Monday, October 5, 2015


time stamp records this as between conference sessions
This is going to be a pretty fast email, this week was SUPER Good. President Hayes in our leadership meeting talked about how in this mission we will leave the 99 and go for the 1. We´ll be trying to build up all the missionaries and wards and everything. It made me think a bit, when he said that and testified ¨That is the gospel of Jesus Christ¨ and I started to think about the importance of each and every one of us as children of our loving Heavenly Father. General Conference only testified even stronger of this principle. We can´t let even 1 of our brothers be lost, we have to do the best we can. And if we do it, how great shall be our joy with him in the kingdom of God. I testify that Elder Renlund, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Rasband are Apostles of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They have been chosen by our Heavenly Father and put into this calling to help us return to our loving Heavenly Father. God´s plan is perfect and we have but seconds to take part in it and help it come to pass. I love you all so much, thank you for your love and support. Next week I will write more=)


Elder Lohberg

**from emailing back and forth
Aaron: hey mom

Mom: Hey!! How has your week been?

Aaron: Good! Conference was good, though I had to see it in Spanish.. I understand everything but it´s not the same haha.. I´m going to listen to it in English this Week I think throughout the mornings.. the stake pres said that last conferences the english group made a ton of noise and we´re sleeping and eating and so he said no this time.. #NegativeAffectsofOthers.. so we watched all of it in Spanish! We had leadership meeting, Did Hna Hayes send you the photos she took of us and me? 

Mom: boo to #NegativeAffectsofOthers :(
Wonderful surprise picture from a traveler at the Costa Rica Temple
Glad you can listen to it again - there was so many good talks!!
When was leadership meeting? I haven't seen any pictures (I don't think - the only pictures I saw were from the mission home - looked like lunch or something - I thought it was new missionaries?) there was a surprise picture of you taken at the temple with about 4 other missionaries - some lady sent it to me - she said she had been visiting temples with her husband and saw you guys.  It was fun to get that!  I don't know the other Elders in the photo though

Aaron: Oh yeah haha. I talked to her when we went to the temple, she was temple chasing. the other elders are from my zone 
leadership training meeting Friday October 2 2015

Mom: cool! When was leadership meeting? Friday?  How did that go? I know you were nervous about that.  Transfers are next week - do you think you might be transferring?
Kara said you messaged her like a half hour ago - I didn't see you were on until 9:45 - interesting

Aaron: Yeah it´s because I go in order on the messages lol, Kara was the last one I hadn´t read, then I read your message and then I realized i hadn´t sent you anything so i said hey so you'd know i was reading. 
Yeah Friday.. it was good.. no problem. the packet only cost me 2 bucks to take out #Luck. I think so yeah.. but still working idk.. President said some things that would make me think so.. it was a sad meeting really lol.. We had the last testimonies of those who are going home and then pres said that he wanted us to go for the 1 and leave the 99 and help the missionaries who are disobedient or sad or unsuccessful.. that that´s what he wants to do in this mission, what the Lord wants, so he´s going to take some of us out to help missionaries in need have success and be happy and help new missionaries.. and he said we´d come back in a few months.. but then he said, some wont come back because they´re going home soon, and so Elder Parker and Elder Miller gave their last testimonies in leadership meeting, Parker goes home next change. So they won´t be back.. I think i´ll be leaving this change too but..., not thinking much about it. I love a lot of people here =) 

Mom: haha - no worries - I wasn't upset - Kara just said - "why does he message me first?"
So - you got the box and it only cost you $2?! Woohoo!!
So - the watch made it to you? 
There should have been 2 ties, the clippers, zone bars (2 packs), chex mix, funyuns, hmmm what else?

Aaron: YEH I GOT THE WATCH, my comp has the black tie and i have the blue one.. and i got the bars the  chex mix, the funyuns we ate all of them, anddd the letter thingy
clippers and scissors yah i gotz em Thanks MOM =D
leadership meeting 

Mom: haha - I had thought to send you clippers but then brushed that off - but Dad was all - "you should send him clippers since he's cutting his own hair" haha so we picked these up - they aren't the greatest but will do for what you are doing.
You ate all the funyuns or you ate ALL of it already :p if it's all gone then Ima gunna call you FATTY :p
What letter thingy? I can't remember if I sent anything else in there to be honest.
I liked the blue one - I think that was the Michael Kors one? if so - that was a nice tie :D
REALLY glad the watch made it! - remember you had to make the wrist band smaller - by taking out the pin things - I put the instructions in there so hopefully they made it as well.  I thought it looked like your old watch you went out with - IF you make it to the place that sells them - you can still buy a different one if you want - I just wasn't sure IF you'd make it there before you left the area.

Aaron: just the funyuns.. no ima save chexmix for Christmas.. I have a Ton of Junk idk what to do if i have changes lol.. shove EVERYTHING in the suitcases.. but i think it´s Wednesday changes not Monday. Yeah michael kors i have. 

Mom: why the change on transfer dates? do you know why it would be Wednesday instead of Monday? You mean NEXT Wednesday right?  
Just shove it in - but be sure you have clothes in 2 suitcases since you remember what happened to Toldeo :p
Oh - and if you have been on for an hour - do you need to work on your general email still?

Aaron: yeah. idk president does it differently, everyone goes to the office and the new companionship's get called together for an interview with pres, and he tells them what they´re going to do, where they´re going and like motivates them. 
FEtch.. general email.. -.-

Mom: interesting!  So - that could be really interesting then to have EVERYONE who is transferring going to the office at the same time - weird! Maybe not as many transfers?  Didn't you say there was an AP leaving as well?  So when will that change happen? And if they are losing ZL's - will they need to call new ZL's soon to fill spots plus the AP slot?  Do you think you will go work with a disobedient missionary then?  If that happens - STAY TRUE :) Don't let them drag you down with them - YOU stay where you are and lift them!! :)
WHEREVER you are sent to labor - you will do good - I know that is true :D  REALLY proud of you Aaron and the work you are doing each week

Aaron: yeah AP leaves. the same time. YUP! I dunno hahah what´ll happen
HAHA i just downloaded like 30 talks by Elder Faust

Aaron: I just downloaded 47 talks by him lolol..

Mom: go after the 1 Aaron - plant your feet in the gospel through scripture study, prayer and obedience and go after the 1.  You will be a blessing unto them!!  Remember I always said that missions can make you or break you - you will either come home a strong member with a strong testimony or you will fall away - maybe this is what President Hayes is trying to work on - making sure that the missionaries obtain that strong testimony.  Just like in the Best Two Years - when the elder finally
realizes his "why" as he is bearing his testimony on Joseph Smith.  
Love you!! 

Aaron: Love you too mom, and tell dad I love him, have a good week!

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