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MultiZone Meeting with the Area President, President Duncan‏

leadership training was in the building by the temple :)
Well.. this Thursday we had a multizone meeting with the area president. I´m just skipping to the good stuff=) He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, he said that in the area, 1 out of 20 that get baptized have a Spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon before they were baptized, and that one 95% of the time is an active member. Whereas the 19 is 65% of the time, he talked about the need to read the Book of Mormon with our investigators and converts, with everyone, and help them strengthen their testimony of the truthfulness and divinity of the book. It made me think also of the way in which we as members, who claim to be active study the Book of Mormon. Do our studies show a true and strong testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon? Sometimes I feel as though our studies are a good habit, but nonetheless meaningless. If we don´t feast on the words of the scriptures, and really look for answers, apply the doctrine in our lives, we are surely not strengthening our foundation, deepening our roots. Even in the mission I have found that when I study the Book of Mormon I don´t do it looking for answers, craving the guidance of the Spirit. I promise and testify that if we can create good habits of diligently searching and pondering the scriptures we will be blessed and we will never become only believers, we will always remain faithful doers of the will of our Heavenly Father. Things that act, instead of things that are merely acted upon. 

Love, Elder Lohberg! 

Aaron: hi mom

Mom: hey! How has your week gone Aaron? 

Aaron: Pretty good.. not really sure how to improve our area... i´ve been trying to get rid of some bad thoughts I have.. i just... i don't know.. for some failures we´ve had and keep having i´ve really wanted to just be kicked out of the assignment of zone leader. just not have the responsibility and work load.. because i haven´t been able to really idk.. get a consistency to our efforts..I´ll always work hard.. but i´m not going to lie that almost everytime we fail the thought comes to my mind to not want to be zone leader anymore. 

Mom: well it is a tough assignment for sure!  But all you can do is to work hard and truly - the rest just has to happen because the people are prepared for it.
You will definitely have ups and downs mood wise throughout your mission - where some days things will seem to be going so well - with lots of great things happening and then there will be times where nothing seems to be going right.  Think about all the missionary stories in the Book of Mormon - not every city received them - lots chased them out - lots imprisoned them - but after the trials - after they pushed through it - came the sweet success.
Success is just around the corner. Don't give up - just do your best and have faith that the Lord will open the doors of success to you.
I think you are were you are right now to learn something - put your faith / trust in the Lord and ask him for guidance.  You should read this talk - 
maybe this talk will help you in the issues you are faced with right now

Aaron: It´s true... the trial of faith.. but jeezy.. why did the trial have to be so hard... basically 3 months without baptizing.. well we had 1 baptism.. but like.. 1 month no baptize.. 1 baptism.. and now like 2 months again almost without baptizing. 

Mom: some people go their whole missions with NO baptisms!  Just because you haven't had a baptism recently doesn't mean you are a failure.   Keep in mind Elder Hollands advice. 

“Don't you quit. You keep walking, you keep trying, there is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late. Some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in Good Things to Come.”

― Jeffrey R. Holland

good things will start to happen again Aaron - just press forward - have faith and give it your all - that is all you can possibly do.  Plead with the Lord.  Pour out your heart to Him and then ask Him for the help that only He can offer you on this.
Seek advice from Him.  Seek advice from your president as well if you feel inclined, but most of all - know that Heavenly Father is aware of you and your desires - and if you are truly seeking to do His work - He will help you to accomplish it. I know He will.
That quote - while we generally associate it to the mormon message - actually comes from a talk - you should read it - maybe it will give you some comfort and guidance. 
- October 1999 conference - by Holland of course :)

Mom: so the member who didn't have money - you cut his hair?? haha! That's awesome!!
the word has spread that Elder Lohberg can cut hair :)  *this is a ward member
I should have taught you how before you left - but obviously you picked up some skills :)
Are you still able to go to the temple? or was this a split in that area? how did you get to go there? it's in the other mission isn't it?
OH - don't forget your general email as well 

Aaron: his hair was super hard.. he´d been growing it out to donate it.. and then idk he wanted to cut it more but it was SUPER long.. and curly on the ends.. so i couldn´t use a comb like with Escarcega i had to use my fingers but he was super PICKY on how i did it.. so.. it actually looks really good right now.. but it would´ve been cooler if i had been able to do it. That was the leadership meeting.. it was in the chapel behind the temple.. from what i know we can still. but yeah it´s in the other mission.
Elders LOVE pizza :D

Mom: tell me about the family you are posed with in the last set of pictures - and the area - you are standing on what looks like an overpass - is that your area behind you? and what does:

ticoblock es buenisimo and Ilish Que Rata mean?  

I know tico is what the people of costa rica are called - so tico block - like a street where they live? but what is buenisimo?
when was this pizza shot taken? today? or? and where? is that in your area or someplace else?
Whose the other set of elders?
So - you had leadership last week - when is the next zone meeting? or when will you meet with President again? - when is transfers again?
"ticoblock es buenisimo"
What did you gather from leadership training - anything that can help you in your area? was your leadership training then with both missions since it was in West area?  Did you get to see any of the other missionaries that are on that side now?

Aaron: Ticoblock was a business.. in this neighborhood behind our house where we work.. the picture on the hill with that little like neighborhood is basically where almost all of our investigators are.. it´s pretty poor.. but there are good people there. Ticoblock es buenisimo is ticoblock is super good! because when the assistants did divisions with me a long time ago, elder tai (who started his mission in this area but it was a lot bigger back then) said that they ONLY worked in ticoblock.. haha.. he told me not to leave it.. but ticoblock is so small.. and everyones poor.. and many don´t want anything haha.. so it´s a joke my companion and i have. Then Ilish is the name of the guy with the hat.. he´s like a drunk 22 year old haha who doesn´t want to change at all but is super loving and so we always joke around with him and then finally took photos. QUE RATA is short for like QUE RASTA, like.. Jamaica.. marijuana people... it´s popular in Costa Rica We already had zone meeting.. last Tuesday! With President i´m not sure.. at least next month the first week for leadership meeting again.. sooner than that i don't know. We´ll have a missionary broadcast by elder Nelson or Scott can´t  remember the 22.. but idk if i will see president there. Transfers should be the last Monday of August.. the 30th i think.. if not the next week in august. Um.. yeah.. we´re trying to put lots of emphasis on the book of Mormon with everyone now.... and trying even harder with the members.. nope it was just our mission.. but the area president needed to be close to the airport.. 
that was.. last Monday. in our zone.. we went with other elders to buy food in Cosco.. which is called pricesmart here.. that´s elder Colindres from Guate and elder Gubler from Provo
cool insects we found, a mantis.. pregnant.. and a spider that´s about the size of half or 3/4ths of a dollar bill.

Mom: oh - I see - I just realized your post said it was a multi zone conference last Thursday - I wasn't connecting that - I was thinking leadership when I saw that.  And then the temple picture.
I think the emphasis on the Book of Mormon is great - just do your best.
Remember that not EVERY area has tons of baptisms - I think it has a lot to do with how prepared the area is - how prepared the people are to accept the gospel etc.  Sometimes what we are called - what you as missionaries are called to do is to prepare an area for the great growth that is to come.  you're planting seeds :) or helping planted seeds to grow - the harvest will come and you will reap again :)

Aaron: we had multi zone AND leadership.. back to back meetings. I gotta go mom! I love youuuuu... bye! 

Mom: bye Aaron! LOVE YOU!!! have a good week!!

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  1. Your advice was spot on and it made me cry! You are a great missionary mom, Kim! <3 It is so stressful on boys as they serve as Zone Leaders, but eventually it becomes easy---and then they are released =)