Monday, February 1, 2016


Wellllll, this week had some super cool highlights. We had a conference in the stake center of Heredia Saturday and Elder Quentin L. Cook came and visited us! Sadly, our zone made up the only missionaries in both missions to show up 5 minutes late haha. I new how to take the buses but our Zone Leaders wanted to rent a microbus and take it as a zone.. some elders and sisters showed up late and my comp needed to use the restroom so we missed out on shaking Elder Cook´s hand.. kind of sad. But it was cool nonetheless. Something that really stood out to me is when he talked to us about how we shouldn´t compare Spiritual experiences, that they´re very sacred and we need to treasure them up in our hearts, but then he continued, but      ´as a witness of our Savior Jesus Christ I... I know His voice and I know His face, I know that He lives.¨ In that moment everyone felt the Spirit extremely powerful in the room and then he left us with an amazing blessing and left. It was truly a very uplifting moment for everyone. And even though I didn´t get to shake his hand I felt the truth of his call as an Apostle. I honestly know that this is the only true church on the whole face of the earth, that has the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I came to know it by simply praying to my Heavenly Father and asking Him, if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true. And what I felt has changed my life. I invited all to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray and ask God if it´s true, in the name of Jesus Christ. Then, wait, take time to listen, so that he can talk to you as well. 
With all my love I know you´ll receive an answer,


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: I did it on the BYU thing and it said that it was going to message president so that he acts on it

Mom: HEY!! You're on!! OK - before we chat or anything - send out a general email since it's been a while since you've done that.  You should have 3 weeks worth of something to say :)  haha!  Looking forward to chatting for a few minutes with you this morning :)  hope your week has gone well!!

Aaron: Hey mom. I sent the general to dads old mail i think. wooppsss... changed it on the list. .but already sent the email ;@

(after reading his general email) Mom: all I can say is WOW!

Costa Rica San Jose East Mission
Aaron: It was cooooooooooool. And ya how are you all?!?!?!?!?! :D I worked this week and I think we´ll going to play soccer today.. but we´ll see how it goes.. i´m going to be careful. The week went meh.. not to great truly.. but we´re tryin.

Mom: I can only imagine how it would be to be in his presence while he said that to you!  I'm sure the Spirit just filled the room instantly as he spoke those words!  Too bad you guys had to be late - but at least you got to be in his presence and hear him speak to you.
Ya - be careful of your toe that you don't break the skin open again that was stitched - it's probably still healing.  
Maybe you will get to train next transfer? That would be cool!!

Mom: dad just left for a meeting in Sammamish with Richard and Jim - I think he will have to drive there once a month for that.  He said to tell you hi for him and that to say that he loves you!!  I feel spoiled that he has to work and I get to be the one to type with you each week - but blessed too at the same time!!
So how is your foot doing?

Aaron: Tis a bit better now 
could be but who knows
id like to

Mom: did Kara send you info for school registration? She said she kind of worked out a "plan" for you for the courses you need to complete.  Lisa Henry said she found that RM's should take Spanish 300 - so maybe that is the Spanish class to take (if you want to do that - maybe a minor? or a certificated class like what Spencer Horman is doing?)

Mom: So how long has he been out on a mission? Is he standing next to you in that mission photo? Who is next to Henry? Tullis isn't in East mission right? he is in West?  Was west at this mission conference thing on Saturday?
has the mission given you any new instruction about the mosquito virus then? I assume you have a ton of that stuff I sent with you still since you didn't really use it until now - guess - gauge how that is going and then dole it out to people in need or give it to the mission pres? thoughts?
did you get to take any pictures when you went to the conference? Did you see Elder Kirk or the other Horman relative?

Aaron: she did. kind of worried but i plan on taking my studies seriously now. yeah that´s fine. but sometimes I´m like nervous with my Spanish haha. no i only took a few pictures. but i´ll put em next week Tullis is in the other mission. IT was both missions in the conference.
I saw ANA!!! she looked really happy. HER last daughters going to get baptized this Saturday.. and her oldest daughter from another part of CR her son is going to be baptized and she will later on.. Super sick.. but apparently they haven't been paying their tithings to go to the temple for sealing :(
no haven't said anything. idk. We´ll see how it goes. Permethrin gets used super fast.
but yeah tell him i said i love him too.  i need to go mom but i love you sooo much

Mom: ok Aaron! I understand and I will!! I LOVE YOU!! Have fun today! careful of your foot - let it heal the rest of the way.  Do your best :) Until next week - take care!! HUGS!!

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