Monday, October 19, 2015


Pues, This week went super well. I got moved from El Carmen de Guadalupe toooooooo La Campiña.. ACA.. I moved 10 minutes from my old area to my new one and my bishop is now Milton Marin #MeettheMormons!  I need to take a photo with him. The ward is pretty low on attendance right now.. but we´re going to fix that up. My new comp is Elder Carter, Wuhhh? My second real American companion.. kind of weird but cool too. Anyways, they changed the Zone leaders in this zone to our new area, so I stayed as a zone leader, and Elder Carter who had 4.5 months there got put in as ZL too. Pretty awesome, I would have lived to see a little bit of the nature of Costa Rica, but at least I´m seeing the nature turned into paper because this ward is super rich haha.. everyone has really nice houses. New adventures and new experiences, I promise that this is the Lord´s work and that he loves us.. He´s watching out for us, look to Him and be guided in all your ways. 
Elder Lohberg 

haha - didn't move too far eh?
Aaron: So im in La Campiña..old area new area  Uh.. the area was pretty dead, but we´re going to fix it up I hope, the Lord´s exceleration his work here

Mom: So you are in the same ward as the Marin's then? That is pretty cool!! Interesting that you stayed local - you must have something you need to do there in San Jose Aaron!!  So was this area in your old Zone boundaries? Or are you in a new Zone all together?
If Elder Carter has been there already 4 1/2 months - then will he probably leave after this next transfer then you think?  I had gotten the feeling that you thought you would not be a ZL after this transfer and that you would be put with someone who was struggling as a missionary - so obviously not the case?

Aaron: Zona Los Yoses.. it´s a different zone That´s what I thought too, but nope! haha but oh wells

Mom: any pictures? pictures of your area? Apartment? Comp?

Aaron: UHHHHH, i forgot. i will have pictures for next week. It´s been a busy week.. but the old zone leaders were in a dif area.. so we´re like BRAND new to ramp up an normal area to a zone leaders area and try to turn the zone around.. and we´re going to buy some foods in Cosco because there wasn´t ANY food =( haha but iz cool im sorry
The area is SUPER wealthy.. i´ve eated REAL meat.. like i think it might even be better quality meat than we eat in our house, and i had real hamburgers and like breaded chickens IT¨S CRAZY.. and it doesn't fill me up now, I´m so used to tons of rice and beans to fill me up.. 

Mom: hahaha - you'll have to watch your weight then in this ward! haha - Glad they are feeding you!!

Aaron: No.. I´m super skinny right now because the normal food doesn´t fill me now.. lol i have to have tons of rice and beans 

Mom: haha - so Lisa Henry says Elder Carter is one of Spencer's "best friends" - they were MTC comps haha
I'm anxious to hear about how the work progresses then in your area - sounds like Costa Rica is booming in growth in the church for sure - lots of missionary blogs stating that fact!
Tell me about your multi zone soccer game - how was that?  Did you take pictures at that? 

Aaron: Yeah, we talked to Spencer.. because he´s a ZL too in Zona Sur.. so we can talk on the phone together.. He´s pretty cool, I played ball with him Monday actually, we got a ton of ZL´s together and some other missionaries and played ball in a TON OF RAIN in Los Yoses.. and Spencer was there. WE GOT SOAKED AND MY TOE nail fell off!! The one that got red.. like i felt like my toe nail was stabbing into the nail bed as we played in the rain, so i got my shoe and sock off all wet and it was.. the back part of the nail was falling off first, like by the nail bed and it had a sharp end that was stabbing the nail bed.. So i ripped it off slowing #man.
No.. no pictures.. when we got there it started to rain a ton, so i didn't pull out my camera because everyone was SOAKED; garments and everything. 

Mom: yikes! that's yucky!!  keep an eye on that so it doesn't get infected! 

Aaron: no.. it´s just now growing in and errythin.. its like half grown in.. but it´s super soft. 
Hey mom, I´ma go now, we´re going to go buy things!!! But I love you mom, I will have pictures for next week! 

Mom: Bye Aaron!! Have a great week!! BE an EXAMPLE!! Do good!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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  1. Ahh I love our boys! They sound like twins haha! This is going to be such a fantastic transfer for he and Elder Carter both!