Monday, November 30, 2015

Jesus is The Christ‏

Hey, just wanted to write a little general message, this week went really well, we had a baptism!! I´m reading right now in second Nefi, and the part I read this week was when the Anti-Nefi-Lehis had their change, where they came unto Christ and repented. I read the part where they made the covenant with Christ that they would not take up their weapons of war anymore, but that they would rather die, then sin to such an extent again. Then their brethren began to make preparations of war against them, and game against them. As I read the part where it says that they went out to meet their brethren, that they kneeled down onto the ground and began to pray, and let their brethren kill them it really hit me hard. I truly can state now, that I know that the Book of Mormon is true, I have no doubt in my mind and I will never doubt. That such people were willing to die for the witness they had received that Christ lives is so astounding to me, to be able to read these beautiful words of truth, and of testimony of Christ, touches my heart. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy time together as a family, and live and show your faith. Jesus Christ lives, the Book of Mormon is true. Have a happy holiday season! 

Elder Lohberg

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas in 70 degree weather

This week went well, we were preparing a young man to be baptized, and h`seems good to be able to be baptized this next Saturday! So we`re pretty excited. And I did tons of divisions and was able to learn from other missionaries. Just seeing the way in which other missionaries are teaching, and knowing that there are 90000 more missionaries just like how I teach and my friends teach, teaching in all the countries of the world is just astounding to me. I know that this is true, I have no doubt. I have received from our Heavenly Father through his Holy Ghost that this is his true church, living the true doctrine of him. I hope to be more like Christ every day, for the rest of my life, and always strive to listen to the Holy Ghost. Thanks for your support and have a good week!

Love, Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hey mom

Mom: HEY!! We are here!!Been hanging on in the room just in case we could meet up!! How has your week been? You're emailing later today - so what have you been up to this morning? Didn't you tell me you had to get Costa Rica citizenship? so do you now have "dual citizenship"? Do you have to renew it or is it permanent?

Aaron: It didn't tell me you responded, It was a good week.. not too good of results.. really tiring.. Did my last divisions with Elder Parker.. this week he goes home =(. This morning.. not much.. exercises.. put the numbers in.. went and talked to people in the office and now we`re here. I have a cedula.. but i think it only lasts a year.. and i`ll have to renew it and then get a second one.. but I think they take it away when I finish not sure. Technically I`m a resident.. because in Volcano Irazu it costs 15 bucks each person to enter if you`re not a tico, and 2 bucks if you`re tico.

Mom:  interesting - so when do you have to renew then? or did you just do that $15 american or Colone or Mil? Can you use american dollars there or do you have to exchange $$ Sorry lost internet connection for a moment :/oh - I sent you the package with the memory card - not sure how long it will take to get there - I mailed it off Tuesday last week - so maybe next week it should be there? I hope anyways. I heard that you guys were having a Christmas mission thing on the 14th is that right? will everyone in the mission come out to that? AND - I saw there were more missionaries that came out this week - so it looks like you get new missionaries then at different times? not just at one transfer time frame? So do missionaries exit the mission the same way then? at different times? not just at the one transfer time?

Aaron: 15 dollars american. Yeah you can use american almost everywhere I think. the 21st in the mission thing. I don't know they changed cambios. the Latinos got here last Friday, the gringos come this week and changes are next Wednesday. So, not sure what`s happening, so this change was a week longer and next change ends 31st of December i think. Parker leaves the 3rd, Elder Miller leaves the 1st of January.. so they cut the changes I think or Idk. Everyone in the mission on the Christmas party of 21st.

Mom: so the 2nd of December is changes then? so they moved it a bit - and then miller goes home in January so they are all over the place then for it. well that is weird and makes it difficult when there isn't a "set schedule" for transfer days. hmmm. We have time - but just wondered.

Aaron: I`m on a broken computer.. Can`t send a mail to everyone it`s not letting me easily.. so I`ll send it to you and you send it to everyone? =D Ima go, Its cuz I forgot my watch today and the clock on this computer is broken. I think we`re about up on time though. We might go by some food in Cosco, like a pizza or something.. then go grab my comps package in San Jose that he got, then head back to study.

