Monday, October 26, 2015

Titles are hard.‏

Well, this week went super well! We brought five new people to church, who were a little hesitant at first but now they´ve gone and they loved it! We trying to become a little better at helping get rid of the fears that people have when they think about going to church or progressing in the gospel. I gave a talk Sunday and I was thinking a little bit about Pride and some words came to my mind that I think help us recognize pride, the words I felt were ¨I´m fine as I am¨. I think all of us at one point or another have been guilty of seeing some way that we could improve or some other way we could help, and we don´t do it and think ¨Oh it doesn´t matter, I´m doing okay, or I´m okay as I am¨ Really all it is is an excuse that we give ourselves. Someone humble is someone who is always striving to become better, not to see themselves as the best, but as noticing their faults and weak points and trying to strengthen them. There will never become a point where we no longer can progress, we as imperfect humans always need to work on something, become better at something. I encourage you to form a habit of thinking like that, ¨What more can I improve or change¨ so that we help keep ourselves from falling into pride because ¨Pride is a damning sin in the true sense of that word. It limits or stops progression. (See Alma 12:10–11.) The proud are not easily taught. (See 1 Ne. 15:3, 7–11.) They won’t change their minds to accept truths, because to do so implies they have been wrong.¨ (Beware of Pride, Ezra Taft Benson) If we strive to keep pride from stopping our progression we will ever be happy, and we will each day strive to be more like Christ. 

Elder Lohberg
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