Monday, March 28, 2016

This week we had a baptism!‏

Well, Holy Week went super well, we were able to have a baptism on Friday, which was super nice, even though we had to walk pretty far because there weren´t any buses that day! We had about 15 members there with us and 5 investigators who were able to enjoy a special day with 2 baptisms, one of ours and one from the sisters. We also helped a family move and we helped cleaned the high school where we meet on Sundays, lots of service! It´s been awesome, it´s a fact that when we lose ourselves in the service of others we find ourselves and we´re truly happy. I know that that´s true by experience. I invite each and every one of you to think of the Savior during this Easter Season and do something to show your love for Him. Lose yourself in service. 

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi mom 

Mom: Hola! I'm here :) How has your week been??

Aaron: It was good he got baptized, Friday night and confirmed Sunday, it went well. Some of our investigators are progressing really well and others have kind of been getting colder but we´re giving it all we got and when we take them to a general conference session it will ignite them again. Monday we went to a river with a member, with Randall, who lives below us. But we didn't go in obviously.. however it started to rain a ton so maybe it looks like we did lol. Tuesday we had district meeting, not sure why they didn't do zone meeting, it went well.. then Wednesday we just worked normal, Thursday weekly planning and worked normal, Friday we had our baptism.. it was kind of a lazy week to be honest because its Holy Week so everyone goes to the beach.. there aint nobdoy and Thursday and Friday there arent buses so we had to walk hours to get places. to top that, our baptism ended at 5:30, we got to near our house at 6.. no buses, so we couldn't go anywhere, the Costa Rica soccer team had a game at 6:00 so EVERYONE was watching the game and you basically cant do anything.. so from 6-8:30 we had basically nothing.. lol.. just visited some members, we taught Randalls family =P and then we bought pizza to celebrate the baptism and everything. Randal has a 3 year old daughter, they had been planning to buy her hamsters, but they don't sell hamsters in Turrialba.. we found them in Paraiso right by the bus stop after a district meeting so we bought them and the cage and everything lol.. and took em all the way on a 2 hour bus ride, Randal was laughing a ton when he saw we brought them but the whole family was super happy.. and then he gave us the money we payed. So I thought it was funny that I was on a bus with hamsters.. and actually for an hour I was standing up with them in one arm and 1 arm to stay on lol. I bought the bag from a member she made it for me like 2 months ago, for 10 bucks, it´s the colors of my soccer team, but it´s not very good when it rains and I need to wash it, so i´m not using it right now =) They remodeled 1 building and build a second one, the sacrament building. We didn't have changes.... next change hopefully. I still have a ton of photos I need to put on 

Mom: wow! I'm happy for JoseMaria that he was finally able to be baptized!
I knew there must be a story behind the hamster :p I didn't realize there were 2 in there?  No changes :( I know you are working ok with your comp - just also know you were hoping to train as well. 
Do you need me to move photos off of dropbox for room there? I haven't looked to see the space left - guess I can do that now and see if there is enough room.
Its interesting how they use these "religious holidays" to go to the beach :p like Christmas time - is the beach - now Easter is the beach :p haha Where did you end up having the baptism at?  Down at the other building that was an hour away?  Was there a good attendance at it? Did you take any pictures at it??
So no zone meeting - but a district meeting - how did that go?
What's happening with Marcos? Last I heard he was sort of backing away a little - is he one that you are inviting to watch conference in the hopes that he will regain interest?  Where will you watch that if the building is being remodeled?  Will you have to travel an hour+ to the other building?? Or will they be piping it in at the high school?

Aaron: Yeah there are 2 lol.. the sisters said we couldn't leave JUST 1 hamster in the store.. because they only had 2 and they were huddled together lol.. so we bought 2 and then I was freaking out because I thought they were different gendered and that they were going to breed super fast lololol.. but so far soo good... but they crap a ton. Yeah you can take the photos down if you want.. just in case. We baptized in a swimming pool, in Turrialba but a little far away. There were about 20 people. I took some photos yeah but i don't have my camera right now. Good district meeting, a little boring to be honest but good. Marcos has been working these Sundays.. but he told us he was interested in general conference, and more that it has priesthood session at night and he´s more of a afternoon night guy because he sleeps at 7 in the morning because of the job he had his whole life. in the same place in the high school they say. 

