Monday, September 28, 2015

The Mish‏

Well, this week went well, we had a super Spiritual Baptismal Service. There´s a lady who 2 years ago

Tatiana and her family at her baptism 
talked to the missionaries, and went to a general conference, but then stopped going. We found her teaching record, the missionaries had left her for that very reason, so we decided to visit her. We actually visited her about 2 months ago, but it was hard to teach her because there was never a man in her house. But finally we started being able to teach her consistently. She told us that she had been waiting for the missionaries to come back for 2 years, waiting for them to invite her to come back. We taught her and she was baptized in 3 weeks. Her daughters are super shy so we´re working on them as well, and her ex-boyfriend was cool, but has a lot of problems, but we´re still working with him too. The truth is that I´ve learned a little bit more about the Lord´s way of working, about the parable of the sower. We´re here planting seeds, with our friends, our neighbors, and in our case with tons of people on the street. The seeds grow, some are harvest quickly, others have to wait, but in the Lord´s plan He prepares the hearts of His children. I love being a missionary and just being able to plant seeds and try and harvest them. I don´t know how many of the people I talk to will eventually be baptized, it would be interesting to know, but I do know that the Lord´s work will go on and He gives us the chance to enjoy just a small needle points worth of all of it. And it´s the best feeling that there is.

Elder Lohberg

**from emailing back and forth this week:
Aaron: you have no idea how hard I tried to not stick my tongue out in those photos.

Mom: HAHAHAHA!! Well good job!! Cause they are great!! I LOVE the one of you and Elder Escarcega and one other elder (can't read his name tag) - it's the three of you - and it's just a GREAT shot!! YOU look so happy!!!!
How was your week?!
Is that the microwave you said you were going to pick up last Monday? haha!
Do you have a hot plate in your place or just a microwave? ok - so tell me about the crazy fruit picture - I've seen that fruit at the food bank in a can - it's so crazy looking!  What does it taste like?  
Mamon Chino
And - whose baptism is that? tell me about that! who is the family - are they part members then or?
You rode a bus to the temple? with all missionaries or were there members on there as well?  Was it a whole mission trip to the temple or only certain zones or?

Aaron: My week was good, we did end with very many baptisms in the zone.. actually we ended horribly, so we´ll see what happens. Let´s just say that our 2 baptisms were half the zones baptisms ;@. 
mamon chino seed

That was Tatiana, the rest of her family aren´t members yet.. She was an old investigator from like 2 years ago, she told the bishop that she´d been waiting 2 years for the missionaries to come back, they left her because she wasn´t going to church, so we started working really hard with her and on her 3rd week in church she got baptized, she has a ton of faith. 

microbus after the temple
We took a bus to the temple, and they had a Microbus to take us to the office afterwards, Apparently my package is in Customs, I can go get it.. you said it got their the 9th? they told me the 23.. so.. I went that Monday but it closed at 3:45 and I got to the office to go get it at 3:44.. but today we´re going to go.. I think they´re going to charge me like 12 bucks or more to pull it out if it got their the 9th, they charge 700 Colones every workday i didn't pick it up... with 5 days free.. WHat crap ha? It was all the mission but their were 4 sessions and we went by zone. We got the 2nd session. WE FINALLY GOT A MICROWAVE, FETCH. And we made gross pancakes in the microwave with vanilla and my comp put syrup and milk and ate it.. gross.. 
"new" microwave haha!

Mom: So who did the baptism then - what elder is that in white? is that the other set of elders in your ward?
OH!! I'm so sorry they are charging you for the package!! Take money out of the debit card then for sure to cover it - will you get to go to the Customs to get it? the longer it is there the more they will charge you then right?
Tatiana with Juan Picado who did the baptism

Aaron: Yeah, but you said it got their the 9th.. and they told me it was their the 23rd.. so it was at like 4mil or 8 bucks at that day.. but i couldn´t get it until today.. so i think like 6 mil or 12 bucks.. maybe a tiny bit more.. but we´ll see, I brought 20 bucks personal money with me to grab it.. we´re going today. After 5 days each Business day charges 700 colones. like $1.30 

Elder Escarcega's pancake with milk in the microwave
Mom: well - on my end it says it got to customs the 9th -to be sorted - so maybe it wasn't cleared from customs until the 23rd?  Maybe that's it!  Let's pray!! I'm just thankful it got there - I truly thought they wouldn't let it through - you will see why they are charging when you open it up :p Sorry!! But just take it out of our $$ for sure to cover it! :) Glad you will get it but sad to have to wait until next week to talk to you about it!!  Pick which tie you want to keep and give the other to Escarcega!!

Aaron: Oh.. also the other elders had a baptism of a youth.. so Elder Colindres baptized him and a member baptized ours, named Juan Picado.. he´s cool. Tatiana said she sent me a Facebook request and it got rejected.. could you accept dat please?=) We had a hotplate stove thing and then the microwave. 
Temple Trip September 23 2015

Mom: OH! she sent that to me I think and I didn't know who she was as it was random  and her page didn't say she was from Costa Rica!  I had just had another Facebook request from some other random person in Costa Rica and I was thinking - hmmm maybe I shouldn't just accept these people without figuring out WHY they are friending me! haha!! I will search her out - I haven't been on your page in a while - LIKE months! so I will get on there and friend all your requests

Aaron: Another person sent one too, named Jose i don't know his last name.. L something.. he´s an investigator and his girlfriend is less active but they went to church last week.. he´s funny and he sent one
YEH!! Así es pue =) that´s how it is.
Leonel and Jeaneth - one of my favorite families :)

Mom: if for some reason you go to pick up your box and they charge you more for the contents - (I guess depending on how CRAZY much more) just pay it on the debit card (if they will let you) hopefully they don't do that - but you've never had to go to customs to pick up a box before have you? didn't the mission always pick up the boxes before? So - they might be charging you for the contents - if so - I'm sorry!! I won't do that to you again :/

Aaron : nope, well I don't know what happened with the first boxes u sent, never heard anything.. but the other no.. i just grab them from the office and yeah. Up to what limit should I pay or leave it?? What do you think

Mom: what does Pue mean? Last week you had it in your header for your email and when I tried to translate it in google translate it just left it as pue

Aaron: Pue is like a Nicaraguan accent for Pues, which is well.. but lots of Latino countries cut s´s off.. so it´s PUE haha

Elders Gubler, Escarcega, Colindres (don't know the other 2)
Mom: well the first ones just never got there - they were cheap (contents anyways) and just a trial run - so I wasn't worried.  This box has a weird combo - so I think that is what triggered the hold at customs - hopefully they don't charge you a buttload to retrieve it - but it is what it is.  Just wish it wasn't a nightmare for you to get :(

Aaron: PIZZA

Mom: looks like Costco!! haha 

Aaron: Nahh it´s all good 
OKay, Gotta go mom!! I love you so much, tell dad I love him too. Have a good week. The sis´s too, and Spencer, love ´em all have a good week

Mom: LOVE you!! have a great week!! It will all work out!! Have faith! :) Until next week!! HUGS!!!! KISSES!!!!! LOVE!!! 

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