Monday, April 25, 2016

I feel like I`ve used every subject title that exists in these last 20 months.‏

This week went well, it was the first week in the church building! Lots of members, investigators, and less actives showed up! Everyone was amazed at how nice the church building is so it was really cool. Today we`re going to go use the church soccer court for the first time! Ush, made history.

Then Marcos is going to get baptized this Saturday at 6:00, he`s super excited and has been 100% receptive from the start, always super excited to learn the gospel and keep the commandments and his commitments. Honestly, he was and is a sweet and tender mercy of the Lord. I know that this is God`s work, I`ve seen way too many miracles to ever doubt that, but my sure belief comes from having read the Book of Mormon, and with a humble heart prayed and asked God if it was true. I know that it is. I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon and always to kneel down and ask God if it is true, strengthen your testimony each day. 

Elder Lohberg 

Aaron: This week was good, we went to the church building! 160 attendance, 7 investigators us and 7 the sisters (14) and 25 less actives in total. It was cool, then Marcos will be baptized on Saturday, May 7th at 1:00 in the morning he leaves for the states, Rosaura still wants to be baptized the 7th but we might postpone it for the 21st.. because we need a baptism for the wards open house.. so we`ll see.. i feel bad moving baptisms for that but the sisters promised a White night, so we need to have a baptism or more. Sisters.. 
It`s rained here lately but it`s also been SUPER hot. like SUPER HOT. CRAZY FETCHING HOT. I didn't even want to walk, we were in a proselyting area and I just stopped after a lection and stood under a roof overhang in the shade.. Crazy hot lol.. then we went out again. 

Mom: holy cow! That's crazy!! I should look and see the temps - probably it's the humidity that is the biggest factor as you have thick air from it! haha!
So - Marcos actually moved his baptism out then - as he was going to be this next Saturday right? I think that you should just have Rosaura get baptized and worry about finding someone else for the 21st - as why wait?? why make her wait if she is ready to be baptized?

Aaron: it is this next Saturday. the 30th. I don't think we`ll find someone else for the 21st too be honest =P 

Mom: where's your faith?? :p  
Why do you HAVE to have someone baptized that day again? like why specifically?

Aaron: the sisters told the ward that the Last day of activities for the week of the open house for the ward would be baptisms.. a white night, but the open house was postponed like 3 times so everyone we had has basically already been baptized.. so we`re like uhh.. not sure who has baptisms but the ward already announced a white night that Saturday evening 

Mom: then you need a ward fast! and then search out people :p 

Aaron: but they have to have 3 times in church to be baptized, there`s only 3 Sundays left, the 1st 8th and 15th haha.. so it`s kind of difficult on that one=P this week already began, but we`ll see wut happens.. rosaura also needs more lessons, we`ve only taught her lesson 1, and a little of lesson 3.. so this week would technically be her interview but we haven`t finished everything it would be teaching her SUPER fast. 

Mom: oh I see!  or is that someone else you are teaching?  Are you working with anyone else?? did you ever get back to teach that family "cina? or something like that?
What did you do this past week then? Like do you actually "tract" then?  I guess I never pictured you actually tracting - I was thinking that you just did street contacts 

Aaron:  We have her sister named Katia.. and we have a family the Family Rojas but they`re waiting on their divorce, they have like 7 months of going to church haha. Then we have Daylan.. but he`s been struggling to really commit himself to go to church and stuff. they all have times in church. 
We have another guy named Daniel, we found him in Marcos`s house. He`s awesome, yesterday was our first lesson with him, but he went to general conference (The Saturday afternoon session... where they read ALL 50000 names, so I don't think he took much out of it) but he`s awesome. So we`ll see how it goes. 

Mom: isn't there a lot of common law marriage there?like people just living together? - guess that's not JUST there :p  So - tell me about the Roja's and this divorce? Like they need a divorce to be baptized or so they can get married :p?

Aaron: yeah theres a ton. She needs to get divorced so that theycan get married so that they can get baptized.. apparently the lawyer said the divorce would take about 6 months.

Mom: holy cow! 6 months?? That's crazy!
Too bad.
well - just keep swimming :p haha!
So - Mother's day!! coming up!! Super excited!! Do you have any info on that yet?? Skyping from Randall's? or? do you know a time frame yet?  Do you have morning church or afternoon? Are there multiple wards that meet in that new building? how many wards are there in Turrialba? do other cities in the area use that building too?  Are they then rededicating that building? who will do that if so?

Aaron: I imagine we`ll skype with Randalls comp but IDk but the internet is kind of slow =P but maybe.. if not with our cook and her son. i haven't heard anything yet. morning church. 1 ward only. 1 ward nope, because the 2 closest cities are an hour and a half away haha. they`re going to dedicate it again may 1st apparently.
i don't know who

Mom: so they are dedicating the building May 1st but the "open house" is the 21st? interesting!
What's the building like? similar to the other buildings you've seen down there?  Do any of the buildings look just like here or are they different? I remember in Herridia the chapel had folding chairs and tile flooring - seemed like a multi purpose room
keep me posted on the skype thing then.  We have late church 1-4  (so I think you are an hour off us right now - so that would be us getting out 5 your time) I need to teach Sunday school but if we need to be home earlier we can figure that out - or something - just let us know the time - if I need to get a sub - I will do that too! :p

Aaron: yup. It`s nicer than the other buildings I`ve seen here, but the stake centers I`ve been in are obviously nicer haha. They`re all different and a lot of them her look the same. All the buildings have tile flooring, no carpet never. and here they have plastic chairs with a cushion,there`s no pews. 

Mom: interesting! probably easier to keep clean I would assume.
Changes are the week of Mother's day as well right? - would you know already when we Skype or do you find out in the evening normally the Sunday before changes?

Aaron: changes are may 9th hey what do you want me to buy you guys? It might be good to put money on the card, so i can take it out and start looking for things for everyone. Because only 14 more pdays the only thing that even comes to mind is sports shirts lol... 

Mom: haha - your counting p-days eh?? that's 101 days :p that's how we are counting haha.  We are excited for you that's all I'm going to say :p
you should just pick up something that is a good reminder of Costa Rica :)  don't think "tourist" think something that you see in Costa Rica that would be a representation of it.  Maybe ask Randall & Marian if there is something that is a good representation of Costa Rica to pick up?  
How much money do you want on your card? I think there is $130 or $160 on it right now. I moved most of your money into another account so it wouldn't be an easy target for fraud if your card got stolen there - but you've done fine thankfully. 

Aaron: hmm.. idk i`m thinking.. I cant think of anything ORIGINAL Costa Rica too be honest.. besides sports shirts lol.. like the Costa Rican teams and stuff.. but i will keep thinking about it.
Gotta go mom, I love you!! have a good day!!! Tell dad i love him too! 

Mom: ok Aaron! LOVE YOU!! have a great week!!! Happy for Marcos & the baptism Saturday!! 

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