Mom: I will send that general email out to everyone - no worries. Exciting for the baptism you have coming up - I know you are doing your best - just hang in there and trust in the Lord to help further HIS work - He will help you do accomplish it Aaron!! ok Aaron - we love you!! Try to have a better week than last week - LOVE you !! Good luck with the baptism!! We will pray for it to go through and for you :)

Aaron: Thanks mom! Have a good week! Love you and Dad, and everyone, the girls and Spencer!

Mom: We love you too!!! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Volcano Irazú Me Extraña‏

Hey, this week went super well, we had some really good lessons with a lot of investigators who are progressing, we`re working towards having a baptism next week as well. Really we`ve just been having a steady pace of results slightly improving each week. But today, for a P-day activity we were able to go see some of the beautiful places in Costa Rica, the highlight I think of the trip would be the first place we saw which was Volcano Irazù, it`s next to Turrialba, the one that`s been letting off some steam! It was kind of raining going up the mountains, but once we passed through the clouds we got out of the rain. We were trying to see into the crater at the top but the cluds were making it hard, but then for like 5 minutes the zone broke through and we got some really good photos! The whole time I kept thinking to myself the scripture in the Book of Mormon where it says that ´All things testify that there is a God´ 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hey mom, Our investigators are doing okay, we didn't have a ton of investigators in church just 3.. but we`re seeing some progression and it seems like one of our investigators will get baptized next week i believe, just need to get some permission, hopefully his parents don't have a problem. Then today we went and saw errything, i took like 130 photos.. but it says it`s gunna take 7 hours to upload the photos :( soo.. not sure how we`ll do that lol.. maybe some members can put it on for me when I'm not there.

Mom: HEY!! So how was your trip then? what all did you see? Was it cool?? Tell me about your week!!

Aaron: It was pretty good, we went and saw a volcano and one of the first buildings built in Costa Rica, which was just like the front wall of it now, the doorway, and then we saw also a lake, a dam, lots of mountains and beautiful pictures, and in the volcano i took pictures looking into the crater, because it was cloudy and rainy but i got some decent ones when it was raining.

Mom: that sounds pretty cool!! I can see a few pictures that you've uploaded - the countryside is so beautiful.  How far away was this place from where you are at?  What volcano did you see?  I was looking on a map of your area to see what you might have gone to see - but wasn't sure.

Aaron: It`s the volcano irazú, its in cartago, it took like 130 to get there, the photos u see was from when we were going up the mountain side. We got there and the crater was fogged over, because we were up literally in the clouds, so then it started to rain and the fog and clouds cleared back a little, and a little bit of sun came up so you can see the crater, you`ll see it later in the photos. P.S you`re going to have to photo shop my tongue out of a lot of the photos hahahahaaha oops.

Mom: oh and did they drive you or did you take a bus? AARON!! You and your tongue!! haha  

Aaron: Yeah an investigator, and a recent convert drove us, payed for us to get in, bought us a shirt, mailing cards and a hot chocolate and then later bought us lunch (expensive lunch)... super good man, i tried to pay him a little after but he refused and said that we`re like family to them and that it would always be free. Such a good man. He`s a doctor. okays! I think i just about gotta go, but it was good to be able to talk to you a bit, i have like 118 more photos to put on.. let me see if another member can put them on for me:) if so, you`ll see em in a bit. 

