Monday, February 8, 2016

Pues, this week was crazy‏

We worked super hard all week long and we super excited waiting on 9 people for church, but when church got canceled because they´re going to use the highschool for voting purposes..  so we had to cancel with the investigators hahaha. But next week. I´m certain that if this had passed earlier in my mission I would have been super stressed, but I felt a lot more peace, and I just thoughtm, this is God´s work, he knew this would happen and he will bless us to pass these problems and situations, we just have to keep trusting in him and work as hard as we can and as intelligently as we can and he´ll bless our investigators. I´ve defintely learned to tgrust more in our Heavenly Father throughout my time here, I know that He is watching over us, over all of His children and he wants to bless us. I love the blessings that come from becoming part of God´s people in Deuteronomy 28. I love from verse 1-15, because after that the cursings come haha. I know that those who are baptized in the church of Jesus Christ become part of Christ´s fold, and He watches over them and blesses them. 
Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: I'm here!! how are you?? Tell me how your foot is doing?

Aaron: its better  the internet is really slow just so u know

Mom: oh ok - that makes sense then - are you at an internet cafe?   What can you tell me?

Aaron: No, we find out transfers this Saturday.. but I'm not sure if we´ll have any. President told me so. We have about 12 investigators who are progressing, but this Saturday they canceled our church because they´re going to be doing voting here in Turrialba on Sunday and apparently when they´re doing a poll you can have other organizations in the same building at the same time.. so they canceled church. I had to cancel on nine of our investigators so that they wouldn't show up. I think today we are going to go see the ruins in guayabo, in just a little bit. My foots doing better, I played ball and it hurt a little bit but it didn't bleed or anything and right now it´s okay. So we´ll see. The volcano erupted like an hour ago a little bit so i have some pictures of that. The problem is that the internet is pretty slow right now so i don't know if i will be able to send it to you today. 

Mom: great letter Aaron - I will have to go look up those verses now :)
I'm glad you got to play soccer last week - was it with your zone? is the trip today a zone trip or a district trip? or ?

Aaron: it was just our companionship and the sisters and a ton of recent converts and members and investigators.
 I gotta go now mom.. because we going to go see the ruins and it´s a little far off.. m I didn't get your messages if you sent them, because of the internet i think. But I love you mom and hopefully we can talk more next week. Stay safe and dad too, keep going with exercise always =) I love you both so much.. Right now i got your messages lol.

Mom: I love you Aaron!  Have fun today! Hopefully the internet will cooperate next week :)

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