Monday, September 21, 2015

Va Pue‏

This week I just want to talk a little bit about the importance of making and keeping covenants. One of the most common phrases you´ll hear in Costa Rica is ¨A church isn´t what saves you, Jesus isn´t going to come to save only a single church.¨ I suppose you could say that God won´t only exalt His church, but He is looking for His covenant making people. In the old testament and throughout all of the Bible and the Book of Mormon we learn about the covenants that God´s children have made with Him. One of the most well known covenants is the Abrahamic Covenant. Through the children of Abraham all of the families of the world would be blessed. Through the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ came also the restoration of the Abrahamic Covenant, in which we now as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, can be received under the Abrahamic Covenant and receive ALL of the blessings promised to the children of the old testament. I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is the only group of people who truly make covenants with Heavenly Father. We truly are the covenant people and the Lord will come for his Covenant People. This is just something I´ve been studying lately, and all the truth is in the scriptures, if we study them and confirm what we study with the Lord we will be able to know the path that takes us back to our Heavenly Father.


Elder Lohberg. Bazinga. 

from typing back and forth:
Aaron: hi mom
FYI My comp´s name is Elder Escarcega, elder Colindres is our district leader but he´s cool haha, he wants me to visit guatemala. Yeah they´re pretty comfy (talking about his crocs).. they only cost me 5 dollars. haha. I´m fine, the week went well.. we had 42 lessons and we brought 4 people to church, all families or part families! we baptized last week and this week we have another baptism, the girlfriend of a family, she has 3 kids and her boyfriend... but they live in separate houses so she´s gunna get baptized.. apparently she was waiting 2 years for the missionaries to knock on her door again :O
The investigators are good, transfers are the 12th of october. this Wednesday is P'day we´re going to the temple i might buy scriptures in spanish to make a quad.. but also i might not because lazy. I heard that the scientists are saying there´s going to be a 3 day eclipse, is that true?

Mom: oops! Sorry i kept thinking Colindres didn't sound right!!  But I couldn't find anything else that told me your comp - I'm sure you have said it to me - but I couldn't remember :/ Tell him it's not that he's forgettable or anything - it's that I'm old :p
Wow - 42 lessons! That's a lot of lessons!! cool that you had 4 people to church - and families no less :) That's awesome!! AND another baptism this week?! I'm really proud of the work you are doing!!
I don't know why I thought transfers were the end of this month - I must have just gotten confused with what our area transfers are or something.
I'm excited that you get to go to the temple on Wednesday! Take pictures while you are there :)  
I haven't heard about a 3 day eclipse - unless it's the whole "end of the world thing" haha

Aaron: I´ll take pictures in the temple don't worry=) haha just kidding.. no the eclipse is a lie i think idk we usually teach 32-36 lessons a week

Mom: o I googled it - there is a lunar and a solar eclipse this month but 3 days? no not from anything I have seen - that would be weird and end of the world like :)
It sounds like though that things are picking up to a degree there - that you are seeing some progress in your area - which I'm happy for you to be able to see some of the fruits of your labors :)

Aaron: yeh it´s pretty cools. TYLER ALMOST LEAVES FOR HIS MISSION YEH? 4 WEEKS?

Mom: ya I think Tyler reports the 28th of October? I think that is correct.  He is flying out as he reports to the Mexico MTC.   

Aaron:  HOW ARE YOU GUYS. TELL ME MORE ABOUT HISTORY. KARA NO GOING MARRIAGE? she told me she wouldn't get married until i come home.. just get married already and MAKE A FAMILY. 

Mom: as far as the "roommates" thing goes - truly - I'm in no hurry right now to do anything with that - we have time!  AND - lots of people go to school and room with complete strangers - so that's not an issue either if you end up doing that.  It would be nice to know something about who you are rooming with but not necessary for you to succeed at school. I think the biggest thing is it would be nice to room with other RM's I think - and if they spoke spanish that might be cool so you could keep up your spanish as well.

Aaron: I guess we can do it, it´s the SAME VARA:)

Mom: haha - I don't think Kara will marry any time soon - she says she's not ready for marriage and she says he isn't ready either so we shall see :/ BUT this I know - she says she will NOT get married without you being there :)
more history? like? what?

