Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey everybody!‏

Another quick message! 
This week went super well, today we were actually able to see the movie ¨Meet the Mormons¨ we got there late so I was like 3/4ths of the movie. It was super good!!! I invite everyone here who hasn´t seen it to go watch it, because it was awesome! I testify to what the people said in the movie. It´s excellent to see people, normal people, showing the ways that they live the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ways that the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed them. I know this gospel is true, I know that what I´m doing here right now is changing the lives of other people but also preparing me to have a successful life, successful studies and a successful family. It´s hard to write in English now haha, Love you all so much!
Elder Lohberg 

**from typing back and forth:
Mom: So - tell me about what you are learning being a zone leader? What is it like doing the call ins each night?  Do you go on splits weekly with other missionaries? How do you decide what areas you need to go do splits with?  Are they "over night" trips? I don't know how close your zone area is.  
Tell me about the people you've been finding - anyone progressing?  Any news there? What did you do this week that you thought was really cool?  Like - anything - random even.  Are you and Elder Rivera getting along okay?  What's the last thing you both laughed about? Tell me about your apartment - what's it like? take some pictures of it! Inside and out!! - take a picture of what the view is out your window or something.  I'm living through you!! :)  
Aaron: how are you?  gunna answer your questions. It´s going pretty well, lots of work. I did divisions exchanges Friday and went to a city in Heredia, we have 1 area that is actually in the province of Heredia.. they need to change it it´s way far away so i went with an elder to his area there.. had a ton of success. tomorrow i have exchanges in Ipis and then Friday in Purral 2, the other elders in our ward and then next Tuesday in Tibas and then next Friday in Garabito, lots of exchanges! But yeah.. We went and saw the second half of Meet the Mormons today (We got in there late) it was pretty good, and on divisions I found a guy who got out of prison two weeks ago and he promised me he´d go to church and I saw the records and he went yesterday with his kid, so that´s awesome. We´re okay. Idk, we´ve been singing songs lately.. Our apartment is decent sized, forgot to take photos.. next week! Our investigators were working right now is D and J, they´re two friends, like 50 year olds.. they´re progressing pretty fast and went 2 times. Then we have a bunch of families. La familia L, C, and S are the most progressing. 

Mom: Tell me about your week?!

Aaron: hahaha. It was pretty good, had interviews with president. Learned lots of stuffs, I forgot until afterward that that was my last interview with him, but I got all my questions out so all good. Gotta go mom!! love you lots, and we´ll talk next week, but stay safe! love you. tell dad that too!

Monday, May 11, 2015


This week went pretty well, we´ll really starting to see lots of miracles here in Guadalupe, San Jose. Today we did some Taekwondo, pretty crazy stuff... #gunnabeaninja #taekwondokid. Our zone is doing okay right now for starting off the month, everyone is super excited and we´re working super hard to help God´s children find the path home! The other day I was on divisions with a member, a youth of 18 years old and we went to go look for new investigators, just talk with everyone. We ended up finding about 9 that evening but one of them really stood out to me, his name is Enrique. I was teaching him and we were building up to the first vision when he asked me ¨How can I know which of all the churchs is the true one?¨ and I was like, THAT is an EXCELLENT question! haha, we put a baptismal date with him and he said he was going to come to church, he had a crazy work opportunity that he took so he didn't come but we´ve already got him lined up for this next week and he promised us he would come! He´s super awesome, one of my favorite investigators here right now, I love them all but he was really just a miracle. We just need to help him get married and help him keep his commitments and he´s set! I love this gospel so much, there´s a line in Preach my Gospel that I like a lot that says ¨The miracles we see in the mission are spiritual evidence of the divinity of our call¨ or something like that, I really know that it´s true. I have seen it, I have lived it, I have felt the Spirit testify that it´s true. I promise you that this is Christ´s church, restored to the earth in these latter-days. Thank you for your support. I love each and every one of you.
                                                            Elder Aaron Lohberg

Best Mother's Day gift :D Skyping with 2 of my kiddos!! Missed having Jessie on there too!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey hey hey!‏

Don´t have a whole lot of time because we got stuck in San Jose central for 5 hours for my companions tooth. We´re doing good here in Toyopan (Guadalupe) San Jose, I´ve met a lot of really nice people and it´s a tiny bit cooler up here in the mountains!!! I really love being here and meeting a lot of really nice people, I want them all to get baptized!!! =D}
Love you guys, sorry that I didn't have more time!! 
Elder Lohberg, until next week!

quick back and forth with Aaron :)
breakfast with Elder Contreras
Aaron: MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM don't have a TON of time because we got super stuck in San Jose

because my comp had a dentist appointment, lost like 4 hours.
Mom: HEY!! We've been waiting by the computer all afternoon in hopes to catch you!! How has your day been? You're emailing late today!!

