Monday, September 7, 2015

Desmond the Moon Bear‏

Shout out to Kara with the subject heading idea. This week went pretty well, 4 investigators came to church, we had two a mom and her son (he´s 40 years old) who appear like GOLD super awesome.. and they were going to both come to church but her husband got sick.. he´s from Canada and is like 89 or something like that.. so she couldn´t come but her son did come. And then a member was able to bring half of a family.. the other half was sleeping and didn't want to get up. So we´re hoping that the son and his mom and then half the family can get baptized this month! The reason we´ll baptize only have the family is because the mom wants to be baptized but she doesn´t want to get married to her boyfriend because he´s crazy.. the good thing is that they don´t live together. Also!!! Well.. yesterday was stake conference but one of the inactive families we were working with has now showed up for the 6th time.. and i´m willing to say that they basically reactivated now=) They´re super cool and i´m super happy for them.. also they have 2 years of being baptized so we´re going to try and rob them and take them to the temple! God has a plan for each and everyone of us, he has the master plan to say it that way, his ways are not our ways and when we try and line our will up with his he blesses us and in the end we can understand the need and importance for decisions that we made and for things we suffered... for everything basically... God knows what he´s doing and he gives us the chance to participate. I heard in a general conference talk that we have notes that we can play in the Symphony of God´s plan, whether we play them or not the symphony will continue, but God hopes that we rise up and play our notes loudly and beautifully. 

With much love,

Elder Lohberg

Aaron: hello

Mom: HEY HEY HEY!! How has your week been?  I've got Kara & Jess here with me if you want to chat with either of them :)

Aaron: AWESOME. I´m going to put a video on.. of a rain storm we had last Monday!! !it´s long though.. so hang in there

Mom: Fun email this week - you sound like you're feeling better this week with your area.  Great about the less actives coming back - I think that is wonderful!  these people have once had the gospel - known the sweetness of it and now coming back can enjoy the blessings of the gospel and the temple  :)

Aaron: Yeh. We doin good here in the hood, my comp is crazy lol.. he does weird stuff, the other day in the house of the less actives he put on the father like baseball hat backwards, and he looked like a 5 year old kid lolol 

Mom: Hahaha!! I am glad that you two are getting along - because it sucks when you don't for sure!!
Hey - Sent you a box before we left for UTAH :) I forgot to say in it - that I packed you 2 new ties - so pick one and give the other to your comp :)
The rest will be a surprise (as to what is in the box that is) 
I didn't send it priority express so this one will take about 2 - 3 weeks probably to get to you - I forgot to bring my tracking number so I can't see where the box is at this point - but my guess is it hasn't made it into country yet.  But just giving you a heads up - not sure if they tell you when you get a box or if you just need to know? how does that work? Do you get to travel into the office to get it or do you have to wait until you have a meeting to go pick it up?

Aaron: Why send me things expensive? I say no send things cost much but say wait come home no waste money. Just had meeting no go office for long time we see what happen i go and see and if there i take if no there no take

Mom: Well - I send as I please so :p
I will keep you posted then a to when to expect it - I'm guessing probably not for a couple weeks at least though.
So with this newly reactivated family - do they have any friends you can teach? They would have referrals I would think!! since they have been less active I would think they would have nonmember friends then that you could now teach as they are enjoying the gospel now again and will want to have their friends enjoy it too :

Aaron: The fathers brother lives with him.. but they´re hard to teach because they´re only home from 8-9 and he told us he didn't want anything after we had taught him like 10 times.. we´re going to keep trying.. see what happens, ...he could change.. but he´s also not married and his girlfriend lives in Nicaragua.. so if he goes back to Nicaragua he would break the law of chastity lol.. 
Why send when say no send? no understand why no listen and why use much money send thing.

Mom: and I repeat....
So there.  I just hope that you will get everything sent and that you can ENJOY it :) and such.  It made ME happy to send it :)
 the temple is a great thing to strive for with these families - getting them to the temple to gain those eternal blessings that can come only through those saving ordinances.
I SEND cause it made me happy. I know you said not to - but you seemed so down last week - I just needed to give you a hug via mail :)

Aaron: Haha I have a gospel question for you, we´ll see if you know the answer :P Here in Costa Rica, there a ton of Nicaraguans, and they and Ticos usually just live together and have a family but never get married lawfully, the mom of the wife in this family we reactivated, her husband died. But they were never married by law.. so they actually can´t be sealed together because they were never married lawfully, how does that work out then? Haha. 

Mom: well she cannot be sealed to him in this life because they were never married to begin with - that is correct.  BUT all worthy "members" if you want to say it that way - or maybe I should say - all those who are worthy to be partakers of those blessings will receive them in the next life (even though it says that we wont be married in the next life).  We do know that there are lots of women who will never get to partake of those blessings in this life and they are promised those blessings in the next.

I think that goes for both sexes if you will - because they weren't married but that was prior to them knowing the gospel.  So IF he accepts the gospel (you said he has passed correct?) and his work is done for him - and if she is now active - and if they are meant to be together then I believe it will work out.  I think we don't understand God's ways but in the end it will work out and we will be okay with the results in the end. :)  We just have to move forward in faith that it will work out :)

Aaron: Hahahahahahaah Well said.

Mom: why the hahahahha?  was it a joke?

Aaron: No I dont know, I was in agreement.. same answer. Hey but I almost have to go, I love you a lot, I just got my scripture cases I think, But i will open them in the home take a picture and send it next week..=P.
ALSO. Another Apostle who I love. JOSEPH. B. WIRTHLIN. He´s So. GREAT:

Mom: ok -well glad you are doing better!! Have a great week - looking forward to seeing your scripture cases :)  I will see if I can find out more info for the uploading of the video :p
Did you get any of the emails I sent with photos on them?
Did I send you the story from last week about learning to live between the safety of the lines of the gospel? I love that story/ analogy :)  He was hard to listen to but loved reading his talks!!
LOVE YOU Aaron!! Will send that picture of the group next week for sure!!

Aaron: I gotem!

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