Mom: That is super nice of him! Really nice of him to do that!  What a blessing for you to see something cool!!
Ok - Sad it's a fast chat but glad we got to chat even for a little bit!! So happy that you were able to go see something cool today - tell this member thank you for me as well! What a blessing it is to have people so generous and kind to take care of you for me!! 
I'm so proud of you Aaron!! So very thankful for the great things happening in your life!! I know you are on the Lords errand and doing a great work for Him and that you are a blessing unto MANY - you probably don't even know how many or ever will in this lifetime even - that you have had an impact on.  Will look forward to more photos soon and chatting more with you next week!! LOVE YOU!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

This week‏

Heeeyyy. Well.. this week went really well, we had a ton of meetings haha, meeting with a stake president, leadership meeting, a little bit of everything. But it went well, I learned a lot and we get pizza from pricesmart.. (cosco) super good. Our area´s been progressing really well, we´ve finally got to the goal of 20 progressing investigators and they´ve been attending church and really like it, so we´re going to go for 25=). A lot of them have been reading their scriptures and praying for their baptismal dates that we´ve put. One man, had had problems with alcohol and cigarettes his whole life, he went to church with us 2 weeks ago and got there early and just started praying asking for help, he told us and explained to us what he felt (the Spirit) and now has almost 3 weeks without having drunk or smoked, and he´s looking forward to his baptismal date the 19th of December. Almost a Christmas baptism=). Maybe I´ll ask him if he wants to be baptized on Christmas day. He´s super great. I love being able to work in this area and meet so many good people, who want to be like their Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He came to earth, many years ago, that He died for me, and you each one of you, and I know that He was resurrected, that He lives. I have no doubt. He showed us the path to follow out of love. Oh how I wish to follow it. I hope all of you have a good week and I wish you a happy holidays! 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hey! maybe a memory card for the camera?? this one is almost full but i dont want to delete stuffz just in case! I still have some chex mix =) i was saving it haha. and zone bars i have a bag still i think! I saw tylers photos.. kind of jealous.. Mexico looks so beautiful and cool 

Mom: Hey handsome!! I'm here :) Tell me about your week! haha well you have to remember that he is in Mexico City - where he is going may not look like what you are seeing there ;)  But I'm glad that he is doing well.  What size card do you have in the camera? do you know? is it a 16 or a 32?  If you think of anything else let me know.  Any thoughts of a treat I could pop in with it for your comp?

Aaron: Pues.. It was pretty good!  we got 20 progressings and have plans to go next week on Monday with a family of investigators and a recent convert to go see some old ruins and a volcano next Monday.. i will take photos! And then we had a meeting with the stake president as zone leaders.. didn't go very well because the zones kind of bad.. and then we had leadership meeting which went well, saw lots of cool missionaries. Crazy to think the change is almost already over. Also they gave us pizza in leadership, ush. But yeah.. crazy. 
but tomorrow i will SEE SOME COOL PLACES I THINK and take photos!

Mom: ok well I have another 8 gig one here I will send that - I thought that camera had a larger card in it than just 8 gig but guess not :/
That's pretty cool about 20 investigators!  You are doing great!  How many came to church yesterday?  That will be fun to go to see the volcano next Monday - do you think you will then be emailing at a different time then?  Where are you going tomorrow?
Did you learn anything interesting at leadership meeting?  Anything that is a "take away" that will help you in your ward/area?  Ya - transfers are in like 2 weeks or so?  I think it is right before Thanksgiving!  I'm sure you will stay in your area - and your comp will as well this next transfer don't you think?

Aaron: We´re working on trying to get some baptisms maybe for the last week of this month, but it´s kind of mas o menos right now, they´re not set and solid.  8 gig 
No sorry next Monday i ment

Mom: oh! I was wondering why you were going tomorrow! haha!  I'm excited to see the pictures and it hasn't even happened yet! haha!  I want you to work hard BUT I want you to also be able to experience the beauty of Costa Rica as well while you are there.  I sure hope that you will get a chance to serve in an area that you will get to see that before you leave :/

Aaron : Only 2.. we had to go to stake conference so it was a bus ride and lots of them were actually pretty sick. But we´ve been bringing like 5-6 normally. I don't know if we´ll email or at what time.. we were trying to figure that out.. the dad of the fam said we´d get back like at 4ish.. 330.. but studies start at 4-6 and if we leave early we cant study or write in the morning either.. we´ll see.. because there´s no internet in our area.. it´s like an hour away.. so it´ll be hard.. we´ll see... but if i don't write.. that´d be why.. 
I think he´ll stay too. 

