Monday, February 22, 2016

No general email :(

No general email today but here is a little insight I gained in the few emails we were able to exchange:

Aaron: Hi mom! That`s cool. You can put me in Wyview, whatever you think is best just do it!!! A normal day.. we wake up, 6:30.. exercise, pushups and stuff like that ,then shower.. get ready and start studying and then after studying we cook something for lunch.. go out and preach and come back at 9:00-9:30

Mom: how has your week been?????  Been praying for your gators to feel the spirit and to be motivated to make changes in their lives to enter the waters of baptism :)

Aaron: We had 6 investigators in church, not too bad to be honest. I super happy for them, now it`s just a matter of making sure they recognize the Spirit. One of them truly is golden, and he`s awesome. named Marcos, he played guitar in a band for 30 years, the band went to the states on tours a lot he said. But he cant actually read music, he has to listen to it and then he can play it, he listens to a song like 3 times and then he plays it. it`s awesome. I want to learn guitar so bad, he`s been showing me some stuff. Did Jessie leave her guitar in the house?!?!?!

Mom: that's AWESOME!! Yes she did :)  Could get you a sweet deal on it I'm sure :)
That is great Aaron! I'm so happy for you to see this happening - we are praying for them - and hopefully they will all keep progressing - we also pray for Anna's family to be able to go to the temple - I sure hope that can happen!!

Aaron: What do you mean a sweet deal? I think the best deal I can get is realizing she`s already forgotten about it and stealing it. Sorry I was reading karas proposal story. Get me dat sweet deal! 

Mom: haha - well she hasn't forgotten about it - she wanted me to sell it for her - but I haven't as I know she couldn't get much for it :p so maybe the sweet deal is you do steal it - but I figured she might also be happy if you took them to dinner for it :)
Anyways - it's just sitting here so if you wanted to learn to play that would be awesome! plus takes less space than a drum set ;) haha! so would fit to take to school!! 

Aaron: I feel like I can learn really fast. I dont know why but I`ve gained a lot of self confidence in the mission, haha. In my capacity to learn-work. I`d take em out to dinner for it, how much was it originally?

Mom: probably $300 or so to be honest - I bought it and your drums and Kara's marimba that year - Kara's was the most - your drums were second (so we got the extra stuff for your drums to bring the cost up) jessie's was cheapest - so we got her the music lessons with Brother Ferguson (which she kind of got robbed cause she didn't do those very long) shhhhhhh don't tell so I don't have to pay her more for that.
BUT I probably couldn't get more than $50 or $60 for it to be honest - guitar resale isn't very high - it is a nice guitar though.
I guess registration isn't for a bit - Kara is dealing with all of that for you.
Does your exit date still line up for the 2nd of August? I was counting it out - Lisa said Spencer leaves June 21st - and 6 weeks from there would be the 2nd or do you think it will be the 4th?

Aaron: I get there the 4th. the 2nd in the change, 3rd i go to the temple and eat dinner with pres and then the 4th in the morning i bet is my plane flight. Gotta go mom, I love you! Have a good day, I might get on for a few minutes later on. 

Mom: ok that is good to know then - Lisa said she hasn't gotten flight info yet for Spencer - but that should be here by now (it normally is 4 months out) so I think we will find out for you the end of March - beginning of April at the latest I would think?
missions are amazing for the lessons they teach you - the personal growth that happens.  Do you still want to try to get a job at the MTC or do you want to just find a different job?  Kara said that MAYBE she could get you a job at her office (as you would report to her boss not her) but that wouldn't be very many hours and you would work saturdays EVERY saturday probably the MTC works around your school classes - but you need the president to give you an endorsement or recommendation for that I think?  Or you could do lawns with Spencer his last semester (get up at 2 in the morning to plow the snow and put ice melt down) , mow lawns etc  hard labor that is!

Mom: love you!  no pictures again :( 
have a wonderful week!! 
NO GENERAL either :( just remembered! boo!

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