Monday, August 24, 2015


Leadership Training
I like that line from The Office.. i´m not sure why it came to mind #Stanley. This week went pretty well.. we worked really hard. We also had a broadcast with President Nelson, he talked about how to improve our studies and about how to become better missionaries. There were some cool things I learned, definitely going to study each day specific topics now! I love this church and know that it´s true. It changes us and gives a perspective of who we can become. Sometimes ask ourselves why we have trials, why we have problems, why 
we´re sad, why we´re not maybe as successful as others. God knows why because He sees what we are becoming. He has a plan for us, and He has a will for us. I often think of the video by Elder Holland, I think it´s also called However Long or Hard the Road, the Mormon message, where he says ¨It will all be well in the end. Some blessings come quickly, some come more slowly, and some don´t come until heaven, but to those who obey the commandments of the Father, they come¨ It´s something along those lines. I know and I testify that it´s true. God will bless us, if we obey. He will guide us, if we let him. And He will teach us, if we listen. 

Elder Lohberg


Ticoblock - hillside behind Aaron's apartment
 Mom: Transfers are this next Sunday (you'd find out) right? - do you think you will stay or ? any thoughts?
Aaron: Next sunday yup! I don´t know.. I feel like we´ll stay.. But we both kind of want to leave.. neither wants to be here but I´m trying to kick this thought out of my head and then help my comp too.
Mom: that's probably smart - I know that is hard to do sometimes :)
IF you stay - then ask the Lord what it is He wants you to do and if I don't know - ask again - and again until you figure it out or you get moved :)
Aaron: hahahahahahaaahaah That´s what i´ve been trying to do, maybe i can do it better I´ll pray more. I read a talk today on pride.. that kind of hit me hard.. i´ve been pretty prideful i think.. just trying to figure out how to get rid of it. This is the talk i read today in the morning. Beware of Pride 
Mom: that's the story of EVERYONE'S life!! Learning how to get rid of pride!  I have been struggling with that myself for a long time - and it's been in my face a lot lately.  I am seeing I need to humble myself and be willing to be happy for others successes even if and when I don't see that in my own life - I have a LOT to be thankful for. Like YOU :) and Kara & Jessie & of course Dad :)
Aaron: I gotta go!  I love YOU SO MUCH!!! Have a good week

"hotdogs, beans, chicken patties that we eat every day" - mom note: say what? chicken? that doesn't look like chicken to me! haha

Toyopan Zone with Elder Duncan

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