Mom: ok that is good to know - so I wont panic if I don't hear from you - I will know you are experiencing something fun and cool :)

Aaron:  But.. ima try.. i have to see what time we´ll leave to be able to know how to do it.. we´ll sees.

Mom: we will be leaving the 21st for Utah - so I will be on for sure that following Monday - but the Monday after (the 30th) we will be traveling home - I will use my phone as a hotspot and will be on my ipad so we can connect - but just giving you a heads up if there are delays at all in emailing that day :/
so - you'll be there for Christmas then for sure as I think then the following transfer will be in January.  So will you be skyping from the Bishops place or where this year?  And will you skype on your birthday or actual Christmas? any thoughts on that yet?  Keep us posted!! Super excited for that!!

Aaron: Not sure.. kind of depends.. there are lots of members here who have a computer, so we´ll see! if our cook hasn´t moved houses yet probably with her.. but they´re coming to see the house today so we´ll see =( 

Mom: I saw that Elder Willis was able to return to the mission field - that took forever for him to recover.  I was thinking he might be in a threesome for a bit until transfers happen - any idea what area he is in?
I've seen a bunch of photos on facebook of Elder Toledo lately - his comp is Elder Moss and his family posts his weekly emails on a blog that i follow.  Also found a few photos of your with Elder Escarsega that I hadn't seen from his facebook page - I'm guessing his mom keeps that up - but I download those so I have them as well :)
oh - so do you think an 8 gig card will be large enough then to take you to the end of your mission?  or should I get something larger than that?

Aaron: yeah 8 gig should work i bet!  depending on how many activities i do but i think it´ll work=) What happened to Elder Willis? He´s with two zone leaders so i saw him but i didnt know he had gone home

Mom: He blew out his knee playing soccer on his mission and had to come home for surgery - that was more than 5 months ago - he just finally was able to return to the mission field.
so - just to check - have you gone through your stuff to make sure that you don't have another card with you?  I thought when I mailed that box to you at the MTC with the camera in it that it had a card in it and I sent you another card as well - but I could TOTALLY be wrong about that - that is just what I was thinking anyways.

Aaron: No, i sent you back the old camera with the 2 gig card it had. and i took the 8 gig one. I put on all the photos i could before the camera died. 

Mom:  ok - I guess I just thought dad had bought a larger card is all.  I have another 8 gig card here so that's not an issue.
hows your belt holding up?  still ok? Have enough ties? or should I send a new one? Would you like a sweater or any other clothing?  any other thoughts of things you might like?

Aaron: It´s good still .. ties yeah im good.. protecting my silk ones =P.. no i good.. sweater no because its never cold.. idk lol ima think! But hey funyans no lol.. i eat them way too fast and they take lots of space =P maybe.. like.. a cheap after shave.. i have kind of wanted one of those =P but i don't know how much it costs.. I have to be careful with the ravor because some of the metal teeth broke on it, so when you do the kneck or sideburns it can cut super easily but it works well. i cut my comps hair today and mine like 2 weeks ago

Mom: wait the razor I just sent you has broken teeth on it? Also - it's not meant to be used against the skin to shave a line (like to cut in - it's just for use with the guards or a comb) I use a finer razor when I trim your edges by the way.  That razor I sent you will for sure cut you neck if you try to use it to trim the edges.  BUT didn't you take your electric razor with you on your mission? or did you only take regular blades?  If you took your electric one - does it have a flip up trimmer you could use? OR does your eyebrow/nose hair trimmer have a cut blade on it? I was thinking it did.  If not - I could send you a fine blade trimmer to trim the edges with  - let me know
Don't forget your general email by the way :)

Aaron: yeah the trimmer works, my face trimmer doesn't have a flip up but my comps does, so i used that. No we good, we can cut them-. I will try not to forget

Mom: what can you tell me about your pictures you uploaded? There are some - I guess it's the outside of your apartment?  backyard?  neighbors yards?  What is up with that dog? Looks like he has broccoli pieces all over him haha where is that from?  

