Monday, June 27, 2016

Another week bites the dust!‏

This week went really well, a tiny bit stressful, we had 3 baptisms, each one was from a different family, so we had to coordinate and plan a lot to get it all to work out. It went well. The Spirit was strong, and they`re now members of the Church of Jesus Christ. These last few days I`ve been reviewing the Liahona from General Conference again, I know that each one of the leaders who spoke in that General Conference were called of God. The Spirit is so strong listening to them, and reading their words. I love finding new investigators who tell us (I don`t know what it is, but I feel at peace when we`re with you, what is it?) The Spirit is our constant companion as members of Christ`s Church, and the people can note that. Trust in the companionship of the Spirit as you do your best to serve God and lose yourself in the service of others. The Spirit will touch the hearts of your friends and loved ones and they we`ll receive the restored gospel. Never lose that hope. I appreciate all the letters of love and support and hope all is well for each and every one of you. Until next week! 
Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: Hey! Sorry I didn't see that you were on!
I've got about a half hour before I have to head out for the funeral
how are you?
sorry I was making breakfast for Sam & Kari - they are here visiting this week :)

Aaron: I`m good sorry mom I was reading your other letter. I`m good. I heard that Latu passed away, super sad to hear that. Must be super hard for Mosese, is he going to serve a mission?
I`m cool lets do it, I`m down to go to the temple and be temple worthy and worthy of the blessings. I`m not perfect still, but I`ll do my best effort always. 

Mom: ya it's super sad - I don't know if Mosese will serve or not - but Malaki wants to and I know Ma'ake does as well.  
Truly this experience has made me reaffirm my desires for an eternal family - doing whatever it takes for us to have that blessing.  I'm truly grateful for each of you kiddos who have grown into amazing young adults who love the Lord and want to serve Him!  Truly - it is the biggest blessing I could ever receive here on earth!!
Tell me about your week! I have about 10 minutes or so before i have to head out :(

Aaron: It was good we had 3 baptisms Saturday, super stressful getting it planned well, more than anything for the members haha but i found calm in it all. President was there, he gave me some good advice and left yesterday for the states.. he`s sick and needs to find out what he has and the doctors here don't know. 2 got confirmed Sunday, 1 next week and he`s a priest age young man.both his little brothers told me they want to be baptized now haha=D so he`ll probably baptize them this month, the moms still behind a bit, doesn`t feel ready. But in time in time. She invited her friend and her son to come, but they live like 30-40 minutes in bus from the church, so it`d be hard for us to visit them, but we`ll see if they get there! =D The work is progressing,I can`t complain. another guy came, he had gone 4 years straight with his family but he couldn`t get his divorce in Nicaragua to go through so that he could get married to his future wife who lives with him and all his kids.. so he and she went to church for 4 years every single week, but he got offended one Sunday and they had a whole year of not going and no one had visited them. Then we showed up=D And he finally went to church again, it was awesome. His family didn't this week but they all went 2 weeks ago without him.. Now I just need to see them all together! =D 

Mom: wow that is so cool!! Miracles can happen! You can be a part of that - you ARE a part of that! how cool to see people change in the gospel!! It's amazing how people can change and the joy that comes into their lives because of the light of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the gospel.  
That's frightening about President - hopefully they will find out what is happening with him quickly.
i have to leave now - but if you reply - when I get down there I will message you from my phone until the meeting starts.  

Aaron: Don`t worry mom, I love you, say hi to them for me, and tell them I`m sorry for what`s happened, but remind them for me of the promise of eternal families. Elder Holland said ¨Some blessing come fast, some come slow, and some don`t come until heaven, but for those who keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father, they come.¨ I`m certain of that. Christ knows their pain, and suffering and He loves them, trust in Him. 

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