Monday, January 4, 2016

Navidad Pue‏

Well, the whole holiday season went by super well. And I received transfers, and I´m going to an area called Turrialba, apparently it´s super nice there so I´m pretty excited to go and take pictures! My new companion is from Mexico and his name is Elder Martines, I still don´t know him but I´m going to meet him in like 2 hours or something, maybe 3. I have to travel with a sister missionary to Cartago and everything... going to be interesting haha. Something I learned recently was just another thought about the faith. I started thinking on P-day how everything will be after the mission, having to work and study and what not and I started feeling stressed haha, and so what came to mind was ¨Oh ye of little faith why do ye doubt?¨ the words came to me like that. And I started thinking about it and just remember to have the faith, never lose the hope that the Savior offers us through His gospel and His church. It doesn´t matter how hard our lives are, if we do the things the Lord commands He will protect and guide us, I know that. He loves us so much and will never abandon us, but we need to do our part to let Him into our lives. I hope we can all start this new year well, and set goals for our lives, and work towards them! 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hi mom 

Mom: HEY!! I'm here :)
Transfers eh?  Where is this place?  Which Zone?  Are you a regular missionary again??
I was on the treadmill listening to Jesus the Christ :)
Tell me about your week!

Mom: so I bet your super excited?!!  I just looked on a map to kind of see where you are going.  Looks like it's East of where you are now? by a volcano??  Do you know anything about the area you are going to?  

Mom: so is president back to transfers on Monday's then and not Wednesdays? And no longer calling everyone into his office when you have transfers and meeting each other there?  Now you just travel to the new area?  Maybe he is setting you up to train NEXT transfer?? 

Aaron: Cartago. Yeah!!! I´m normal lolol.. Toledo too. I will find it on a map

Mom: so you're gunna be a regular missionary again?  Toledo stepped down as well?  Cool!! Is he in your zone too? That would be cool!

Aaron: Ya Monday now. Saturday they tell us and we´re going to be traveling alone.. except for I´m going with a girl from my zone. I think so, with Toledo, i think maybe we´ll train next transfer but we´ll see.

Aaron: No, He´s in Toyopan, in a branch called Zurqui. my old zone.

Mom: this is the area (your new area) that the volcano has been erupting?! you will have a front row seat for it!
Be careful :p

Aaron: USSSHHHHHH. They tell me that it has like earthquakes or small shakes pretty frequently. 

Mom: oh I know you will be fine :)
BUT being OUT of the city - that will be a NEW experience for you?!!
So what is up with transfers being all over the place?  Last week missionaries went home - but today is transfers (instead of Wednesday) etc - what the what? Is this a new thing? multiple transfers each month?

Aaron: No. Transfers are going to be announced the Saturday before the Monday of changes. And it will be the Saturday after the leadership meeting on Friday. 

Mom: that's new though right? Cause it hasn't been like that prior?  So will they revert back to every six weeks then going forth?

Mom: are you all packed up and ready to go?  Is the sister missionary leaving from your zone too? or where are you meeting up with her to go to transfers?  Going by bus I assume? Do you know how long of a ride it is there?  WATCH YOUR LUGGAGE :)

Aaron: yes. Yeah my bags are already in the stake center. We going to meet up there and leave from there. Bus and taxis.. It´s like an hour I think.. because we have to go to Cartago and then from Cartago to Turrialba with my new comp 

Mom: I'm super excited for you to have this new experience!  Both Kara and I fasted for you that you would have something happen that would be a great experience for you :)  Answers to prayers we've been having for you :)

So you don't know anything about your new comp - who are your ZL's in that area?  Who is the new AP?

Mom: K I'm looking at pictures of the area online - looks beautiful there!

Aaron: Nah the AP stayed, my ZL are Elder Barben (he was a DL in my first zone) and elder Velver, who was elder parkers comp. 

Mom: I'm excited to see pictures of where you will be (from you) and to see what comes from this transfer!  I'm really excited for you!!

Aaron: usha. Me extraña

Mom: I wonder?  What does that mean? I wonder is what the "translator" says :p but I don't think that is right! haha

Aaron: Ush.. like ooosh.. but I say USHA like (OOSHAH) and me extraña is like. of course of course.. 
But yah mom, I almost need to go. Anything super awesome we can talk about lastly? =)

Mom: LIKE - how proud I am of you Aaron?  How great it is for you to have this experience - to get your wish to move areas?  
You'll do great things!!  Have a safe trip out to your new area - this week will be LONG for me as I will anxiously wait for next weeks installment so I can learn about the transfer/ your new area/ your new ward or branch and your new comp!! Super exciting times!!

LOVE YOU TONS!! Please travel safely :)

Aaron: =D it should be pretty awesome.

Aaron: Love you mom,. have a good week. Tell dad I love him too! and Kara and Jessie and Spencer and Jarom

Mom: will do!! Enjoy your trip out - take in the sights :) LOVE YOU!!

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  1. I just love reading his emails, he's such a great kid! Always happy and funny while being strong and spiritually grounded.