Mom: so I can see the Rawlings building on the map - and I think you are to the right across the street from it (just from what I have gathered from your picture you sent) - so where is the high school in relation to the Rawlings building?  I can see where the church building is at.  I also saw that there doesn't appear to be very many swimming pools in the area - at least not visible on the google map - who knows how up to date that thing is :p
What kind of things did you eat this week (besides pizza)?  Do you eat with members often?
So - Randall has a 3 year old? And I think you said he works as a teacher? What age group of so?  Does his wife work?  How long has he been a member? You said you are teaching some of his family - do they all live together below you or they just live in the area?

Aaron: We got a member to start cooking for us, and she´s AWESOME, she gave us chicken cordon blue 2 times, I don't know how she does it here but it was yummy, she´s a great cook! The members give us pretty often. He teaches all types of age groups i think, just teaches English. His wife sells ice cream.. but its kind of just to be occupied I think because she likes to work but right now she´s with Sara his daughter, but when Sara starts classes she´ll start working again Randall says. He has 5 year of being a member, she has been almost her whole life, her parents here were convert. He said he took like 2 years almost to get baptized... he has a cool conversion story, the people who take a long time to convert always are super cool lol. His parents live in the Suiza.. it´s kind of far away, he takes us some times to teach them but they´re not like super interested.. 

Mom: it's really cool that he does so much for you guys!  Is he on facebook?  I noticed that Elder Willis is teaching English classes now in the area he is serving in - Have you ever had to do that??
Did you take pictures at the baptism????? I know you didn't bring your camera - you said so already but just wondered.
Did Jessie & Spencer email you??
No new wildlife spottings? :p saw the parrot picture but didn't know if you've seen anything else?  The pictures you uploaded were beautiful by the way - I think I told you that I LOVE the panorama shot - where is that location?
Pretty cool that the members are taking care of you and that you now have a cook again :)  Have you heard anything more about Anna's family and how they are doing?
Don't forget to write your general email by the way :p

Yeah his facebook is RCM, he has whatsapp too. Yeah but English classes aren't super effective. I DID I TOOK PICTURES=)
NOPE JUST BIRDS. WHICH PANORAMA SHOT? THE ONE WITH THE TREES AND THE clouds and stuff? that was up in a place where the Gringos used to live where the sisters had their baptism in their pool. It´s called Recreo. I got some good panoramics on my photo. NO I NEED TO CALL THEM i keep forgetting to call people. I´m failing my talents.. gunna call them this week. Yeah they emailed me #baby. #uncle. 

Mom: ya pretty cool! You will be here for the baby blessing :) also pretty cool!! We will be making a TON of trips to Utah this year :p maybe one day we will move there IF you all settle that direction.  Who knows WHERE you will eventually settle.
Hmm I only saw ONE panoramic shot - but maybe you have more on the camera?? I posted it first on your blog - it's the top picture.  Are you able to access the blog? or no? Not sure what you are allowed to look at :)
I will see if I can spy him on facebook :p I have the whatsapp but haven't used it since Diego - although I wouldn't be opposed to it if Randal messaged me a random picture of you ;)
I just mailed a picture I took of the screen (had to mail it via my email from my phone - but answer here please) - so which building would be yours on there?? What color is it? 

Aaron: Oh yeah, that p├ínorama.. aha its recreo.  LOL which house is ours based on roof color lololollol... let me guess.. 

Mom: hahah - I'm thinking the red or brown one as they look taller and you would have to be able to see the Rawlings building AND the field behind from the back window :p

Aaron: the red one i think. Gotta go mom! I love you so much! have a good week =)

Mom: Love you Aaron!  Be safe!! have a GREAT week!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Time Goes By Too Fast‏

This week went well, we went to a river today, we have a ton of investigators who have been doing their part and have started to progress really well! The work here has been progressing! My mission is flying by.. not to be trunky or anything, but I just wanted to reflect over the time I´ve passed here. I´ve honestly learned more in these 2 years than I think I´ve learned in 18 years before I left my house. The mission really is a preparation for life. Each day I wake up more tired than the day before, but I say a prepare to have more energy and we go to work. I know that the Lord is helping me to give it ALL that I can. I know that He´s happy when we try our best, and I really hope that I, and you all, can give it your best each day. The gospel and the church is what matters most (including our families spiritual growth) and we should give it all we can each and every day of our lives to set and achieve our personal and family goals. I hope you have a good Holy Week? I´m not sure what it is in english.. Holy Week would be the translation but I´m not sure. Think about the Savior´s sacrifice and what YOU need to do to really apply it in your life. 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi, no baptism is Friday in the morning. haha.. postponed like 5 times.