Aaron:  I don't have almost any time really.. not sure how much my comp and i will take. crudy. I have a question, I´m gunna start drinking raw eggs in the morning with orange juice to get big, because a ton of the Ticos here recommend it, anything stupid in doing that? I already did it once, with 1 egg, and I didn't get sick, so it should be okay = ) Can you do a super fast google search to see if they give more protein raw than cooked=) or if it helps you build muscle faster raw? =D
old apartment before transfers
Mom: ok - so most importantly - TELL ME ABOUT SUNDAY - what time should we be by the computer to skype with you? AND well - raw eggs can be dangerous cause you can get salmonella from them - and you are in a foreign country too so - be careful doing that!

Aaron: what time is church for u guys? is it in the morning or afternoon, my comp wants to do it at 2:00, to talk to his girlfriend and fam. I put on 41 photos right now.  Well, it´s still going.. super slow. 
Mom: ok - we have church from 9-noon - but you are only an hour off of us - so would you be before or after him? 

scriptures :)

Aaron: Both at 2 o clock, we have a family history center here! with cameras. So, at 1 for you guys then? 2 my time, 1 your time? Okay, can you put photos from home on there two, and i´ll download them here! =D
Mom: yes I can do that! - so 2:00 Sunday - your time (1:00) my time wow! I"m excited to go view them!! Do you have time to tell me anything about your new area - your zone - your comp - your ward - your gators?
k - what I'm reading - it doesn't really say that either is better - raw means you risk salmonella - it does say to eat them in 3's - so 3 at at time so that you get enough protein each time you intake them.  I will look into this more for you though

Aaron: My area has a ton of Hills, super tough, one of them is called Heart-attack hill, because 2 people went up it once and had heart-attacks and 1 died. It´s rough. It´s up in the mountains, it was raining last week but right now it´s okay.. if we take buses to go to a higher up place or down to the city it´s expensive. We have a stake center and there are 3 companionship's in our ward, we had almost NO-ONE when I came here, We found 26 new investigators this week, I went crazy.. so that we can have SOMETHING.
I think we´ll baptize this month, but it won't be
easy. The assistants call us a lot, and want baptisms... they tried to raise our goal to 20 when I´m not sure if we´ll even hit 16, Toyopan has only hit 16 once, 3 months ago. President is disappointed that the mission still doesn´t baptize the first weeks of the month that we have to hope and fight for baptisms during the week.. it´s cool beans 
OKay, like it was kind of hard to just drink 1, but not that bad. I might just do it.. I´m sick of people saying I'm skinny lol, but I don't want to be giant either, don't worry. Hey, I shaved my armpits and stuff, it´s pretty cool.. Now I dont sweat! =D
Mom: are you really that skinny? I was thinking about ED getting "fat" - and wondered if you had gained any - do you think you've lost? or stayed the same?

Aaron: I gained a lot at first, then lost it all, right now I'm about normal, haven't weighed myself but i know.. our new cook feeds us more and its super good, i might get fat again.
yes, she isn't a member, her sons a missionary, only member in their fam, we call them Ma and Pa, they cook and laundry minus garments, we do those, it´s good food, they treat us really well. and the lunch we get each day and dinner sometimes
Aaron with Elder Rivera
Aaron: Almost gots to go mom, I don't know when my comp will say ALRIGHT lets go.. so just want to say that I love you guys! Look forward to skyping you all next week! 
Mom: WE LOVE YOU TOO!! Super excited to skype with you!! Can't even begin to tell you!!
Aaron: I'ma snap a quick photo of my comp, or with him to send you guys too
**don't know the name of this family yet

**don't know the name of this family yet

Heredia building
Outside his old apartment