Aaron: Haha that´s the bishops dog.. he gets into like plants and they stick to her fur lol.. there was a rain storm so we decided to fill up our front steps and then open the door to flood the street lol, but it didn't flood the street. we got it up like 3 stairs. Then the bishops yard and stuff, 

Mom: that makes me sad that the teeth were broken :( I guess I didn't take a close enough look at it - cause I didn't notice that.  I just picked it up cheap at Ross (like $35) my clippers I use are MUCH more expensive - but sorry that I sent you something jacked!
Which yard his the bishops yard? the one with the trampoline?  Is that next to where you live or? Do you even have a yard where you live?

Aaron: Not all of them, just like 3.. but i think they broke in the shipping process, not sure. both of that is the bishops yard, all of that.. our house is in his yard. 

is your place the small white building? or?  I see the red door that has the water in the well - I thought that was your front door.  But I guess I'm confused - cause I see the yellow building and the window looks like the window you have in your apartment as well so - :/ confused 
Ima gunna watch meet the mormons again and see their house :) maybe that will help me - I think they show a scene in that of their place too!

Aaron: there, I don drew that picture.

Mom: thanks!! that actually helps a lot!! that's cool! I didn't realize before that your apartment was at his place.  So... the question is...are you learning any kickboxing? :)

Aaron: no.. they´re Always gone.. he has like 3 jobs and i imagine is super rich.... But i think we have keys to the gym.. but it would take like 30 minutes running to get there.. 30 back.. not really worth it on a normal day. I was learning Taekwando in my last place with a member.

Mom: so the black doors is the garage then?
What's the bishops dog's name?
Have you taken a picture with the bishop and his family yet?
that's too bad :(
How much more time do you have? seems like it could be getting close to being time to go :/

Aaron: no.. they put the red doors in for us. because missionaries need a door it´s a rule.. and so technically we leave and enter the lot from the backside. next to the garage. The dog is named Muffin, it´s a wheenerdog. No but ima try.... like 6 minutes i think.
Mom: well do your best.  Sounds like they haven't had very good missionaries in this zone for a long time - so hopefully you can help turn that around.  You are only one - but it starts with one :)  Be the difference in the zone.  Set the example and help others to strive to do better as well.
I am so very proud of you Aaron.  You are in our daily prayers.  We love you!!  I'm happy that you will get a chance to see something cool next week - first time in 14 months!  WOOHOO!! Will look forward to seeing your pictures from your experience - but most of all ENJOY it!!

Aaron: Thanks mom, I love you and dad so much, tell him I said that too haha. Have a good week and I´ma try my hardest to be able to write next week! Even for a little bit right! Love you! 

Mom: I always do!! He loves you too!! I understand if you can't but I will keep an eye on the computer next week just in case you can :) LOVE YOU!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hmm.. no titles...‏

Zona Los Yoses 
This week went really well, we managed to bring lots of people to church and back to church and so the ward got super animated as far as missionary work goes and then we also just found some really cool people! I´ve been trying to become more familiar with the Book of Mormon, especially after the zone meeting that we had with President Hayes, he really encouraged us to understand and know the Book of the Mormon, which isn´t easy but is really important. Not only just know the scripture verses we like but know about the history, learn the story. So i´ve really been focusing on doing that, on becoming more familiar with the story of the Book of Mormon and knowing what´s going on in what chapters. I promise you that the Book is true, I have no doubt, that the stories and teachings in the Book of Mormon can help us change our lives and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that the prophets and the people in the Book existed, that they saw our day, and wanted to help us learn of Christ. I have no doubt of these truths. 


Elder Lohberg

from emailing back and forth with Aaron - also answers to questions in our weekly email :)
zone conference meal
Aaron: Yeh hey mom! Ya i got the scripture cases but they´re mehh... at least they protect my scriptyas =)
okay. I do has photos.. im in the same place.. seems like we might write here on a normal bases, as far as at what time i think it will usually be around this time but we´ll see because my comp likes writing later in the day. I´ll prob put the photos i got up.. even though the comp is like virus full and weird.
We had 6 inv in church, we had a type of fish with salad and with beans in the meeting with president and that was parker and yes we were roleplaying!

