't come to us. Keep working on the investigators you never know when a principle will make it all snap into place. We have a member here who is trying really hard to live the law of Chastity but he moved his girlfriend in with him. Bishops calls it a huge sword hanging over his head. He's been doing good for a bit now but like all temptations it can't be avoided forever if you surround yourself with it.
I have no idea what this is - but it looks like hotdogs with guac  on a tortilla:)

Make sure you absolutely get something for yourself to remember you special time there. I don't think the car deodorizer will work on his shoes but maybe. I think the real problem is all the moisture in the air that makes the shoes themselves stink (along with the foot odor) and just FYI are you sure your shoes don't smell either?

Aaron: That`s true.. yup August 4th.. 11 more weeks. Crazy how fast time goes. 

La Liga lost.. again haha.. i`m thinking about changing my tico team.. but maybe not.. i`d change and then they`d win.. they made it to the end, beat their rival 5-1 (humilliating for the rival and everything) and then lost 3-1 to another team haha... the mormon team.. 

Bayern Munich lost to Atletica de Madrid 2-2 (atletica made a goal in Germany which counts for 2) 

Galaxy ( I have no idea because the states teams are kind of iffy either way) 
No mine smell too.. but not that bad.. haha.. i put the car tree in and it helps.. my foot comes out smelling like sweatty berries 

Dad: I'm rolling in laughter, that is so funny.

Aaron: I don't get this scored a goal in Germany and got 2 points (what?) I didn't even think that was possible.
Yeah, like apparently if you score a goal in the other teams field, like in their home turf, it counts for two, (but for ties) 

Dad: I'm going to have to look that up. I don't know that rule (then again I don't know all the rules for Soccer either) I had to look up and research a lot of the coaching stuff I used when I was doing that. I didn't remember a lot of the drills I used to do. There is a big difference between playing and coaching (learned that the hard way)

Dad: what fun things are you guys going to do today? soccer / sightseeing / basketball? etc.
Mom is home!

Aaron: I`ve learned super fast too be honest.. if i dedicated time at home to practice, I could pick up the stuff pretty fast with muscle memory. 

Mom: I'm here Aaron!! How has your week been??

Aaron: Hey mom, pretty good!!! how`ve you been 

Mom: I'm good! super stressed out but good!!  Did you write your general email already and I missed it?? I'm trying to read through what you have written here -  NEXT WEEK - I have to take people to Seattle - so we will leave here like 9ish our time (so 10 yours) and probably wont be home until 2 our time or so. So that's like 3 your time :/ Not sure how that will work for you time wise. Are you doing anything fun today??

Aaron: im writing it now haha to finish up. Today we`re going to go shop, buy food, buy a new cologne Hugo Boss I hope, i feel like they smell different once they mix it with alcohol.. so i`m going to try one, even if i don't like it at first and see if i like it after with alcohol lololol.. risky hehe? cuz the last one i bought wasn`t hugo boss but i liked it, then when they mixed it i couldn't stand it. today no i don`t think so, next week maybe,  we`ll see 

Mom: Lisa Henry just messaged me and said that Spencer is comps with Elder Colindres (spelling??) - that was your kid right?? He says he's a good worker and they are getting along great!

Aaron: yeh they`re comps haha.. No, hès not my kid.. but i get along supr well with him. 

Mom: Alcohol man haha!! That's why it's so cheap :P  Does it burn when you put it on?? haha!  I have a new bottle of it here for you when you get home - it's ready for you :)  Probably doesn't smell like you remember since you've gotten accustomed to the cheap stuff :P

Aaron: i`ll try and write at 3 next monday.  but it`s a mix, we buy the best they sell which is 50-50, 50 percent essence 50 percent alcohol, it lasts all day. but i think when they mix it changes the smell of the essence a bit 

Mom: what was your kids name then?? I don't know why I thought that was your kids name :??
3:00 your time or mine?? I will try my darnedest to be home then by 2 if it's your time - let me know 
I'm sorry you had to send me your flight info and that it made you sad :(  I know you've grown to love Costa Rica and the people there - and that you love being a missionary - I'm so happy for that!! Truly I am!!  It's now home to you - I understand :)

Aaron: my kids name is Contreras. 
my time or your time idk.. i`ll see haha. i have to convince my comp. he said that`s okay. so yeh unles something comes up
Gotta go mom1 I love you=) it was nice to talk a bit, have a good week, dont stress hehe=) 

Mom: ok - love you Aaron!! Have a great week!!

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