Mom: gunna have to leave in like 30 or so minutes to take Jarom & Kara to the airport - but I will have dad drive so I can type to you :)
What did you do today?? You are emailing so late today - did you go do something fun??  Tell me about the waterfall - you never told me about that trip - how was that? Pictures??

Aaron: Just because we couldn´t find a place to do it. I´ll start putting on photos. Today we went to a river! =) didn't go in obviously, but it rained afterwards and we got soaked. so it was like the same effect. 

Mom: "but I say a prepare to have more energy and we go to work." Do you mean you say a prayer to have more energy??  Just making sure I understand what you are saying :)
that seems crazy to me that you can't find a place to do it - is that because the church is being worked on? where did the sisters have their baptism that they had?  

Yeah.. they did their baptisms with gringo members who had a pool.. the ones who are visiting.. but they moved.. and now they don't have a pool

Mom: jajaja I figured as much :p
Aaron: I´m putting photos on now.. i have like 45 i think until it gets to the waterfall.. the ones from today not sure if I can put them on today but I will try
Mom: that seems weird that there is NO place to do the baptism - what about a river or lake? or could you go to another area to do the baptism?  Where are you planning to do it this Friday at??
ok - no problem - tell me about the waterfall trip - how was that?

Aaron: They say that the rivers are dirty.. lakes not really.. but the rivers that are clean are a little far away apparently. The bishops trying to see if he can use a pool here if not we´re going to Paraiso, the next closest chapel. 
The waterfall trip was cool, I love feeling the mist of it hitting you, it´s up in the mountains too but not too far away. It was nice idk haha. The river trip too, Randal the member who rents his apartment to us, drove us there because he has this week off for Holy Week, so he jumped into the river and everything, but we just skipped rocks and stuff. And then we took tons of photos.
Mom: cool!! We have to leave now so I will type to you on my phone!!

Aaron: ok mom

Mom: Hey I'm back!! 
So tell me about your week and how things are going with your comp?
How far away then is that next building?? Have you been there??

Aaron: it´s been going okay, we doing good.. changes are next week. The next building is like an hour 15 from here in bus. Yeah i´ve gone. for district meetings 

Mom: So do you think you will have changes? Like your comp was already there so do you think he might transfer?

not sure the story here - but better not be a pet! haha
Aaron: No i don't think i´ll have changes, I kind of feel like I´ll finish my mission here, but who knows. 

Mom: Ya I was hopeful you would train a couple of times - once here and then another area but who knows 
Do you have interactions with president much?? When was your zone meeting?

Aaron: zone meeting should be tomorrow i think. I talk with him by message email each week not much other than that 

Mom: Where do you go for the zone meeting? Cartago? 

Aaron: yeh cartago. =) it´s like 2 hours from here. 

Mom: Holy cow that's a long bus ride - what time will you have to leave to go? And how much will it cost you??
Did you pick up your soccer shoes?

Aaron: Gotta go mom! I love you a lot, have a good week! I think we´ll have to leave like 10 o'clock or so. It starts at 1 the meeting. I got soccer shoes yah! I think the photos will be uploaded.. they´re kind of small but meh.  They wer 40 bucks :O And then the guy who has the soccer fields showed me some that fit me haha for 20 bucks he told me he´d give em and he bought them for 40, but I was like idk because I JUST FETCHING BOUGHT SHOES =P but we´ll see. 
Mom: Haha!! Have a great week  - be safe!! I hope your baptism goes through ;) LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Monday, March 14, 2016

I have no idea what to put here now..‏

Hey, this week went really well! We ended up having 6 people who arent members come to church and see how it is and all of them liked it! So we`re going to be teaching them more often now and helping them understand the doctrine of Christ! Then also we went on Monday to a waterfall in our area and it was super beautiful. Costa Rica has some places that are just crazy awesome. I love it here so much. Something I learned this week was when I was reading the Book of Mormon, I had one of those moments where I just felt happy reading it. And I felt that it was true. The Book of Mormon is one of the biggest and happiest messages we can share with the world because it proves that God keeps talking to His children, that He loves us all and it teaches us more of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Who wouldn`t want to read more of Him? I think that anyone who really loves the Savior would want to know everything about Him that they can.. at least thats how I feel now. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that God has restored His true gospel to the earth through prophets. I know that we have a living prophet, and I`m looking forward to listening to him and understanding the God`s will this general conference. Thanks for everything and have a good week! 


Elder Lohberg

La Foto! Conferencia de Estaca 6-3-2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

Pictures GALORE from the ruins in Guayabo :D

This is Randall, the member who lives near them and who took them to the park.