Mom: HEY!! I'm here ;) did you feel the earthquakes on Saturday? and are you effected at all by the ash from the volcano eruption?  How far away is that from you now? - it's the same one that erupted a while ago where you had the ash up in Heredia

role playing
Aaron: Ya i felt it, it was long. it was the first one my comp had felt and my 3rd here we´re closer to it.. but i havent seen any ash? 

Mom: could you guys search out a different place to email from? - I'm ok with whatever time - just want to be sure I'm on or around when you will email - with the time change it's now 8:51 here so just trying to make sure I'm on :) So is Parker training then in your zone? he goes home in 3 weeks? or the transfer after? I watched the video of the ash eruption - it went like 1000 meters up in the air - pretty cool looking actually.  I subscribe to the Tico Times and saw it on there :) Kinda fun to read about what is going on in Costa Rica - you know me - freak to the end :)

Aaron's crazy small apartment
Aaron: Parker goes home in 3 weeks yah.. how crazy... my 2rd trainers leaving =( mmk! tuanis.. and how´s everything been out there? 

Mom: Was your comp standing in front of you or next to you in the photo you took of the zone? I thought I knew what he looked like but couldn't find him on the photo so I must not actually know what he looks like.  Is he shorter than you?
 it's been ok - nothing exciting really.  We took grandma Lohberg out to dinner for her birthday last week - was sort of interesting - she is 79 now.  
Today is our anniversary by the way - we've been married 25 years!  I met him 26 years ago - when I returned from my mission - man I'm old! where did the time go to?
Not much else is going on here.  Your dad gave a great talk last week in Church (not this past Sunday but the one prior).  Was REALLY a good talk.
It's been super windy here lately - rain is back as well.  Dad and I have been raking leaves over the past few weeks  - 2 of the trees have dropped them -  1 left to go - they drop just one tree at a time - it's super annoying but at the same time probably best as we can't get all the leaves into the bin from just one tree! TOO MANY LEAVES!!

Aaron: Nah, other side. I went with the tall kids.. ... he said this last week changed his hope for our area because the ward actually started saying hi to the investigators.. we brought 6 and 7 in-actives and 2 converts.. so it was pretty coolz =) we raised the attendance 15. The ward got pretty animated. 
HEYYY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (I never would have known that if you haven´t told me!!! Happy anniversary! What was his talk on? haha.. here the leaves don't really fall because they only have summer winter.

Mom: thank you! 
entry to his apartment flooded by all the rain
He could talk about any of the talks from conference that spoke to him - he chose Uchtdorfs opening talk - but he spoke about how its the simple truths of the gospel that spoke to him.  We had investigators at church that day and it was really just the perfect talk for them.  He was really inspired I felt to say what he did - he spoke about his conversion and his testimony and how he gained it on the simple truths of the gospel and how it has grown from there.  It was really good.
your chairs in your apartment are little primary chairs? looks like it anyways?
Who was getting a haircut? That isn't your comp - I see your comp though - he is not who I thought your comp was.  Your apartment is SO SMALL!!  CRAZY SMALL!! haha - that water too!! is that in front of your apartment?
you only downloaded like 5 or 6 pictures - 
Your time is probably almost over now :/
I'm so thankful to be able to chat with you each week on the computer Aaron!! Truly - it is the highlight of my week!! I just LOVE Monday's knowing that we will hear from you!!

Elder Parker getting a haircut 
I am so very proud of you son.  Proud of the man you have become!! You are an example of all that is good and I am thankful to have you in my life.  Thankful for the great change we have seen in you - in your testimony and in just you as a man.  You are a light ;)

Aaron:that was elder Parker,, i went with him last week lol that cut cost him like 15 bucks.. super expensive. Anyways It is small.. i´ll tell it about you later. Yeah we flooded the stair case.. i have a video but it´s too big to send right now.. I´ll explain more later gotta go mom I love you! Tell dad I love him too and have a good anniversary!!