Monday, November 2, 2015

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Zona Los Yoses 
This week went really well, we managed to bring lots of people to church and back to church and so the ward got super animated as far as missionary work goes and then we also just found some really cool people! I´ve been trying to become more familiar with the Book of Mormon, especially after the zone meeting that we had with President Hayes, he really encouraged us to understand and know the Book of the Mormon, which isn´t easy but is really important. Not only just know the scripture verses we like but know about the history, learn the story. So i´ve really been focusing on doing that, on becoming more familiar with the story of the Book of Mormon and knowing what´s going on in what chapters. I promise you that the Book is true, I have no doubt, that the stories and teachings in the Book of Mormon can help us change our lives and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that the prophets and the people in the Book existed, that they saw our day, and wanted to help us learn of Christ. I have no doubt of these truths. 


Elder Lohberg

from emailing back and forth with Aaron - also answers to questions in our weekly email :)
zone conference meal
Aaron: Yeh hey mom! Ya i got the scripture cases but they´re mehh... at least they protect my scriptyas =)
okay. I do has photos.. im in the same place.. seems like we might write here on a normal bases, as far as at what time i think it will usually be around this time but we´ll see because my comp likes writing later in the day. I´ll prob put the photos i got up.. even though the comp is like virus full and weird.
We had 6 inv in church, we had a type of fish with salad and with beans in the meeting with president and that was parker and yes we were roleplaying!

Mom: HEY!! I'm here ;) did you feel the earthquakes on Saturday? and are you effected at all by the ash from the volcano eruption?  How far away is that from you now? - it's the same one that erupted a while ago where you had the ash up in Heredia

role playing
Aaron: Ya i felt it, it was long. it was the first one my comp had felt and my 3rd here we´re closer to it.. but i havent seen any ash? 

Mom: could you guys search out a different place to email from? - I'm ok with whatever time - just want to be sure I'm on or around when you will email - with the time change it's now 8:51 here so just trying to make sure I'm on :) So is Parker training then in your zone? he goes home in 3 weeks? or the transfer after? I watched the video of the ash eruption - it went like 1000 meters up in the air - pretty cool looking actually.  I subscribe to the Tico Times and saw it on there :) Kinda fun to read about what is going on in Costa Rica - you know me - freak to the end :)

Aaron's crazy small apartment
Aaron: Parker goes home in 3 weeks yah.. how crazy... my 2rd trainers leaving =( mmk! tuanis.. and how´s everything been out there? 

Mom: Was your comp standing in front of you or next to you in the photo you took of the zone? I thought I knew what he looked like but couldn't find him on the photo so I must not actually know what he looks like.  Is he shorter than you?
 it's been ok - nothing exciting really.  We took grandma Lohberg out to dinner for her birthday last week - was sort of interesting - she is 79 now.  
Today is our anniversary by the way - we've been married 25 years!  I met him 26 years ago - when I returned from my mission - man I'm old! where did the time go to?
Not much else is going on here.  Your dad gave a great talk last week in Church (not this past Sunday but the one prior).  Was REALLY a good talk.
It's been super windy here lately - rain is back as well.  Dad and I have been raking leaves over the past few weeks  - 2 of the trees have dropped them -  1 left to go - they drop just one tree at a time - it's super annoying but at the same time probably best as we can't get all the leaves into the bin from just one tree! TOO MANY LEAVES!!

Aaron: Nah, other side. I went with the tall kids.. ... he said this last week changed his hope for our area because the ward actually started saying hi to the investigators.. we brought 6 and 7 in-actives and 2 converts.. so it was pretty coolz =) we raised the attendance 15. The ward got pretty animated. 
HEYYY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (I never would have known that if you haven´t told me!!! Happy anniversary! What was his talk on? haha.. here the leaves don't really fall because they only have summer winter.

Mom: thank you! 
entry to his apartment flooded by all the rain
He could talk about any of the talks from conference that spoke to him - he chose Uchtdorfs opening talk - but he spoke about how its the simple truths of the gospel that spoke to him.  We had investigators at church that day and it was really just the perfect talk for them.  He was really inspired I felt to say what he did - he spoke about his conversion and his testimony and how he gained it on the simple truths of the gospel and how it has grown from there.  It was really good.
your chairs in your apartment are little primary chairs? looks like it anyways?
Who was getting a haircut? That isn't your comp - I see your comp though - he is not who I thought your comp was.  Your apartment is SO SMALL!!  CRAZY SMALL!! haha - that water too!! is that in front of your apartment?
you only downloaded like 5 or 6 pictures - 
Your time is probably almost over now :/
I'm so thankful to be able to chat with you each week on the computer Aaron!! Truly - it is the highlight of my week!! I just LOVE Monday's knowing that we will hear from you!!

Elder Parker getting a haircut 
I am so very proud of you son.  Proud of the man you have become!! You are an example of all that is good and I am thankful to have you in my life.  Thankful for the great change we have seen in you - in your testimony and in just you as a man.  You are a light ;)

Aaron:that was elder Parker,, i went with him last week lol that cut cost him like 15 bucks.. super expensive. Anyways It is small.. i´ll tell it about you later. Yeah we flooded the stair case.. i have a video but it´s too big to send right now.. I´ll explain more later gotta go mom I love you! Tell dad I love him too and have a good anniversary!!

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  1. Elder Carter is in the top row, second from the right. He is pretty short, but in Spencer's first letter from the MTC he said he is "a jock." ;)
    Aaron is doing amazing things in the new area--no surprise! He sounds fantastic. Exciting to hear progress finally happening there. Hopefully I'll hear from Spence today!