Monday, January 11, 2016

I dont like te wayhat thekeyboard writes so i won be a doing a general mail toay...

No general email this week : ( His keyboard wasn't cooperating but I got to type back and forth a bit and he uploaded a bunch of pictures :)  The top picture is of the Turrialba volcano but the then there are a bunch from his last area and THEN come the new area photos :)

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: HEY!!!  How was your first week as a "regular" missionary? Hows the new comp and area? tell me all about it!!

Aaron: Turrialba is super beautiful.. I haven´t been carrying my camera because I forgot my umbrella in my last área, but i´m going to take more now.. today I took a bunch. When I´m on the bus from here to Cartago It´s SOO Beautiful, you can see all the valley and it´s amazing. My comp´s pretty cool, we get along well. 

Mom: so are you at an internet cafe in Turrialba? or do you have to go to Cartago to use the internet?  How big is Turrialba?  What's the ward like? is it a ward or a branch?
Aaron: I´m technically in a members house. But i´m sure there might be a café in Turrialba, but who knows. I dont like te wayhat thekeyboard writes so i won be a doing a general mail toay... it´s pretty bigactually.. lotsof Little like neighborhoods... th Ward is about 115o  120 its pretty good, tey´r expanding the church bilding so it´s in construtionuntil like march so we meetin a chighschool

from paintball district pday activity
Mom: I can see that the keyboard is CRAZY! haha - as I'm typing that I'm typing crazy stuff too so I had to laugh! :p
Sad for no general but I understand :(
So is your apartment at a members house too?  Are you doing ok?  Sounds like the area is beautiful! 

Aaron: Yeh! We live above the members, they super awesome. I have an ingrown toenail, and Itried to pul t out and cut it but think I just made it worseb not sure.. I´t was bloody and pusy before and it´sstill like that, so who knows haa

last area

Elder Morales

Mom: yuck :(
Pull it out and put a piece of brown paper bag (like grocery sack kind) between it and your skin on the edge where it's ingrown - put lots of neosporin or use hydrogen peroxide on it maybe to kill the infection?  which toe is it? a big toe or a smaller one?
Glad you are liking the new area - try to set an example so you guys can be blessed :)
Do you have a cook in this area? or does anyone do your laundry?  Have you eaten with any of the members?  What kind of things have you had to eat?
I think this was the bishop in Aaron's ward

Aaron: No we dont have a cook. Someone does our laundry. We eat with members a lot. I´ve been given normal food. I ask them for rice and beanshahaha because Ilikeit.  

Mom: that's kinda of funny since many missionaries are like NO rice and beans - but my kid - bring'em on  baby :)
Are you doing ok then? Your messages are so short - is it just because the keyboard is bad on your computer you are using or are you upset with me?  
Aaron: No it´s cuz I type adit cuts ot like half theletters so t bugs me

Mom: ya I see it's crazy - when I get it on my end I'm missing half of what you are typing but I figure it out :p
is it a computer or is it an ipad?
Probably has a virus!!

Aaron: It´s a computer, but I think it´s just super slow

Mom; anyone you are working with? any prospective investigators?

This is the family he spent Christmas eve with - Skyped from their house.
Aaron: Theres a couple and their son, the couples waiting to get divorced and married to be baptized and we going t o work to baptize the son and anoth couple that needs to get married but are kind of poor.. butthey didnt come to church thisweek.they have like 5 times of having gone bt avent beencomingande´re not surewhy.. so we´l see.. but we found 18 new investigatorsthis week to see we findsoe good ones
New companion Elder Martines =)
cost of taxi ride from San Jose to Cartago
Mom: cool - well hopefully you will see some success in this new area.
You mentioned last week that maybe you might train next transfer - that would be cool!  How long is this transfer time frame for?  Do you know when the next transfers are?

view from his apartment I think
Aaron: transfers should be like midway through february, but the 29th of this onth ELDER COOK is cominere. and the20th there´a World wide misión broadcast.

Aaron: I think I just about haveto go mom,  I love you and dadso much. Hve a good day andweekan dI´m going to try and tak tons f phoos his wek, and righ ow i´m puti phots on dropbox
close up of what is out that window above!

Mom: wow! that will be awesome!! so you will have 2 big events this month!! pretty cool!!  Will the mission broadcast then take the place of a zone meeting?  Would i recognize any of names of people in your district?

Mom: ok Aaron - have a great week! I'm glad you are doing well in your new area!! Work hard - enjoy your time there! LOVE YOU tons!!!

Aaron: Elde Colindres, who was in my firstzoe as zone leadr, h was cool from Guatemala. Eldr Barben who came wih me and was my DL in my firs zone is my zne leader here. Elder Adams and Macias the assistants ar in tis zone. And lots of sisters that Iknow
messy new apartment 

you can see the volcano to the left

Elder Martines

views from the bus ride out to his new area

if you look behind this house you will see the volcano that is Aaron's new area :)

He finally got to see some of the beauty of Costa Rica =)

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