Monday, March 7, 2016

Heyyyyy. Hola. Pura Vida.‏

This week went pretty well! We took an investigator 2 hours in bus to a multi-stake general conference where we listened to Elder Anderson and other general authorities. It was pretty good! He should be baptized on Saturday. He walks 50 minutes each Sunday to go to church.. he shows more faith than I did before the mission, walking so long just to get to church! And he`s 57 years old. In the stake conference they talked about how we need to love the temple. And if we don`t love it yet we need to pray to find love and keep going until we find a love for it. That stood out to me, as I know it will have to be something I develope after the mission. I like going to temple, but not being able to go that often in the mission I think has made it harder for me to have a focus on the temple, and going there myself. That was a personal goal I put for myself, and I hope each and everyone of you has that goal as well. That you look at the temple as a place you love to go! That you put it above other unimportant things and make it a focus of your life. I know that just as Elder Anderson promised us, you will find greater happiness and peace in your life, and greater love for the Lord as you make temple service a part of your life. Love, Elder Lohberg
Aaron: Hey mom! sorry I was responding and reading everything! 
Mom: HEY!! How are you doing Aaron?? no worries - i just should have hung around :)
Aaron: I need to know what number the last photo i put on was=( can u check that? I forgot to check it on dropbox.. because i only put on like half the photos
Mom: P1040947 was the last photo do you want a picture of it as well?
Aaron: no i think the number is enough! =)
Send me Jarom`s email, to put him on the list.
Our week went decently. Josemaria should be baptized this Saturday, he passed his interview but we need to find a swimming pool to do it. Marcos.. we`re going to try and have a super spiritual lesson watching The Testaments with him this week and see what happens. I need to call Anna still, they gave me a tie for Christmas. we`re only 4 missionaries, 2 sets, 1 set sisters 1 set elders. We work everywhere we want, because President doesn't want us dividing wards now, just working wherever we find investigators. All of Turrialba and like an hour-hourhalf out of the city is the ward boundary. Cartago stake yeah, but the stake center is in Tres Rios right now, until they make it Cartago (they gotta make the building bigger there after they finish here) We go to ward counsel.. basically any meeting they invite us too.. but usually just ward counsel Sunday at 7:30. Our district is Elder Hatch, Elder Rosales, Hermana Madrid Hermana Pacay, Hermana Kugath Hermana Mazariegos y nosotros dos. My comp is Elder Martinez From Vera Cruz mexico he came 2 changes after me, leaves in October.. No monkeys, no sloth either.. but I`ve heard there are lots of sloths here. Soccer days no.. but last week we took like 2 photos.. and someone took a video of us singing in the baptism but he has to find and send the files.. i`ll try and ask him to do it. All the missionaries we sang.. but this member took it i think. You can just do a piece of paper with my head.. I don`t care that much.. not like I`m actually going to be there lol..
Mom:  wow thank you for answering ALL my questions :)
I wish you were going to be here for the wedding - sad that you can't be - but it's better for them to get married in the temple :)  
When do they expect the work to be completed on your building in your area?  
I had asked about the sloth and such since you sent so many pictures of trees I couldn't tell if there was something in them I was supposed to focus in on besides the beauty of the trees - like was there wildlife in them :)
Hopefully before you leave Costa Rica you will see a sloth or monkey!!  
I hope Josemaria is baptized then on Saturday - what time is your baptism?  What is your time there now? just wondering if you are an hour off or two from us?
when are you meeting with Marcos? we will pray for him to feel the spirit.
Aaron: RIGHT NOW woops right now it`s 12:09. Idk what time on saturday.. maybe like 6:00 in the night It should be done the end of MArch. Sorry I was cleaning out my USBS and deleting all the talks I had and stuff like that.
sooo.. wutz new?!
Mom: oh so you are 2 hours off of us right now - interesting - maybe it's spring forward that we are only an hour off of you then we will pray for you guys then for the spirit to be there when you are teaching :) 
Aaron: Seems like it, because here they dont have spring forward fall back. =)
I think today we`re going to go to a waterfall. So i`ll take some photos of that.
Mom: nothing much - Jessie has been sick - she called yesterday crying throwing up and said she just needed her mom - made me so sad not to be there with her :(  They were up at Spencer's parents place so I messaged Annette (Spencer's mom) and told her how Jess was sick hiding out in the bedroom - and asked her if she could help her.  Anyways - she got her some ginger ale and some medicine and saltine crackers - I'm so thankful she had someone there to help her.  She just called here now - she stayed home from work - she sounds a little better - I think her fever broke last night but she is still really weak from being so sick.  Poor kid.  Breaks my heart not to be there to help her.
Me personally - nothing new :p  I'm just doin' my best to get the wedding stuff done and fix our house up :)  Got our taxes done - got a small return back so that's nice :)
Excited to have Jarom & Kara come out for a visit (they come out in two weeks).
Kara has been getting these tonsil stones - they are like little hard rock looking things in her throat - you have to pop them out - but they cause bad breath, sore throat etc. They are really weird - but she gets a TON of them - and she feels sick all the time from them. So she is home today as well - and is going to the doctor again to figure that out - I told her not to let the doctor send her home - I said  "scream, yell, cry if you have to but don't leave until they have a solution for you" haha  so we shall see - she has been miserable though with them as they make her feel so sick
