Monday, June 13, 2016

no general again :(

Aaron: Hey i don't understand, you bought a house? You walked into a house and said, this is the one! But then you said lot? I`m like what... is there a house or no? haha. That`s crazy, huge change of plans he? 

The areas going good.. WE had a baptism Saturday, and she got confirmed yesterday. The soccer player is set up for the 25th, and he could also MAYBE be accompanied by 1-5 more people, haha, we`re trying to see how they progress. We had 4 investigators in church, it was good! I talk to zach sometimes but i haven't asked him that. That`s cool with the schedule. I want to play soccer with my niece hehe!! not to excited about buying more gifts hehehe, i`ve always been bad for buying gifts. Okay yeah, send me the Other side of Heaven next Monday (Changes) I could have changes, we really never know. I don't think so but who knows. 

Mom: we bought a house :)  But it is going to be built - so we had to pick a lot and pay for that - so it's a new house basically and it will be built this year.  It's not what we had planned to do - we planned to just buy a house (already built) but buying a new home has advantages (like things don't have to be fixed, roof doesn't need replacing etc) but disadvantages are - the basement isn't finished and it takes time to build it.

Mom: That's AWESOME!! Was the baptism Saturday Josemaria's daughter??  Pretty cool about the other baptisms coming up too - hopefully those follow through :)  I'm so happy that you are enjoying these last few weeks as a missionary!!  
We are excited to move to Utah to be honest - to be closer to all of you guys - have a family dinner once in a while instead of once a year :p Will be great I think!!

Aaron: I`m not going to write a general mail today.. the comp is fetchin slower than slow. It`s going through a super slow phase right now and i don't have time to write. We`ve been killing rats in our house, I killed 3 already, the 4th one got away.. and we`ll see if we can kill more, who knows. Yeah jose marias daughter. I almost died on Saturday, we were trying to set a rat trap and Randall was with us, he felt something to go upstairs to our apartment, and we couldn't set it so i got mad, and he was trying and telling a joke while i drinking water, and i like laughed coughed drank or something,. and the water got stuck right in my throat it was a horrible painful feeling and I couldn`t breathe or swallow or anything and i felt like iwas dying it was a TERRIBLE feeling, to not be able to breath, and randall saw.. .my comp just stood their looking at me haha. so Randall came and started smacking my back and doing like the heimlich and everything, and i spit the rest of the water out.. passed the whole night with adrenaline in my body and shaking and stuff.. i actually thought i was going to die.. it was just horrible as a feeling. but the baptism was sick. we`ve been doing good, cant complain, cant complain. 

Mom: OH MY GOODNESS!! that is frightening!! I'm glad Randall could help you!!  
You never told me - are you wearing your permathrin regularly?? I hope so!! Start if not as the Zika virus is pretty serious and you can be a carrier of it - dont' want your future children harmed :p
I understand about the general email - I may try to put some snippets from our little bit of chatting going back and forth together and send that - will see 

Aaron: I do use it, but i stick mosquito bites either way.. like 1-2 bites every day or every other day. 
Yeh. I thought I was going to die mom, haha scariest moment of my life, but i didn't feel like worried about dying just that I wanted to have a family some day hehe here on earth =) 
If i`ve got Zika diay.. oh wells.. I cant do anything about it.. the Moquitos keep biting me. Pray a ton 

Mom: well I'm going to call the CDC and see if we can get you in when you get home to be tested - I don't think they know how long it stays in the body at this point.
I'm glad Randall didn't message me Saturday about this - and I'm super glad I didn't get a call from President with bad news!! Wow how frightening!!  BE CAREFUL! you only have a few more weeks to go!! make it home to me bud!! I LOVE YOU!!

Aaron: Love you too mom, I was just reading about Zika it seems like it only stays in the blood for 6 months? Or idk hahahaha, fetch.. i`ll start putting repellent and see if it helps.. but it`s dumb because if i cover my legs where they bite me most, they bite my knees, or they end up biting me in other crazy places, like on my fingers and hands.. 
Gotta go! Tell everyone I love them!! Have a good week mom!!! =) Stay safe! 

Mom: I will!! LOVE YOU!! Be safe!! have a great week!! Will keep good thoughts going your way - hopefully your baptisms come through!! excited for you!!

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