Monday, September 14, 2015

Gotta Catch´em All‏

Been thinking a lot lately about Pokemon.. I don´t know why. In other news, this week one of our investigators got baptized named Harin, and another member moved into our area from El Salvador, he had a problem with the gangs there.. crazy business. This week I´ve been studying the talks of Thomas S. Monson and the Apostles.. I love listening to these talks, even in talks I´ve already read I receive so much revelation. I´ve got a huge craving to read the institute manuals and other church books right now haha, I love learning new things about the scriptures!!! It almost makes me wonder how ANYONE could go inactive in the church, really if you believe in God and read His word the scriptures, it´s super obvious that this is Christ´s Church. With so much evidence He still gives us a Spiritual confirmation to help our unbelief. I encourage you to make sure you´re actually STUDYING the scriptures everyday and praying everyday because our Heavenly Father will always guide us, I don't have any doubt of that! 

¨The simple secret is this: put your trust in God, and do your best, and leave the rest to Him¨

One of my favorite quotes, Joseph B Wirthlin
Have a good week! 


Elder Lohberg

#GALALIGA 2-1 Me dicen

From emailing back and forth:

Mom: Thank you!! I think this is a first for you (not to wish me happy birthday - but for you to remember ON MY birthday:) haha)
How was your week? I'm anxious to hear all about it!!

Aaron: It was decent. No one went to church, but we surprised baptized 
someone hahahaha. I think the bishop was a little mad about it.. FETCHING MISSIONARIES
Also Elder Colindres says happy birthday

Mom: surprise baptize? how did that work? haha - dunked them when they weren't lookin' haha :)

Aaron: Uhm.. so we had left a youth.. he told us he was 18 when we first found him.. like 2 months ago.. we brought him to church like 9 times, to 2 baptisms.. 2 activities.. and he said he didn't feel anything but that he did want to be baptized.. so then he told us.. oh yeah I´m 17 i turn 18 in 2 months.... so we fasted with him so his mom would give permission and nope.. and so it was like fetch.. then one day he told us he was going to go to the church in front of his moms house in another zone.. so we were like okay.. and we just passed the reference.. basically a free baptism haha.. but then my comp talked to his dad.. who lives in our area.. apparently he had been lying, he really has 18 years old almost 19 and he had fought with his step mom so his dad kicked him out.. so we stopped talking to him because my comp was super upset with him.. i still sent him messages every once and a while.. and then a week later we saw him a weekend but my comp didn't want to talk to him so we always just ignored him.. 3 weeks later.. he was still showing up and we went to visit his neighbor and he was like, Hey, i´m going to get baptized next week I think,  and we´re like that´s cool, and he´s like, what now you´re not going to talk to me? and my comp ignored him but I talked to him because he LOOKS AND TALKS just like C.. and then he told me that he wanted to go to church with us.. and i´m like.. where are you going to go to church are you going to start going there or keep going here? and he said he was going to go here so i´m like.. okay you should be baptized here then if you´re going to go to church here.. so we talked to the sister missionaries that´d we´d passed him off too and robbed him again, it was a Friday in the afternoon like 6:00, at 7 our district leader showed up lol and did the interview and then at 6:00 during a fetching Ward Activity that we didn't know about we baptized him.. so the bishop was like.. why wasn´t this better planned and everything and the ward mission leader who does like nothing took the blame.. he´s growin on me haha. but yeah! Baptism. 

Mom: You look so happy in the photos!  The sisters...not so much :) haha! 

Aaron: HAHA in one of the photos when i was putting my arm around elder gubler i brushed his face with my arm on accident haha it´s super funny!

Mom: haha - ya it made me chuckle - it looks like he's all "armpit! ugh!" but then the next shot is fine! haha - it's funny though :P
no word from customs yet on your box - my only worry is that what we sent might get held up there ;/ so we shall see.  we will just keep praying  for it to clear! :)

Aaron:okay, well I LOVE YOU MOM. HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY DAY AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you and dad so much and hope you a happy week, also that kara and jessie make good choices always 

Mom:LOVE YOU TOO!! have a great week!!

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