Monday, August 3, 2015


from the BYU dancers evening
This week was pretty good, super exhausting but it was rewarding. We felt the spirit and found some new families that seem pretty good! We were given permission to go to the BYU dance group that came here Monday, but only if we brought an investigator. We scrambled and found one so we could go haha.. we went and saw the dance.. honestly it was a little bit weird because they played and danced to all the music in the states.. not sure what I was expecting. But as we got out we hitched a ride from some members and they were talking to our investigator and he was saying, I want to get baptized! I really do. They look like that have successful lives and lots of the members seem like they´re happy, I want a life like that. And the member who was driving told him ¨Honestly you should get baptized, do it because you want to follow Jesus Christ and you love him, I made this decision 30 years ago and I have not once regretted it, I´ve have received countless blessings.¨ And that basically sealed the deal, he wants to get baptized big time and he wants to serve a mission. Really I can´t state enough how important the members are in missionary work. The members don´t even have to teach, all they have to do is testify, and show a small example of how to make the change and the results are AMAZING. I love being a full-time missionary but I can´t wait to be a member missionary! I promise you that you will find SO much more joy in the gospel if you become a friend to those investigating and those who are distanced. Also a small talk that I loved in the July 2015 Liahona was by Elder Faust, when he talks about lambs and pastors. READ IT! Then think the lambs that you´re charged to serve. It´s a great talk. Have a good week!

Elder Lohberg! 

on their way to the BYU dancers evening
Aaron: hi mom!

Mom: hey!! 
Just was talking to dad telling him I hadn't seen anything from you yet.
Tell me about church yesterday - any gators show up?  What's new with  you this week? how goes things?

 ** the number thing is in answer to an email question about his letter from a few weeks back about numbers in the scriptures:
Aaron: 3, 7, 12, 40 are perfect numbers in Hebrew.. that´s what the godhead is.. 3.. 7 days in the week, 12 apostles.. it means like complete.. sufficient.. what´s required.. So when in revelation when it says 144000 and the lord will come that's what the Jehovah witnesses take as meaning like saved.. but 144000 is 12 times 12000.. two perfect numbers signifying the sufficient amount.. those numbers is the Lord´s way of showing his fingerprint in his work. That´s why i had asked you why the number 3 is in the scriptures like 5000 times.. jaja. Noah sent a bird 3 times to search for land (he sent as many as it took to find the land) Jesus fasted 40 days (he fasted as many days as it took to receive the revelation...) i´m still trying to understand and everything.. Our investigators are good.. we´re finding new families and leaving a bunch behind. Right now we´re working with lots of youth.. we don´t have many like golden families, but this last week we found some good ones that might progress well! We had 5 in the church.. some went for themselves.. the bishop brought 2 of them!  

Mom: that's AWESOME!! the numbers thing is REALLY interesting :)
Glad to hear you had gators in church and that things are picking up for you somewhat - the scriptures say "and a child shall lead them" so maybe working with the youth is the way to go - more open minded and willing to listen and hopefully they can help their families to listen as well 

(his main email came - shown above)

half way through the haircut for his comp :)
Mom: I love your letters home!! I will look that talk up and read it :)
I need to find people in our area for the missionaries to teach!  
is that a picture of you cutting your comps hair again?
on the plate - is that plantains, rice, beans, potatoes? and what is that? fried green tomato? and a meat of some sort?
What else can you tell me?  I see you've had tons of rain - how are you keeping dry? 
Do you get mosquitoes at all? I'm sure if you get transferred to Limon you will for sure have them.
how's your toe doing?
Your hand - with the cut?
your knee?
how bad was the hole in the pants? could you mend it or are they toast?

Aaron: Yeah Ma mended them for me.. i just don't have time now.. my toe.. idk it still hurts a bit.. it´s turned like a darker brown underneath slowly.. i think it´ll fall off. I´ve just been cleaning it with alcohol. my knee is better.. my hand too.. we did service again but i was more careful. 
injured toe from soccer last week :(

Aaron: We´ve not had too much.. sometimes yes.. but it´s super windy.. the rain falls sideways.. basically.. not really with the mosquitoes.. I´ve been putting the spray thing on my blanket just in case.. Yes. I told president i wanted to train haha and he said ¨We´ll see what happens. I plan to have all my zone leaders train before they go home..¨ I was like.. pfft.. hahaha. but oh wells I´ll never stop working hard. 

Mom: so have you met with him again then? or just the one time?

Aaron: Just the one time. but he actually replies to our emails.. short messages.. apparently they told him not too because it takes forever haha but he does it.. i love him haha.. just the 1 interview, the zone meeting and the leadership meeting. This Thursday we have a multizone meeting with him and President Duncan from the area and then also Friday is leadership meeting with him and President Duncan

Mom: well take your camera to those!! 
I'm so glad you are loving him!! and know he will be a blessing for you as well :)
yum those tacos look amazing!! I want some!!
yummy tacos Aaron made :)

plantains, roast, a pumpkin with rice & beans of course

Aaron:Yeah i cut his hair again haha.. he said he´d give me $4 lol.. i was like.. whatever.. i think it turned out better this time. it was like a roast thing with plantains a small pumpkin like thing yeh. 

Aaron: i´m putting the finished product now. haha. 
Aaron's latest work of art :D

Mom: looks GREAT! You have a career ahead of you as a hairstylist :p
make him buy you lunch!! :)  You paid for him when he got there so it's fair :)

Aaron: Pfft.

Aaron: I don't know how.. i was just cutting for fun and that´s what happened. ANyways I gotta go, I love you so much mom. Have a good week! Also tell dad I love him! 

Mom: oh I forgot you already had a career lined up....going pro! :p

Aaron: hahahahahaaha. No. I don't know.. I´m only going to play a tiny bit of video games now.. such a waste. I have lots of things I want to learn.. how to restore a car.. how to play guitar (rhymes) i want to practice soccer a bit. 

Mom: I will!! LOVE YOU!! have a great week as well! I hope things go well and people PROGRESS!! LOVE YOU!!

Aaron:Then i´ll also be working-studying-dating
.. no time 

Mom: that's my boy whose grown into a man! LOVE YOU!

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