Monday, October 12, 2015

Hakuna Matata Pura Vida

This week went super well, we´re seeing tons of progress and less actives and inactives and the church is really growing in our part of the vineyard. Something that I relearned recently through a Spiritual Experience is that our Loving Heavenly Father is always willing to talk to us, to guide us, if it´s what we really need. Through the Holy Spirit I was able to receive revelation for some things that occured... before they occured.. and it helped me to understand and see the great love that our Father has for us, he wants us to be happy. Another revelation that came is that Heavenly Father is in charge of this work, our ward is preparing to split, to open a branch (our area) and in these last few week and months before the split we´ve had so MANY members move from other countries and inactives that we´ve found that are ready to come back and lots of investigators progressing, it´s gotten to the point that the branch will split in about a month maybe and it´s almost ready to be a ward. I love being able to play my part in the symphony of our Heavenly Father´s work and plan for us. I hope that each of us has a desire to receive guidance from God, and that when we receive it from our Father, we follow it and act on it. 


Elder Lohberg

**from emails back and forth:
Aaron: hi mom

Dad: Hi there in Costa Rica Ville. I hope you enjoyed conference as much as Mom and I did. We felt the spirit so strongly. Amazingly enough it carried into this Sunday's meetings and the spirit just kept flowing. Everyone's testimony or lesson had some of conference points in it. The elders here have committed (or recommitted) Mom and I to try harder with our neighbors in bringing them the gospel. We pray each day and night as to who to speak to. Sometimes I feel prompted to speak to Dan but he isn't outside. I felt prompted to invite him to our harvest festival but then got wrapped up in day to day stuff I didn't get it done. (lazy and slothful I know) We want to do better and it will happen. Hope things are going well for you and your comp. Are you going to transfer this week? (I didn't read Mom's letter so she may have asked that already) I'm sending this from Mom's computer so she can track all the emails for your blog. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you too and wanted to say hi. We love you so much and are so proud and grateful for the work you are doing. Keep the Faith, stay strong.

Love Dad

Aaron: Yeah.. they told me I have transfers.. I´m sad to leave the area, I FINALLY LEARNED TO LOVE IT, but maybe they´ll take me out as a leader, hard stuff being a leader in missionary work. 
Thanks dad, That´s awesome keep working with them, just invite them to activities, invite them to the church, you don´t have to teach someone anything to bring them to church, just invite and commit them to go with you. Like, hey,  how about if we go together, just so you can see how it is and how you feel there for one day? And then when they feel the Spirit you can testify to what they say and what they need.

Mom: Hey Aaron! 
I'm back - so do you know anything about where you are going for transfers yet?

Aaron: NO, I wont know until Wednesday, so you won´t know until Monday, but I do know that I have changes.
I have pictures but I didn't want to bring the cam because ima play soccer with other zones, so we´re going to do that and next week i´ll send photos when I have my camera with me.

Mom: k no worries - so - just remember to pack clothes in BOTH suitcases and don't let anything out of your sight!! just cram it in - use that luggage bungee to strap stuff together even :) just be smart!
So what is the other zone you are playing soccer with today? that's kind of fun!! Happy to hear you are going to get to do something fun today!!
Hey - if you go to the coast area where the mosquitoes are - don't forget to use your spray on your bedding and clothes :) might as well get some use out of it!! 

Aaron: Parker got permission for a multizone soccer activity, but it´s horribly planned so we´ll see how many actually go.. and it starts at 11 so we´ll get there like an hour late.. It´s Zona Cartago (parkers) Zona Toyopan (us) Zona la PAz (elder Adams) and Zona Los Yoses.
SO we´s gunna see where I go. Yesterday they gave us food and Saturday SO MUCH FOOD. crazy. Our area is progressing super well, i´ve had a ton of spiritual experiences lately.. but i don't think i should share em

Mom: I understand if you feel they are too sacred for you to share.  I'm glad you are finding joy in the work though and joy in that area as you have struggled there to find that.  We are happy for you!! Happy to see you finding joy in what you are doing ;)

Aaron: It´s actually really close.. just crap roads and traffic make it larger.. like 1 hour bus ride for us and 1 hour for the paz and 1.5 for cartago. 

Mom: so is that flag in the picture from the mission president? or is that YOUR flag that is signed? Are you having yours signed by comps only or anyone you serve around? Just curious  And is that then your zone? Toyopan?

Aaron: No that´s the flag from Elder Saavedra, the assistant who goes home this change. Only my comps sign it. BUT i forgot the comps from the MTC =( afterwards i will find them in BYU
yah our zone is toyopan

Mom: I thought Toledo was in Cartago and Parker was in Limon?  Where's Toledo at now then?

Aaron: No, Parker and Toledo literally swapped, Parker went to Cartago and Toledo went to Atlantica (limon) they just swapped places
but parker has changes.. he´s going to train and open an area in Zona Sur to finish his last change of his mission

Mom: wow - I didn't realize they had swapped areas.  So - do you have any feelings one way or the other as to where you will be serving?  President had mentioned that some where going to step down and work with struggling missionaries right?  Do you think you will be put with someone struggling you think?
Did they call someone to be the new AP yet and fill that spot up?  Or other zone leaders?  Just wondered if anyone knows who will fill those spots yet.
So how will this all go down then? Last week you said that president wanted to meet with the companionship's before sending them off to their areas - so will you ALL go to the office at the same time or is he having  missionaries come in stages there? do you know yet?
AND - your email made me cry.  I'm so happy for you to see the blessings happening around you that you are seeing. 

Aaron: YEH errybody goes in there... ERRYBODY. nope no new ap yet. we don't know who´l do what.. just ideas.. some elders will leave our zone and i think they´re go be zone leaders. I dunno know, one thing that has never worked for me is think about where I´m going and feel the Spirit on it , that´s not my revelation to receive.. SO WE´LL SEE. =) 

Mom: so is EVERYONE transferring then? the whole mission? or ? LIke in your zone - how many will be going to the office?  And it's all at the same time? is the office big enough to hold everyone?  How far away is the office from you and how long will it take to get there?

Aaron: No not that many.. only 4 areas in our zone have changes.. All at the same time yeh! YEH MORE OR LESS, everybody crowded in but yeh. We found a new bus and now we can get to the office in like 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Mom: where will your luggage go when you are there? 
The missionaries from the east side of the mission then probably have to get up early to catch a bus to get there too right?  Who pays for that - the missionary?  So you have to have $$ then to plan on that if so just in case right

Aaron: Yeh, nope it all comes from mission money, we´re in the middle of the change and I didn't buy food in pricesmart.. so i have monies =), i have about 80 mil still.. 160 bucks.. we receive like 115 or 110 as zone leaders for food. I only have to leave 15 mil there. it says. 

Mom: You might have already headed out already - know that we love you and are so proud of you!! Will continue to pray for you :) Be safe Aaron!! Love YOU!!

Aaron: Thanks mom I love you too, Have a good week and we´ll talk next week more!! stay safe!!! !

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