Dad is doing ok - they have him on a medicine which helps his heart racing issues - so he is stable - eventually he will have surgery to fix the valve - but for now we are doing medicine as our insurance just changed with the new job change.  He thinks the meds they have him on are causing him to gain weight - could be - it is one of the side effects.
That's about it for us.
Do you want to take a bike with you to BYU as well? I was thinking maybe that would be good too? or do you just want to use your car & walk?  And - are you ok with me painting your room or would you prefer I wait until you've come home?
COOL!  FINALLY you are seeing the beauty of Costa Rica!! How awesome!! who is taking you to do that?  Or are you just taking a bus or?
Maybe you will see some wildlife :)  Who all is going? just you and your comp or?
I think spring forward and fall back is a USA thing - although Arizona refuses to do it! haha - which maybe the rest of us should as well :p
Aaron: gross. Tonsil stones.. eew.. i was getting another ingrown toenail so
a sister here helped trim it.. but she cut it really rounded.. it doesn`t hurt anymore.. she was a nurse.. so maybe she`s a genious or something, we`ll have to see what happens. Then my other toenail is falling off.. the surgery one.. (DONT POST THIS ON THE BLOG LOL) (*haha mom note - sorry I posted this Aaron!) and so I was like wiggling the toenail today because it`s lifted up in the back and in the front but in the center it`s still stuck.. but no luck. So i just trimmed it all around. So in the center of my toe I have a nail like the size of half a penny lol.. a little circle of a nail. not sure when it`ll fall off. it`s not connected to a root or anything.
Randall the member who lives below us.. he`s been taking us places.. but now he`s working again.. he`s a teacher and summer break ended.. but some Americans who are on a 5 month vacation here are going to take us. us and the sisters and their family.
Mom: Here's what Wiki said about it: 
Daylight saving time in the United States is the practice of setting the clock forward by one hour during the warmer part of the year, so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. Most areas of the United States currently observe daylight saving time (DST), the exceptions being Arizona (except for the Navajo Nation, which does observe daylight saving time),[1] Hawaii,[2] and the overseas territories of American SamoaGuam, the Northern Mariana IslandsPuerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. So it is a USA thing - and Arizona is the only state on the mainland that doesn't observe it - interesting - wonder how they did that?
Aaron: hmm.. darn arizona... its like the new alaska
i think im going to buy some soccer shoes.. they`re like.. 40-60 bucks here. probably gunna buy the 40 buck ones.. nike and adidas are like 80-100
Mom: YUCKY!! does it hurt?  Can you see any new nail growing or is it just skin there right now?  I'm so sorry you had to deal with that :( that's awful!  So she rounded the nail when she cut it? interesting!! 
The tonsil stones are really yucky - she has shown them to me - it's basically an infection - the tonsil takes something and builds around it (like a pearl in a clam shell kind of - the pearl is from sand that is in the shell that then is calcified) - so a food particle or something gets lodged and then the tonsil builds a calcification around it - making this stone thing - which smells awful and makes bad breath odor and causes her food to taste yucky.  They don't know why some people get them and others don't but the only solution is to pop the stones out or to take antibiotics (which isn't a long term fix) or to take out the tonsils (which the doctors say they don't do any more - but which I think is the only solution she really has besides living with it)
is Randall the guy then that took you to that last place (the one with all the pictures you just sent?)
do you play enough to make it worth that?
Aaron: My camera memory has a trojan virus.. so it`s better that you have dad tell me what to do, I was going to send you a cool photo from the trip that i like.. but ask dad first.
Mom: well Hawaii is on there too - but it's an island - I just think it's weird that Arizona doesn't do it since it's right in the middle of other states which DO.  Weirdos 
 Aaron: its just a tiny bit sensitive.
Mom: ok let me ask Dad - he is on a call but I will ask him if he can answer me
ok so dad is on a call but he is going to google it and see if what to do - drop box is on the web - so we would scan it - but I'm not sure if it would get into the rest of your photos - let me google it right now as well and see if there is anything I can see hmmm I'm reading about it - give me one more minute - how much more time do you have on here?
so did you ever upload all the other memory card photos?or is your other card full still as well?  Just wondered if you could just swap out your card (which means I would have to wait to see your fun photos) but might be safest for today.  Is there a place there you could buy a new card?  I could put money into your account for that if so - would take me a long time to get a card down to you otherwise.
Dad is still on his call - so I can't ask him for more info
Aaron: i can buy a new card here yeah.. it`s like.. 15 bucks for 8 gigs. i think we can fix it.. I downloaded AVG on Randals comp and it can scan memory cards.. I will see if it can clean it off. but I`m going to send the photo, don't open it!
Aaron: like 5 minutes. I`m going to send the photo, but don't open the next email until you`re sure.. okay?
Put some money on if you want, I`m going to change my dollars to colones to buy shoes to play soccer! But yeah, it should go well.
Gotta go mom! I love you have a good week! We`ll talk next week, and tell dad I love him too!
Mom: Love you Aaron - have a great time!! Will be praying for Marcos and Josemaria as well!! talk to you next week!! and yes - go buy a new card so you can keep taking photos!!

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