Monday, July 27, 2015

I always forget the general mail! =D‏

I´ve been thinking a lot lately... about the law of Moses and then the higher law. I always wondered why the people weren´t ready in Moses time but I´ve come to realize that many people aren´t even close to ready in our own time. I thought about how we prepare people to be baptized like Christ was baptized, in the only true church on the face of the earth. And that comes BEFORE going to the temple. The people have to be able to receive the lower law and be prepared to live the higher law. Sadly, many people aren´t even closed to prepared to receive the lower law. I´ve come to realize as I´ve thought about it why it is so important that we teach simply. Why we don´t overteach.. we want them to accept the simple laws before they receive the harder to understand and live laws. That is why it is so important that they also feel the gospel, hear the music, before they learn all the dance steps.. because we all fail and we need to be able to see the purpose, the bigger picture so that we´re willing to get up and try again. I´m grateful for this time I have to serve the Lord fully, but I know it is only a lower law, to prepare me to work even harder and apply what I learn here afterwards. There´s a talk that explains about how to apply the sacrifice of your mission. Like with the passover, where they kill the firstborn lamb and put the blood on their doors, it doesn´t serve for anything if they never APPLY the blood. We have to apply the sacrifices we make, and LEARN from them. Look for the small changes in your life that you can make, the ways you can apply what you have learned in order to improve your relationship with your Heavenly Father. I love you all so much! thanks for everything! 

Elder Lohberg

Mom: Hey -
Dad says that your on - how's your week been?

Aaron: super good. Mom.. today we were playing soccer as almost all the zone.. and I think i ripped my toenail off.. also i slammed by finger in a window and cut it haha. I´m not sure about the toenail.. it was pretty long so that it wouldn´t get ingrown.. then to play soccer I put cotton on the sides so it wouldn´t drive into the toe.. I stopped super fast playing and I heard a pop and a TON of pain in my toenail.. we looked at it an elder and I.. their was a little blood in the cotton and it has like air.. under the nail. When i flatten my toe the air pops under the nail, is it going to fall off? It still hurts.. but i kept playing=D

Mom: Yeah its probably going to fall off. Don't pull it off! keep it taped or something. If you rip it off you'll cause damage to the nail bed. Glad you are playing soccer again. Its been a while since you have gotten to do fun things.

Aaron: Yeah, we asked permission.. now President put a new rule in, if the zone makes the goal next month we can do an activity.. if our companionship has 20 investigators progressing we can go outside the zone in our companionship on pday 1 time a month.. and in september if the district makes the goal they can do an activity.. not to shabby! 
Fetch it hurts like crazy lol. 

Mom: k - what I'm reading:
Take advil (ibprophen) and put neosporin under the lifted nail - DO NOT RIP IT OFF - then put a bandage or tape over it to keep the nail from being ripped off.  Repeat as needed - the pain should ease in the next day or so - the advil will help dull it.  The nail should fall off in a week or so - and then take a few months to grow back in - YOU will need to watch so that as the new nail grows in it doesn't get ingrown 

Aaron: I dont have neosporin, but I have rubbing alcohol? or maybe i do in the my suitcase??? idk.. if not i can loko for it. 

Mom: i bought you neosporin before you left - did you use it all?

Aaron: Nope! didnt even know i had it.. i´ll look and use it=D Probably made a bad choice, when I saw that i had hurt my toe, i did look at it right, and it had broken a bit too, so i trimmed it back

Mom: you should have it in the bag I sent you - if not - peroxide would work - alcohol I guess - but peroxide would be better than alcohol - both will sting like crazy - so look in your bag first for the neosporin - I know I sent you some along with cortizone (which is itch relief for rashes etc)

Aaron: OHH YAHHHH!!! I remember now=D so what, i lift the nail up and put it under???

Cas juice
Mom: trimming it back wont hurt it - that should help you not to accidentally rip it out all together - it should fall out naturally instead so you don't further damage the nailbed
yes - just gently lift it up then squirt that stuff under (it's gel like) and then when you tape (or bandage) it - try to push the nail bed down slightly so it's not super lifted up

Aaron: okay! 

Mom: do you like Cas?  I tried to buy some here to try it but can't - I read that it's part of the guava family of fruit and that it was amazing! I like guava so I'd probably like it too.  I LOVE tres Leches cake!! That is a fav of mine :) yum!!

fell again...different pair of pants with a hole in them : (
Aaron: Holy crap. Cas is the best fruit in the world.. Apparently lots of Gringos try and smuggle it into the states when they go home from the mish but the police stop and take it, you cant get it through customs. 

Mom: sorry about your pants :(  How's your knee?

Aaron: better me extraña

Mom: well you can buy it in Canada - so I was thinking next time we go there I'm gunna search it out and try it!! Plus I think you can get it in NY, LA and FL and even TX but just not everywhere in the US is the problem - I want to try it though!! I want to go to Costa Rica and see what you are seeing!

Aaron: TRANQUILA TRANQUILA we´ll go later like.. months after i get home and check it out... but we´re not going to visit in the rainy season lol

Mom: so what are the best times to visit ? when is the least rainy season time frame?

Aaron: Costa Rica would be good in December depending when.. December is when the summer begins.. and it´s more cool but sunny
 I gotta go now mom!!! I Love you so much thank you for everything! Tell dad I love him too


  1. He is just SO cute. Bummer about the foot though...and the ripped knee in the pants.

    1. thanks! He is so funny :) He will have to break out his mad sewing skills and see if he can fix his pants :p