Monday, June 20, 2016

Sad and Happy.‏

Today officially marks the first day of my last change here in the Mission in Costa Rica. It`s a sad feeling but it has a little happiness underneath. I love being here, I love the people, I love sharing the gospel. I hope to learn everything I can while I`m here and find all the people the Lord wants me to find before I leave. 
I want to say thanks for all the support you`ve given me throughout my 2 years here. Hopefully my emails haven't been too annoying, especially with their bad subject titles haha. 
Thanks for everything,
Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: Hey you!!  So....last transfer staying in Turrialba??????

Aaron: yup, sorry i was reading everything 
Hmm. This week it appears we have 3 baptisms.. hopefully everything goes out well=) 
I got sick last night, and today i woke up pretty sick with fever and everythin 
so today we probably wont do anything.. i might buy parts to fix our shower head. i have 5 months to shower in cold water.. i got used to it but now it`s cld in the morning and i`m sick so i might fix it hehe. 
This Saturday baptisms are Jose Luis he`s a wood worker, he makes tables and stuff like that, he`s 62 years old
Romario, he`s the soccer player, 20 years old he`s cool
Rolando he`s 16 he`s part of a group of 4 people we`re teaching a mom and her 3 kids.. he told us he wanted to get baptized.. setting the goal for his fam and he`ll probably end up baptizing the rest of his family next month but not 100 percent sure 

Mom: oh I'm so sorry you are sick :/  Cool about the baptisms - and how cool would it be for this kid to be able to baptize his family! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :(  Will the mission pay to fix the shower? or do you have to pay for it yourself? Or does Randall have to fix it? How does that work?

Aaron: Technically Randall i think would have to fix it, but he hasnt wanted to hehe because it makes the light bill a lot higher. I`ll use mission money to buy the part, it only costs like 2 mil 4 bucks to fix it i think.. not too bad. And I`m going to fix it. 

Mom: well for sure do that - why take a cold shower in cold weather if you don't have too!! 
So - do you still have a fever now you think? do you feel achy? 

Aaron: yea i have a fever.. my teeth ache and my body and my eyes
 and im congested and the cough is starting SATAN GO AWAY heehe 

Mom: I'm so sorry :(  No chance for any sort of flu meds there I'm sure :( so drink plenty of fluids so you can get stuff out of your system.  Chicken broth would be good too and rest - lots of rest!  I'm sorry you're not well.  Glad you aren't having changes with feeling yucky! small blessings :)

Aaron:  i love being here, I love it. I`m going to cry a ton I think when I leave, or if not I`ll go into denial and cry a ton in the house haha. 

Mom: so I talked to the realtor here in Washington today (the one who is selling our house) and we are going to list the house I think August 18th - so just before we head out to Utah - She said if we need to push it out a few days because we don't want to deal with the house being shown while we are still here that would be fine too.  
I'm going to start packing up books and stuff that I can easily do without for a while and get things ready I guess.
I can't remember if I ever sent you any pictures of the house and what it will look like?  I can send you pictures from the model home - we will have a similar look but with some differences as we wont put in all the options they did.
I can also send you a map of where it will sort of be located as well if you are interested.  but no worries if not as there is PLENTY of time for you to see all of this :)

Aaron: send the pictures I have 15 minutes still!! 

Mom: Not sure if you can go to this link or not?  Try it - this is the model home - again - we won't have all the finishes this has - but some of it for sure!! we will not have a fireplace - and obviously we will have garage doors where they have the office now.
could you read the book pages I sent to you?? not sure if you are able to open them or not?

Aaron: im going to print them out. 
It`s a pretty nice huse, but it doesn't have a garage or anything? And with windows so big couldn`t people break in pretty easily??? How much square feet is it? 

Mom: it will have a 3 car garage - so like how this does but this one has windows where the garage door is because that's the model home office :p
Jessie says hi!! I'm on the phone with her right now!
It's actually 2650 finished square footage and if we do the basement it would be 4400 square feet

gotta go mom love you bye! Have a good week! 

Mom: ok Aaron - hope you feel better soon!! best of luck with the baptisms on Saturday!! LOVE YOU!!

**SIDE NOTE: Randall messaged me on Facebook and this is his account of the choking from last week:
Hey Kim!!! How have you and the family been? 😊

Good! How are you guys doing?
Thank you for saving Aaron's life 😉 he told me about choking! How frightening!
We're fine thanks!!! You're welcome... I don't know but that night i went to help em with a rat trap (we having some little problems with those disgusting animals by the way..) because i felt like a kind of impression to do it... It was weird... At the beginning i thought it was coughing normally but then i could see that he wasn't breathing... To be honest i was scared... Thank God he came back... Of course he was very scared...

Yes! I'm truly grateful! So frightening! I told him to be careful! He only has a few weeks left! So be careful so you can come back to me! Hopefully he will be careful 😉
You're right!! No worries!! He will be careful!! We will try to help him!!! 👍Yeap he only has a few weeks here!! We're going to miss this guy!! 😞

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