Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference + Temple‏

Elder Lohberg, Elder Toledo, Elder Adams
Hey! This week went awesome, we were able to go to the temple on Friday just before general conference and so it ended up being a super powerful and Spiritual week! 

I want to focus on one of the teachings in Elder Hollands talks that stood out to me a lot.. I`ve translated it to English so I`m pretty sure I have the gist of it, but just in case it`s not perfect=)

¨The first truth of the gospel is that God loves us with all His heart, might, mind, and strength¨ 

Why do we love God? Because He loved us first. I love that scripture, I think it`s in John, but either way I know it exists=P (#Ipromiseit`snotapostasy)  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, He wants us to return to Him, and He does everything He can (apart from forcing us) to help us follow the straight and narrow path. He wants to teach us, what`s left is whether or not we want to listen. I hope you all listen and act.

With Love, 

Elder Lohberg

JoseMaria on his baptism day

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: Hey Aaron!! How are you??? How has your week been??

Aaron: prtty goodf mom, osrry I was reading everything, Im going to try and answer your questions right now, each one okay?= 

Mom: haha - are you at an internet cafe today? crappy keyboard?? 
I figured you were reading emails so I just waited as patiently as I could :P

Aaron: Favorite Conference Talk, I loved Elder Hollands talk and I loved the talk by the first sister in the Saturday session who talked about how to help our kids (or our investigators) we able to feel the Spirit in their lives, I feel like she explained it super well. We went to the temple Friday, it was good, Thursday night we took the bus to Paraiso, and there we woke up at 4:05.. the plan was to wake up at 2:30 so that all 4 of us could shower and get ready but the first person to wake up woke up at 4:05.. woops.. and we`d planned to leave at 4:00 because we had to be in the park in Cartago at 5:00 to get on a microbus, so we got ready but SUPER FAST haha.. and at 4:25 all four of us were out the door running to catch the bus, we got on RIGHT before it left, and the sisters were all upset because they woke up at 2:00 to get ready on time and we all got ready in 20 minutes, showered and everything hahahaha. Accidents. It was a super good trip to the temple, the session was at 7:00 and we went with Zone Toyopan.. so I knew a ton of the people there and got to talk to Toledo again, it was really good.. but no the store was closed until 2 in the afternoon so we didn't buy anything. To get to the temple by bus you have to go Turri -> Paraiso -> Cartago -> San Jose -> Heredia, by car it`s basically the same just side streets. 

Ush lets go to Guanacaste, BEACHES! :P I think the bus from Guanacaste to San Jose is like.. 6-8 hours, I think.

All is well with the investigators.. we`re working super hard with Marcos and we found some new ones this week.. found another awesome investigator in Marcos`s house, named Daniel, we had  7 investigators who went to general conference, so it didn't go too bad. 

Yeah, Josemaria got baptized 2 Fridays ago.. it was good the sisters also had a guy named Jaime who got baptized. It went well, Josemaria was kind of nervous but everything went well, he felt good and he`s been going strong still, got confirmed.. i think he got the priesthood on Sunday too.. need to ask to be honest because they asked us to teach a Sunday school class lol.. I had to teach the young single adults about Jacob 5.. I was like what the flip.. I got the worst luck ever, Jacob 5 to young single adults without having prepared the lesson before, but it went well haha. 

It`s crazy hot here right now, Marian told us that in 12 years this hasn`t happened in Costa Rica, that we all need to us sunscreen.. so im obeying even though i don't like putting sunscreen on. 

Tell Jessie that if her kids a brat I`m going to be straight up with him or her haha. Randall loves you, he`s like your mom is so cool! Hey I was thinking of some GRINGO food that I can cook with him.. can you send to him or to me some recipes, I was thinking Fudge recipe, Chocolate peanut butter balls recipe, and maybe peanut butter cookies.. and i`ll see which one is easiest here. It`s cuz I cant think of anything else.. dinners things that we could do is like General Zhaos chicken but Marian doesnt like spicy food at all.. soo lolol 
No, but I`m trying to write fast because I didnt realize that i`ve already used 45 minutes of my time =O Well yes, internet cafe but i got a good keyboard and stuff. 

Mom: ok - it took forever for the emails to come in - so I just got all of these and have read through them - so now to answer!!
So - LOVED conference - Kara's question this week was on conference so I wont spend my time there with you - but WOW - it took a bit to get to the temple! So cool you got to go!! I was sad that they Hayes's didn't take more pictures of you guys at the temple as they took a bunch from the day prior :(  I'm glad you got to see other missionaries (like Toledo)! I know that is the BEST!!
I am WORKING it to try and win that contest!! I truly am!! my ranking is going lower and lower (which in this case is a good thing I believe as it goes down in number as I earn more points - and points = entries) - it is a long shot dream but I am doing everything in my power to try :p
I'm glad things are going well for you - I will look for some recipes - I probably can't get it on here before you have to get off - so I can send it to Randall - he is a pretty neat person and i'm thankful that you have him & his family to help you :) I will send a few different recipes then for you through him :)
do you have any more pictures?? I wanted to know if you took pictures at the baptism??  I realize you are at the cafe now - so maybe Randall could upload them at some point for you?? I took off the other ones but left the last one there so you would know where you ended last time in the uploads :)

Aaron: I`m trying right now.. i might be able to put like 5 photos on.. so i will select key ones for you. 

