Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This week went pretty well.. it was interesting haha. We´ve been searching new investigators trying to find some investigators that progress. My comp and I have been getting along pretty well, without problems and the area is super beautiful. We found a couple who were interested when we talked about the Book of Mormon and about the Restoration of the gospel so we´re going to go back to see if they´re willing and ready to progress in their lives right now. I love being a missionary so much and I know that this is the Lord´s work. There is no greater joy that I know of up until this point in my life than to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope each of us this new year is able to enjoy sharing the gospel with our friends and neighbors and people we meet on the spot! Have a good week! 


Elder Lohberg

Emailing back and forth:

Tue 1/19/16 11:16 AM Aaron: hey how are you mom, no those dogs are from a new member in my last area

Tue 1/19/16 11:57 AM Aaron: blank email came in

Tue 1/19/16 12:08 PM Mom: I'm here!!
How are you Aaron? Did you do something yesterday? Was worried when you didn't get on but then thought maybe they adjusted your day because of the conference thing tomorrow.  How has your week gone?

Mom: hopefully I didn't miss you :(

Tue 1/19/16 12:33 PM Mom: I'm sad that I missed you today :(  I waited all day yesterday watching but had visiting teaching to do this morning.  I hope you are well - you've been on my mind - I actually had a dream about you last night.  Please be safe.  Be obedient and work hard.  I love you Aaron. I love you more than I can ever express to you.  I hope we will get to connect online next week - and look forward to hearing about these past 2 weeks!  Everyone has been asking about you - they missed last weeks general email (which you didn't get to write) and now with no news this week either - many will be sad.  
I Hope things are going well - I'll be excited to hear about your conference that I think happens tomorrow.

Tue 1/19/16 12:55 PM Aaron: No mom, I´m still here but i had to move houses, to a members house. I´m stuck unable to walk for like 3 days. because I had an ingrown toenail and yesterday the doctor cut it out.

Mom: oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! was it super painful??  So 3 days of not walking for it to heal then?  
Are you doing ok?  I was so worried about you!
I'm glad to get a chance to hear from you :)
So tell me whatever you can think to tell me about your week - is your computer sucky again?  Tomorrow is the big world wide mission conference right?

Aaron:The doctor stitched it up too, like 3 or 4 stitches and next week they´re going to pull out the stitches no i gota good comp right now 
I was hoping they would find a way i could see it here but it looks like i´m going to have to take the 2 hour bus to go see it in flipflops basically, crocs, and then come back 2 hours too and everything.. it´s going to be weird. I don't know anything about the conference though

Mom: yikes - so it was bad - did you take pictures of your toe? yuck.

Aaron: Yeah, i got the surgery on video too.. it´s horrible.

Mom: so is everyone traveling to San Jose then to see the conference all together?  How far is it for you to get to Cartago? and then from there you said it's an hour to San Jose? So are you and hour north of Cartago then?
So many missionaries have had issues with ingrown nails - you are not the first - so don't worry about it.
ugh - that sounds terrible!!  So is your toe all bandaged up then?  are you on pain meds at all or just dealing with it?

Aaron: No we go to Tres Rios San Jose. It´s like 2 hours. to cartago its like an hour.

Mom: So you are with a member now then?  Is your companion with you too - home bound basically for 3 days or is he on exchanges?  How does that work when you are dealing with this?  Did you have to pay for the surgery or do we need to put money into your account or anything? Do you know?
You said you had to change houses - why?

Aaron: Yup. But today i have to take off the bandage. They did give me pain meds.. because it was bleeding a ton, I can send you a 3 minute video of the surgery if u want.
No I sent him with a member to go work. No I think the church pays for it, we´re fine. Because I was in our house.. and then I went to this members house to keep writing and to stay with him. cuz I Was with my comp and a member there.

Mom: sure send the video - I might get sick :/ 
I'm sorry you had to deal with this on your mission - you were doing so well - no real issues with your feet. Almost made it home too without it.
Are you senior companion then? How long has your comp been out on a mission?
OH - Lisa Henry said you need to get your ecclesiastical endorsement from the mission president for school - I logged in last night and saw you have until March sometime to get it in - but I guess Elder Henry had emailed her asking for his log in info so he could get on to do that.  So - you will need to do that as well for school in the fall.

Aaron: I cant even see the video without even wanting to throw up. I'm senor companion yeah. He has 14 months on the mission, he came my first December. okay let me do that then!!! !

Mom: "okay let me do that then!!!" meaning march? or?  I don't think you want to wait until the last minute fyi

Mom: did he pull the nail out?? I keep thinking of Elder Henry sending pictures of his "surgery" which a missionary did on his toes - he pulled the nails out with pliers I think - so gross!!  how long did it take to do?

Aaron: i'm putting it on right now. or trying. i'm putting on the photos.. no.. he cut it and then like dug the roots out.. super gross... like 45 minutes or 30

Mom: yikes!  He numbed the area I hope!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!! that is horrible :(

Aaron: yeah he numbed it up

Mom: so what are you supposed to do for 3 days off your feet? read? how long do you get today on here?
can you see the volcano from your apartment? did you send any pictures of the outside of your new apartment or only the inside?
Tell me the story behind the tin of wasps

Aaron: normal 1 hour and 30 but i didn't see you sent stuff because it was stuck on the draft.. Yeah i took a photo of it. only inside. the elders killed wasps and but them in the tin idk? We dumped it out though haha.

Mom: who's the sister on the ride out? is that the one from your last area? or?  these are pictures from your trip out to that area right?  Have you seen any cane sugar fields?  AND can you see the volcano from your place? You also didn't say anything about the Rawlings building - is that visible from your apartment then? is it a factory or is that a ball field?  You sent a blurry picture of a crowd - looks like they are at a game - dad wants to know if you were at a game? I told him I didn't think so - I thought you had snapped it from your apartment maybe as it was so zoomed in - details please :)
oh so the tin was in the apartment when you got there! haha!
Have you had to use your mosquito repellent stuff much? Maybe you will need it here?  

Aaron: They took my camera and took photos. Yeah from the trip in bus. Yeah i have seen sugar cane fields.. and walked next to them and everything. Yes i can see the volcano. The rawlings building is in front I think they make gloves and balls. it[s a factory. That's the stadium nearby. from Turrialba, turrialba has a team, but they[re bad. That was from a door in our house I took a zoomed in picture.
I have been using mosquito repellent and the spray because I got bit like 6 times on one ankle and 2 times on the other, so i started using it. and now i don't have any problems. But i have a TON of repellent lol

Aaron: I think I need to go now mom! I love you, it was good to talk to you again. Next week I[m going to try and write on Monday but we'll see because I have to get the stitches taken out, so i'm not sure what'll happen 

Mom: yes yes you do! haha - I planned to keep you bite free but then you never needed it! So use it freely :) share it with someone else getting bitten - especially when you are in your last area - be sure to share what you have with that stuff - no need to bring it all home with you (what's left of it - and meds wise too - the neosporin etc)
The country side looks so beautiful - very lush :)
I LOVE the tin roof lines :) if you get a chance to take a picture on a roof (like in your first area) that shows all the tin roofs - you should do that! great shot!

Mom: ok! I understand then if you don't write Monday - I'm so thankful we got to connect today - like I said you have been on my mind.  I love you!! I hope your toe heals quickly!!
Will watch for you next week :)
Have a great week Aaron!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!!

More pictures from his transfer out to Turrialba

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