Monday, June 8, 2015

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Elder Escarsega 
I need to make a list of those this next p-day. This week was changes, well today. I have a new companion, Elder Escarsega. Funny story because when my companion Elder Contreras went to get his finger prints done, I ended up being in the office talking to Elder Escarsega for like 2 hours, and now we´re companions! This is his going to be his first change as zone leader, so we´re both pretty new. But we have tons of faith. We´re going to prepare the zone to be able to achieve 20 confirmations in July, which will be a record for this zone. We have 22 missionaries, so we really should be achieving more! My testimony has really grown lately in missionary work, and also in becoming a missionary. I thought a lot about a talk I listened to, I can´t remember the Elders name but the talk is called ¨I´m an Adult now¨and it´s a pretty old talk. He talks about what is maturity, what makes an adult. In the talk he explains how one never becomes an adult really, it´s a process. Equally I listened to part of a talk by Elder Bednar where he says the best advice he can give to a prospective missionary on how to be a successful missionary is become a missionary long before we go on a mission. He states how many people who serve missions never actually become missionaries. In the "I´m an Adult now¨ the speaker states how many people never actually become adults. I was thinking really, noting that the gospel is a process, it´s a day to day thing, we never stop progressing or digressing in it. I encourage all of you to listen to the words of the living apostles and prophets, learn more from the mouthpiece of God on the earth today and then put it in practice what they teach! 
baptism of Dominga w/Elder Rivera

 **typing back and forth:
Aaron: I'm here mom! 
Mom: me too!! How are you feeling?!
Aaron says "it's time travel" (I don't get it!)

Aaron: Better. I got a super cool comp.. he´s saying some bad things about how the zone has been but I don´t care much.. I know the zone hasn´t been in perfect condition how I have wanted it to be.. but we´ll make the changes anyways. His name is elder Escarsega, he´s from Mexico.. I talked to him for like 2 hours in the office when I went with Elder Contreras for his finger prints, so I already knew him basically. 
Mom: great! then maybe you two can work miracles in your area and get things fired up!
Aaron: yeah. I managed to at least get us a ton of family investigators, we just need to teach them more and we´re good to go.
Mom: well there you go!  Sounds simple doesn't it? So now you just move your feet and let the Lord work the miracles!! :)
Aaron:Yeah. Haha. It´ll be rough, but we´re going to improve a ton of things in the zone..
Mom:  oh and don't lose track of time and forget to do your general email 
Aaron: I´ll do it right now. HMM I thought I would be in east mission, the president seems super cool, the West mission president apparently is strict, not that that´s a bad thing, the east mission is a gospel doctrine library I heard, that really called my attention. Elder Parker told me today that this change is 3 weeks, until the 23rd. Crazy, so I don't know! 
Mom: great email! you forgot to sign your name so I will add that to the blog for you :) I will look up that talk you mentioned for sure!

Dominga at baptismal interview (paperwork)
Aaron: It´s good! Made me think a lot, I told my 25 year old comp elder rivera what i learned from it and he just laughed.. pride man hahahhaahaha he thinks he´s an adult.. oh wells! I TRIED MY BEST WITH ALL MY LOVESSSS =D
Mom: I just google searched it and it didn't come up - do you know who the speaker was for sure?
Aaron: Melvin something or Martin
Mom: marvin j ashton? or is melvin or marvin the last name?
Mom: found it!
Aaron: Yeah marvin j ashton i think!
Mom: I never know how much time you will get on here - so just in case you quickly sign off today - know we are praying for your success and for you to have the Spirit to guide you - I know you are doing great things - we are so proud of you!!!  LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS!!!
Aaron: I have 10 minutes

Mom: ok! So any other things to quickly share with us about what all you've been doing this week?
Mom: you had a baptism? and what is with the calendar?
Aaron: Yeah her name is Dominga, the Calendar is time travel, look for it. and then the guy with glasses is Pablo, he is like an american. I love you mom1!!!!!! I LVOE YOU! BYE

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