Mom: So you got a crash course at teaching haha :p  Jacob 5 is a pretty cool chapter to teach!! I think teaching the Book of Mormon though is easier as most people have at least read it through once or twice and know something about it - what is best is when you can get a good conversation going though - I feel like that can lead to a greater understanding and ah-ha moments with the Spirit as well 

Aaron: Okay yeah. So i put like 6 key photos on.. i have like 1 hundred or more to upload still. but i will see when i can with Randall. 

Mom: so - Dad & I were cracking up - cause I get Ben's emails now - and he talks about (WEEKLY) eating the iguana's - I keep thinking of President Wilkinson and his wife telling us parents to instruct our missionaries to NOT eat them :p haha
I hope you got a message from Kara telling you about President Wilkinson expressing his love for you and stating what a great missionary you are!! His wife messaged that to me as well on another occasion!!
I appreciated her telling me about it (from him) and for sister Wilkinson messaging me - I know you are a great missionary but it is so wonderful to have them say that to me as well - and I know that those whom you have served feel that way about you - as several have contacted me and said so - you are loved!!
Adriana messaged me last night too - she said she is cooking for the mission in May so you will see her then sounds like - she is really funny - she messages me and then chats and chats and chats! haha and sends tons of emoticons haha like TONS! :p  I love her - she is super fun and I really enjoy chatting with her! I look forward to meeting her someday! 
wait you just put them on?? I don't see anything uploading

Mom: oh - maybe there is a delay????????
oh - never mind - I see it starting now!!

Aaron: I`m putting them on.. in the process it`s super slow lol because the foto quality is high. 
I haven't eaten iguana.. but i hear it doesn't do anything.. i bet they only said that because the iguanas here are kind of endangered because everyone and their dog is eating them.. idiots. 

Mom: so Spencer Henry's mom got his travel info last transfer (he goes home in 2 transfers - the end of June I believe - like the 22nd?) - so that means I should be getting your travel info this next transfer!! CAN'T believe it!! 
We are reading the D&C countdown - read 123 last night - are you keeping up with that??
haha! well Ben is hunting them weekly and eating a ton of them where he is :p  Looks gross to be honest!
I love you got a picture with Toledo!! I put the one of you and him walking towards the camera (that Diego took) as my screenshot on my phone - I love looking at it daily - makes me happy :)
can you upload a photo from the baptism??

Mom: love you bud!! So happy for the joy you are finding there in Turrialba - I feel like this has been a really good move for you to serve in this area :)

Aaron: I put on one.. I uploaded one already of the baptism i think of us 3. I`m on D&C 121 i think, i`ve been trying to keep up.. some days i read like 7 lol. It`s crazy.. After this change I only have 2 left.. just training and yeah.. Kind of crazy. 

Mom: you think you will get to train then?? Did president tell you that already?
D&C 121?  you are ahead of the game :p but that's ok!! :)
I hadn't seen that from the baptism - i just saw it now though - how old is JoseMaria??

Aaron: No he didn't tell me.. Elder Adams the old assistant told me he thinks i will.. But i think i will too. Josemaria is 57 years old. 

Mom: Do you know the cost of living in Costa Rica?? Like how much does the average person make there and how much does it cost to live there?? Just wondered what it was like.  Is JoseMaria retired then or?? And how old is Randall do you know?? I was guessing late 20's early 30's??
did Elder Adams get released then from being AP?

Aaron: Randall is 32 years old i think, It`s pretty low cost.. if you only eat rice and beans and cheap food... if you eat good food it`s about the same price as the states for food (and it still doesn't compare to there) but a house or apartment is cheap.. a car.. is about the same cost.. and gas too.. but the key is that here they recycle things.. like there are guys who repair shoes or cars so they keep old things going instead of buying new stuff. Elder Adams yeah he`s not AP anymore. No Josemaria still doesnt hard labor.. he cuts sugar cane or stuff like that.. for every like 100 meters of Sugar cane that you cut they get like 4 bucks i think, or something like that, but you have to cut them and then cut the leaves and everyhting.. it`s a lot of work. 
Kara registered me for classes and evreything right?? 

Mom: I don't think registered yet - I think you can't register until June - but I will log in and check for you!! You do have an apartment set up and I've paid the deposit there - the first payment isn't due until July for that - and I think tuition isn't until September (which you have $1000 with your scholarship - so you just need to decide if you want to use that in August or do it in January which might be easier to do since there will be more time to get it done then vs having to rush to do it for fall)  I will check on the classes though - I haven't logged back into your account - so I will go check and see
looks like registration is open!! I will get on Kara to get that done ASAP then!! She made a master list of classes for you - so will get that set up :)

Aaron: How do I do the scholarship?? 
Because one of the missionaries who was with me in the MTC told us that he registered.. so i was like whaaatt.. 

Mom: I think you have to fill out the form - I have the paperwork for it - you might be able to submit it and get it paid in time for the September tuition but for sure you could do it for the January one.  You've got $$ in your account so you are in good shape to start off - you will need a job for sure in the summer if you don't get a job while in school.
not sure how much more time you have - maybe none and you've already gotten off - don't know - but if you get this - know that I LOVE you so very much and I am so proud of you Aaron!  I LOVE Monday's and getting to chat with you each week! It is the highlight of my week for sure!! I hope you have a wonderful week!! I will get the recipes to Randall :) Love you!!

Aaron: Love you too Mom! Have a good week! Tell Dad I love him too! Tell Jess and Kara I love em too And Spencer and Jarom! 

Mom: will do!!

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