Monday, February 29, 2016

Welll heyyyy!‏

This week went super well! We´ve had some very spiritual experiences with our investigators and they´ve been progressing a ton. But I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the articles from the Liahona of March, the article that talks about receiving more light. I love this article. It teaches the same principle that our President has taught us, that we need to keep becoming better, keep taking the next step in our conversion. The article talks about how we have to look for more and more light throughout our whole life. As we increase in light we´re coming closer to our loving Heavenly Father and He´ll keep giving us even more light. I know that this principle is true. We have to keep growing in light. I know our Heavenly Father loves us, more than anything else and He wants us to return to Him. 

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: No pictures because the dropbox is full. I was going to have a member put them all on on Saturday but it´s full so he couldn't. General mail fetch. I don't think i will work in the MTC but i´ll see what i can find quickly. With Kara wouldn´t be too bad but what would i be doing?

Mom: oh darn!! I will move the pictures on dropbox then to the folder I created for it - so there will be room there again - I might just message dad now and see if he has time to do that since he hasn't been very busy with work lately.
Actually Kara just said that you wouldn't work Saturday's at all - the max you could work would be 20 hours as a student but it's office work (if you got that job there) - so computer email type stuff / dealing with resident issues - stuff like that I think - it will depend on what is available when you get home  but it was a thought :)
ok Dad moved the dropbox photos off and put them into the folder on my computer - so there should be room now :)
hope you are doing well!!

Aaron:Right now I wont put the photos on.. don't have my camera because we gunna play soccer again. But when I get other house like at 5 or 530 i going to give me memory to the member so he put all dem photos on. 

Mom: ok sounds good - dad says he got it set up for you then.
So off to play soccer? Don't forget to send out a general email :)
What's new with you and how is the work going with your investigators???

Aaron: Marcos didn't go to church.. he slept all morning and we didn't go to get him because we had ward counsel. Josemaria was sick.. but we visited them both.. with members.. josemaria wants to be baptized still. 

Mom: love your general email - such a true principle!! We have to gather light every day :)
I'm so happy for you and the wonderful experiences you are having on your mission - I can hear the happiness as I read your words each week - you are finding joy in the work :)

Aaron: Why you no respond_

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