Monday, February 15, 2016

Deja que el Espiritu te Enseñe‏

This week went super well. We had a very Spiritual experience with a family and with another investigator. The family is trying to save up money so that the wife and get divorced so that they can get married in order to be baptized haha.. and they were telling us it was going to be a while because they don´t have a lot of money. So we talked about faith and miracles and they decided we could put a baptismal date goal. To not take of way from the sacredness of the experience I will just say that through prayer they were able to put a date for their baptism. They both we´re super surprised and excited to progress more after their experience. Afterwards we went with another brother who´s 57 years old and he walked 50 minutes to go to church yesterday. We were very happy and we testified that he was doing what was right. We also kneeled down together, he put a date for his baptism. He said he enjoyed going to church. I know that the Lord is preparing His children to receive this gospel. A week ago we found a guy fixing guitars on the street. The same saturday we found him he excitedly agreed to play the guitar for us in a baptismal service where we were going to sing. He enjoyed his experience. The next day he went to church with us. He loved it. We had put a date for his baptism in the baptismal service and he said he felt good about it, and he prayed about it. And he´s progressing well. Even though we´ve only taught him once in his house. I know that the Lord is working miracles here. That he loves each and everyone of us so much. 


Elder Lohberg

Mom: saw your "answer" to last weeks question - so you must be around.  How was your week?  

Aaron: It was good! and yours??!?!?!!? We are in the smallest internet cafe ever, so we´ll see how this goes 

Mom: it was good!  We went to the temple - which i think was the highlight of the week.
Tell me about the volcano action - did it erupt any more during the week?  Have you felt any of the tremors?
What's happening in your area with the investigators? I know the week prior you guys had to call and cancel everyone for church because of the ballot voting - so did they come this week?

Aaron: no just the one day.. but nothing hits us here, the wind takes it to Heredia and San Jose more than anything. haven't felt tremors either. we took 2 to church this week. There´s 1 guy that´s just AWESOME named Marcos. we found him a week ago, took him to a baptism to play the guitar as we sung on Saturday and Sunday he went to church and liked it a lot. He was with a band called Pimienta Negra (black pepper) here in CR they went to the states and everything, he was with them for like 20 years, then he left, his wife left him, took one of his daughters, his other daughter got pregnant and everything.. so his life changed super fast but he´s just amazing. 
and the other guy is a man who's 57 years old, and walked 50 minutes, to go to church with us. He´s pretty good too, but he´s fighting alcohol, and he´s a little slow to teach. His name is Josemaria .

Mom: wow! walking 50 minutes to get to church? How did he like church? Did he have a good experience there?  Do you guys walk to church? how close is it? I know you said you meet in the high school.  I also heard there were sisters in your area - how many wards are there in Turrialba?  Do you cover the same areas? or how is it split up?
just a gentle reminder: don't forget your general email 

Aaron: yeah he only stayed one hour.. but we went in the night and we prayed with him and he said he wanted to change and be baptized so we´ll see. but he doesn't understand too much so we´ll see what happens just 1 ward. we all have the same area. 

Mom: so how many sets are there in Turrialba? just the 2 sets or is there a third?
That's cool about the fact that he walked the distance though - and people CAN change - the Spirit can help them have a change of heart so that's neat for you to be there and watch that potentially happen to these two individuals.
How's your foot doing? is it all healed up now?

Aaron: im gunna try and send them (**I think he is referring to pictures from last weeks trip) later with the member below us his comp. because it would be a lot easier. 
yeah elders and sisters yeah my foots better its still got some scabs. and i don't think the nails growing.. so i think it´ll fall off, he was stabbing at the nail bed but just in the corner,, not sure if that can kill it all or not but i think it´s going to fall off 

Mom: Tell me about the site you went to see last Monday?  What was that like? How long did it take to get there? did a member take you then?

Aaron: Randal the member below us took us, he´s super cool, it took like 40 minutes to get there, it´s like where there was an old Indian camp. they just had the base rocks where houses used to be, but they also had an aqueduct system that still works even today. 

Mom: that sounds kind of cool - was it pretty? Like what was the scenery like?
You never answered if you have gotten to see any thing - like sloths, monkeys etc anything yet?  Have you picked coconut and shucked it? or anything fun like that?

