Monday, August 31, 2015


This week was changes, we only had 4 areas in the zone that had changes, all sisters. So.. 3 sisters left, and 1 got move like, 10 minutes from her old area to open a new area in our ward haha.. and all 4 are going to train. We´ve been working pretty hard... We were challenged by Elder Nelson to study in the guide for scripture study some topics.. one of the topics I studied that was pretty cool was about the Tree of Life.. it´s an interesting topic and we´re still studying it. Just going to be honest.. once we´ve started STUDYING the topics really specifically we´ve just confused ourselves a ton haha.. so we´re going to keep pondering and stuff. Anyways it was a good week. 

*From emailing back and forth:

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: Hey - so getting an email now means - you didn't transfer and are still in Toyopan right? Did you keep your comp as well then?

Aaron: Yup.. Still here. Yeah we only had like 4 sisters who had changes and will be training here.. but we stayed the same

Mom: push forward then and keep plugging along right?  Must have something to accomplish there still :)
How has your week been?  Do you know the new sisters who will be coming in? I saw a picture posted on facebook of the new missionaries heading out - TONS of sisters actually - but - just wondered who you were getting in your area.

Aaron: I guess... Pretty poop. One of them is from a dif area in our zone.. she´s just moving and they´re going to train. 

Mom: it's ok to be upset about not transferring - to feel a down for a bit - just don't let that overtake you! Don't let that hinder what you are there to do.

I think the Lord has something for you to do there - and I know we chatted briefly about that last week - but truly I think there is something - someone you are there to help.  

Think about those whom you've met - investigators, members, missionaries in your zone.  Think of your ward.  How can YOU impact or help them the most?  Can you light a fire in your ward in regards to missionary work? Can you strengthen their testimonies by sharing yours (in word or actions)? Do they know you love them and are there to help them be successful in doing the work? truly? Do you think the missionaries you work with - you serve - know that? Feel that? And investigators - or just people you've met - like Ma  - have you boldly shared the gospel with them?

I'm not asking this looking for or expecting answers - just want you to think about it yourself and look deeply to see what it is the Lord wants/needs you to do and then do it.  Ask him - have him point out what it is he wants/needs you to do.

You have grown so much while serving a mission - I have no doubt you are a good missionary.  I know it's hard - truly I do. I recognize that there are ups and downs to serving a mission - and sometimes it seems like the downs just stay level for a while - but there will be sunshine as well that will come your way.

See if you can find some peace with this assignment as you pray - ask for that peace and assurance that this is WHERE you are to be right now - and it will come - your direction that you need will come and you will figure it out - I have no doubt in that :)

Aaron: Just keep swimming just keep swimming=). That´s crazy about the wind storm.. it´s ended now? 

Mom: haha - yes keep swimming :) Dad says make the whale sound if you think it will help - "do you speak whale"?
it's still windy but not as bad as saturday :)


Mom: could you focus on reactivating people? maybe start taking members out to go in search of those who have left the church?  Maybe that will fire up the ward and help boost that as well as those who have become less active getting reactivated - they will have nonmember friends who you could possibly teach - contacts 
thoughts? - go after the less actives maybe?
I know from other mission blogs I've been reading - that a lot of the missionaries are trying to strengthen the wards - seeking out less actives - bringing them or rather inviting them to return.  Just a thought.

Aaron: We´ve almost reactivated 2 families and a 63 year old man... We have about 9 part member families we´re working with.. the problem is that the m's are crazier than the i's.. 

Mom: well that may be true - but try to over look their craziness :p See Others As They May Become "We must develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become." ~ Pres. Monson
This one too - is really good - talks about Unity - I was reading it for my lesson last week - it is one of the pitfall can get into in the church - one of the things that keeps us from being unified is pride - but it's a great talk as well Our Hearts Knit As One

Aaron: I´m going to see... i think i have the first one already but ima check my usb

Mom: I think it's not uncommon for us - the natural man takes over if you will - at times to forget that the gospel changes people.  Even the less actives CAN change - they just need to see the reason for the change and experience that change in their hearts as well so they can be a strength  rather than a burden

Have you ever read "The every day missionary" I think that's what it's called.  It's a book about becoming a member missionary basically - but in it - one of the chapters talks about inviting people to "help" in the church - it makes them basically rise to the occasion to give service.  Maybe look at the "less actives" see what "service" they can offer - but pose it not as YOU need to do this but rather WE could really use YOUR help with this blah blah blah.  Help them see how they are needed.

Aaron: Okay.. I will try! Thanks mom, I love you and dad and kara and jessie and spencer.. have a good week!!!! =D =D

Mom: Have a great week Aaron - hang in there!! Praying for you!! LOVE YOU!!

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