Monday, December 28, 2015

General email... fetttchhh =( ...Tell them HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Aaron: hi mom
Today we´re going to play paintball as a district so I´ll have to leave in like 45 minutes now to meet up with them and show them what bus to take to get there and everything 

Mom: Hi Aaron!  How are you doing this morning?

Aaron: I´m good and you=) 

Mom: That sounds like fun!  Have you done that before as a zone?  Sounds like a fun activity!! Is it very far away? Is it inside? or?

Aaron: No, only our district hit their goal so we´re going to play today. It´s inside, underneath the bishops gym in Montes de Oca, it´s an underground arena from what I know. It´s kind of close.. everything is just the roads are bad so we get there slower lol 

Mom: I'm doing good - I think I might be coming down with a little cold - must be sinning :D  I did read something while I was preparing my lesson for last week that sort of said that as well (which you had said Talmage had said that in Jesus The Christ).  Guess I better do better! :/

I am gearing up to paint the family room in preparation for the new heater - they are putting in a new thermostat so Ima gunna paint that red wall back to the tan color.  Then I also need to paint Kara & Jessie's old room - probably just back to the tan color - in preparation for a new bed we are gunna put in there.  With all that is happening - we need to start adjusting this house a bit to fit families :) Not that anyone is 'moving in' but for visits and such.

Aaron: I woke up with a sore throat.. think i´m getting sick too. You´re going to put a new bed in Jessie and Kara´s old room?

Mom: ya I think we will put a queen bed in there - the room is SO small - we will have to get rid of the dresser in there - so I think we will get a queen bed that has drawers under it. Space is not our friend in this house.  It's just too small. Plus from now on when people come to visit - we will have couples - and I'm sure before we know it - you will be married as well - probably sometime next year (2017) or so. 

 your room is so small - and Dad has his work desk in there - I'm not sure what we will do with that - We've discussed maybe getting a futon or something so it can be folded up but brought down when needed for a bed.  It's just a tiny room.  We need a bigger house!!  someday.

oh but I don't plan to make any changes to your room until after you come home.  It will be the same (except for dad's computer desk which I unfortunately can't change :( sorry)
do you have any airborne?  I can't remember if I sent you out with any of that or not.
Zicam would be a great thing if you think you are getting sick - that helps as well fyi.

Aaron: Yeah i´ve been taking the airborne.. just waiting. 

Mom: good! load up on it then!!
I'm sorry - I hope it doesn't become a full blown cold for you.  Have you had many sick days while serving a mission? I can't remember you mentioning being sick since you've come out.
Who all is in your district right now?
Oh - and at the Christmas dinner - were you sitting with your district?  or who?

Aaron: Don´t you remember in my last area when I went to the hospital and everything haha? I´ll tell you about it later if not. In my district is Elder Jensen, Dunkley, Me and my comp, (Elder Paiz and Coca but when wont be coming) and then Sister Markle, Sister Castleton, Sister Chavez and Sister Madrid. We´re going to take 2 others from the other district because the paintball place is in their area and Elder Paiz and Coca dont have money to go.. and they don't do much lol they didn't want to go 

Aaron: Elder Lohberg´s wedding, August 30th 2016.

Mom: hahahahahah!  Awesome.   Who is the lucky lady? 
Plus - that's a school day - 2nd day of classes so not a good day to get married - you'd have to forgo your honeymoon for a few more days and then would only get a weekend away.  Better plan it for a different date :p

Aaron: Fetch. Hmm. Christmas then. =P Gotta find a Latina or a Hawaiian girl. 

Mom: why are you so into Hawaii now? haha - you want to learn Hawaiian - where did this come from?
Or you could marry a blonde who went on a mission to a Spanish speaking place :p
BUT Christmas - is no good - we are all planning on spending Christmas together.  I had thought we could all go to Costa Rica - but then realized it was  your first Christmas home so that's no good - we need to be home for Christmas!  right?!  

Aaron: At the Christmas dinner no.. just with my comps and 2 elders from my district and a sister who used to be in my last zone. IT´s cuz, Elder Parker is going to get me his parents discount in the airport to visit some time.. it´ll be like 140 bucks round trip flight to Hawaii... soo.. Yeh. I dunno lol.

Mom: oh ya - I remember that now! I had forgotten - they gave you a bunch of meds right?  I guess I was thinking colds etc.
I didn't know Elder Jensen was in your zone! Is he doing ok?
Were the kids at the table with you at the dinner your district?

Mom: haha - you don't even like the beach :p  

You'll get like 2 weeks off for Christmas break - should I be planning a trip for Christmas next year instead of planning for ya'll to be home here? Would you prefer that over coming home for Christmas? 

Aaron: Yeh. Yeah he´s doing good. I told you he was here=)  Some of them.. like I said.. two of the elders were.. and the sister used to be in my zone.. 

Mom: no I realize you said he was in your zone - I didn't realize that was your district ;)
sorry - I had typed back to you too fast and our messages crossed paths :p

Aaron: Hmm.. we could go to Costa Rica, whatever the majority would prefer. I´m good with anything.  gotta go mom, I love you! have a good day! I didn't write a general email... fetttchhh =( I forgot. Tell them I forgot but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mom: already?!! no general :( 
Ok - have fun Aaron! Hope you stay well - enjoy your week! LOVE YOU TONS!!

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