Monday, July 4, 2016

No general - but a few pictures from a friend :)

Aaron: Hi mom

Mom: I'm here! how are you?? How has your day been? What did you do? - you are on pretty late today.

Aaron: Yeah we went to San Jose and for traffic got home late.. i was buying gifts there... i found a Costa Rican chess set that they say is handmade.. i almost considered buyin it for grandpa.. i talked the guy down to 20 bucks from 32.. but grandpa hasnt wrote me or anything and its technically your money.. i think we'll go back before i leave to buy more souvenirs that are cool.. it was a good week.. lots happened.. highlight was Romario who told me he wanted to serve a mission the 20 year old soccer player and the low light was a visit with the bishop to visit joseluis who got baptized too and he had slipped into alcohol again that day... in 4 months i had never seen him drink and that day he fell.. super sad but he understood how to repent and is in the process now. Sunday he talked to he bishop

Mom: that is sad for him - hopefully he can find strength in the gospel and be able to get back on track.
Ya - don't worry about grandpa - get things you want.  If YOU want the chess set - buy it for YOU.
Did you have fun today though over all??
Anything else happening?  Any word about Pres. Hayes yet? do you need me to transfer more money into your account? oh and did you find out about the luggage at all?

Aaron: They pay for the luggage sorry. Maybe a little bit more money just in case so I don't have to ask in emergency if i find something cool for yall.. how big is the outside of the new house.. and where exactly is it?? American fork?? I'm talking to marcoss exwife trying to get is contact info so that we can transfer his records to the states.. rough stuff

Mom: ok sent you a screen shot on my other email as I couldn't get this to work in here - so the house is Northwest of Utah lake - you will see on the map I sent "Talus Ridge Edge Homes" north west side above lake - that is where we are at - on the bottom right side you will see Orem - Provo is just below that. Just to give you bearings - northeast is Salt Lake.
The house is 3 stories - from the front it will look like a 2 story - but it has a walkout basement - which we will have you help dad finish at some point :)

Aaron: The place is called talus ridge then?? 

Mom: the developer is Edge homes - they call this area Tulus Ridge - there is a street there called that.  I think our new ward will be called Sunrise Meadows 3rd ward 

Aaron: Hmmm interesting. I have 3 monutes left mom not going to write general mail because too much of a pain on tabletbut next wek i will fpr sure (I've corrected the rest of the things he wrote for the most part - because a lot of it looked like this! - the tablet he gets to write on at times is extremely hard to read from)
We are writing wih randall. 

Dad: ok sorry we didn't get to talk longer (this is dad) Mom says we love you take care of yourself.

Aaron: Love you both so much, have a good week!!! I love you. 

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