Aaron: IDK how´s jessie and kara and you and dad??? and cleo and missy and like idk.. what are the walls made of in our house?? it´s not dry wall right? Also I want to restore a car

Mom: same vara? meaning same variation of spanish?  Either way - whatever you end up doing with roommates - you are not bound to that forever! You can always move - always switch apartments etc. 
One concern I had about where she was looking was it is south of campus (by where Jessie's old apartment was) and while that area isn't "bad" it's just far from the MTC/temple if you wanted to work at the MTC you would have to drive there.  But I guess that's not a huge deal breaker.  It might be nice to see where your classes would be (like building areas) so that we could judge better where you'd have to go for class, but again - not a huge deal breaker - we could always get a bike or something you could take besides having to walk to class.  BUT we have time :)

Aaron: a bike or a motorcycle VROOM VROOM suzuki motorcycles are cheap i think=D but also SUPER DANGEROUS=I
vara is like thing.. it´s a tico saying.. because Cosa means thing, but here they say Vara, Que es la vara? What´s the deal?

Mom: well Jess just got a job - she is working for a hospital there in Provo she will be the go between for patients getting surgeries done and the hospital - basically she will be telling the patient how much their insurance will cover of the procedure vs how much they will need to pay and then deal with that.  I told her she most likely wont have mad people but she will get criers when they figure out how poor they will be from the procedure :)
Kara is doing well - she is RS president again - so she taught yesterday at church.  She is wanting to focus RS on building the individual spirituality - which truly - THEY have to do - but I think she is wanting to show them how they can do it.  
Dad is a little stressed with work - well a lot stressed with work - but we are working on that.
Missy is a fat lard - but still cute! Still has breathing issues - but she has gotten tougher with Cleo - she actually will attack  her at times! guess she is just DONE with being bullied by cle :)  Dad made her a cat tent  -  I will see if I can find a picture to send you - the cats love it!
Cle fights with Dans cat nightly - you can hear the cats screaming at each other EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

Aaron: you sent me the cat tent!!

Mom: What do you think of this picture?  I found it and absolutely LOVE It!! Makes me think of Christ reaching for Peter as he is sinking in the water from doubt - and how he reaches for each of us.
Thoughts? I am thinking of buying one for the house - it's not an LDS artist - actually the guy is Korean I think who created it - but I just love it!! 

Aaron: yeah i´ve seen it before, it´s cool

Mom: if your pday is Wednesday that's cool that you still got to email today!  I'm glad that you can still attend the temple even though it is out of the mission. still have a few minutes? I can never tell how much time you have to chat.
Do you have tons of paperwork stuff to do on your computer time? I think I mentioned that Spencer told his mom that he has to do his ZL's paper work each week during his computer time - that seemed odd to me

Aaron: Yeh, pretty dank. I do tons of ab work outs and my abs are flat and everything.. sometimes i wonder if maybe when my diet changes from rice and beans to our states diet i´ll pull out a 6 pack??? yeh like 5 or so. Paperwork stuff will be next week I believe

Mom: so does it take up your time to email then? how does that work?
How many of you go to the church to email on Monday? I know there are 2 computers there - but how many computers total and does the whole district go at the same time or?

Aaron: No, Wednesday p-day ends at 5:00 instead of a 6:00. their are 7 here.. our district is 6 and the other is 8 so they write somewhere else now. 

Mom: you're actually pretty lucky as Elder J has gained so much weight from the rice and beans - he is swollen up - his mom has had to mail him replacement shoes even cause his feet are swollen.
Our elders asked if you'd gained weight and dad's like yeah from all the rice and beans and I'm like um no actually he hasn't! haven't you looked at his pictures he's sent? haha

Aaron: Like i did at first, then i dropped it down.. and now I'm pretty much the same 
Love you mom, Have a good week, tell dad to have a good week too! Keep up being awesome parents=) I love you both so much, talk to you next week! 

Mom: LOVE YOU!! have a great week Aaron! So proud of you!! Truly happy for the successes you are seeing in the mission field!! Reap the harvest!! LOVE YOU!

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