Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Week!‏

Whelp, I apologize for not writing last week, I got sick last week and I´ve been sick since then. It´s just like a flu or something, but it´s wiped me out. With that we really haven´t been able to work much, but I have seen the hand of the Lord in the members here. This week has really strengthened my testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows what we´re going through and he knows how to comfort us and protect us. I´ve had many people who have helped me during this sickness and have showed me love. I´ve learned to appreciate more the power of prayer. Even when we feel alone, when we feel bad, our Heavenly Father is always listening to us, always. I encourage you to look at your relationship with God, with your Heavenly Father. Think about how often you talk to Him and truly communicate with Him the things of your heart. If need be, get closer to Him, put more trust in Him, talk to Him more, seek his guidance. Our lives keep passing, if we only rely on our personal judgement to progress we´ll end up where we don´t want to be, but when we allow ourselves to be guided where God knows we should go, in the end we´ll be eternally happy. Thanks for your messages and your support! 

Elder Lohberg
"they robbed my blood =O it sucked."


Kitchen-opening room

a little info from emailing back and forth:
Aaron:hey mom!!!
Mom: I'm here - how are you feeling? better I hope! Tell me about your week 
Aaron: still just getting over the sickness... went to the doctor and everything but it was a joke experience. I´m gunna write the general... give me a bit
Mom: I'm sorry you've been so sick Aaron :(
What did they say at the Doctors then?  I see they gave you a buttload of medicine - so do you go back for a follow up or?
Did your comp go out and work then with a member this week (while you stayed with a member) or what happened?
Aaron: They told me, if I understand well that it was like a synus infection and light bronchitus.. but I don´t feel like that´s my problem... more than anything I´m just super dissy and like without air.. like.. no energy or anythin... 
Mom: well - a sinus infection could effect your balance (equilibrium) so that could be the case there - and bronchitis means a swelling of the lung tissue - so you'd have less air - harder to breathe - which would make you have no energy as well - so could be
so how long are you to take medicine and do you go back for a follow up visit then or?
Aaron: Like... one of them for a month and the other ones like a week.. nope! jus the one visit
Mom: well take the medicine until it's gone but if you don't get better - go back for sure!
so - is tomorrow the leadership training meeting? or? and then next week is transfers? or when?
Aaron: The leadership meeting is this Friday, tranfers is next monday from what I know. 
Mom: I saw on facebook another Zone went on a hike to a place called La Piedra De Aserri (I think that's what it's called) - it looks like it's down by where you said Toledo is serving - sort of that area.  Sad that you haven't had a "free" p-day to do something fun :/ maybe sometime soon that will happen.
The missionaries here can wear sunglasses - so that rule there is probably that mission president - so maybe the new one will allow it and save your eyes :)
So - crazy rain? I saw stuff from other missionaries talking about the abundance of rain.  Is it still hot even with the rain? I have seen pictures of S H where he is wearing a sweater! I thought - hmmm - is it cold? or is he a freak? :P
Aaron: It´s cold here.. haha.. i feel like i´m almost in washington, mostly because it´s just so windy, the wind makes it rough.. rain falls sideways
Mom: go buy a sweater then or something if you need to - I will put $$ on your card if you need some more
Aaron: yeah i´ve been praying that they let us use sunglasses! =D Elder Toledo is in Cartago if that is where it´s from, but they didnt do an activity today I dont think 
Mom: I think it was to the west of that area - like right next to it or something like that.
Liga Deportiva Alajuelense
Aaron: I gotta go now, mom! I love you so much, I´ll get better dont worry=) just keep swimming just keep swimming! I´m so glad that you write me every monday, it really makes me happy! I think I already remembered to tell you happy mothers day since I forgot on mothers day, and I already said happy birthday to dad I believe and to Spencer, but if not... ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSIE in 18 days!!  

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