Aaron: yah there were some pretty parts, i took like 200 photos i think. no, haven't seen anything, but we saw some cool insects there. The other day I was jumping with a machete to cut a pipa, they´re like green coconuts, like before they ripe, and you drink the water inside of it. it´s super good. Only 1 was in reach, so i cut it, and it was fetching hard to cut out of the tree. And it filled like half a of 16 ounce glass. not too bad, there´s a ton more but way higher.. i´m considering climbing the tree with a rope or something and cutting them down =P 
but you can also buy them in the street stores for like 30 cents each.. lol

Mom: hahaha!  Well wheres the fun in that??  I asked just because I'd seen other missionaries post pictures where they had picked them and used the machete to cut into them etc - so wondered if you had as well. :)
200 photos! woohoo!! I'm excited to see some of these :)
Anything else happening there?

Aaron: not too much, a members going to buy me another shirt of the LIGA my soccer team.. they´re in 1st place again.. they´re always in first place and then they lose the championship. .but it´s my last championship so i hope they win haha=)

Mom: haha - hopefully! that would be cool! When I first read that I read "my last companionship" and I was like "what?" but then I re-read it and realized Championship! big difference :p
That would be cool if so!  You've collected quite a few shirts eh?!

Aaron: No, just 1 from the Liga that parker gave me, but it´s pretty used.. and he gave me one of Germany.. it´s decent and he signed it and i bought from of the LIGA for 4 bucks.. but it´s cheap, that´s it. THen they bought me a PURA VIDA shirt and a SUAVE UN TOQUE shirt. 
and the Costa Rica shirt

Mom: oh - I don't know why I thought you had collected more than that.  Did you get a Costa Rica shirt in the MTC? or did you get all of these there?  
Tell me about your zone meeting - that was last week? right? or was it the week prior?  what did you learn at that?

Aaron: No, i mean, yeah i bought a CR shirt in the MTC but i also have the COSTA RICA soccer team shirt for the whole country, =) The zone meeting was with Elder Ochoa, it was head chopping, and it seems like the missions going to go to just baptize baptize baptize, because of what this 70 said. But i´m going to try and just baptized converts. The truth is that during it i was kind of mad, but then i focused and idk.. i felt the spirit during it.. so it must be true.. so i´m trying to see how i apply it without doing it badly, it took me a bit to realize i was hardhearted.. fetching lamanite.. so i repented and we should baptize more.. or at least i hope to baptize more. but converts. 

Mom: I get it!  Truly!! And I think there is a happy medium - you strive for baptisms but the conversion is really what is most important - getting these people to become converted and to have them get to the temple :)
who all do you type back and forth with now on Mondays?  
OH - did you ever get your ecclesiastical interview done?

Aaron: i sent the request.. i will send a message to him right now later in the night.. the problem is today are changes.. so let me see what i can do. I will send him a message. or by internet. I talk to tons of people.. like 2 elders from the other mission, elder toledo sometimes.. valles whos here in Limon, elder morales.. elder carter.. i tried with parker but i need to look for his normal email. the mission one of his doesn't work anymore.. i write converts and cool members.. lots of people hahaha 

Mom: haha - did you read Tyler's letter home? haha - the pipe bursting and having to plug it with his finger? funny!
These apartments are OLD eh?  I had one apartment where the flooring was so thin - you could see the smoke from the people smoking in the apartment downstairs coming up through the floor boards.  It was crazy!  I was always worried the bathroom tub was going to fall through the floor into the apartment below! crazy mission apartments!
After all of this - there will be nothing as bad when you go off to school and have the crazy apartments there :p haha

Aaron: I gotta go mom! I love you! have a good week and tell dad i love him too!

Mom: ok Aaron! Have a great week! LOVE YOU!!

Aaron: our house here is decent.. apparently there´s lots of rat poop in the ceiling and their was a wasps nest too.. but the wasps here are like 4 times the size.. and water was coming in but our owner fixed up the water problem.. rat poop cant do much. but its a big house! i think i´ll end here, but not sure. Bye mom!!! 

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