Monday, June 29, 2015

I always forget to write general mail.‏

Hello! This week went really well, we brought a good number of people to church so we hope to start helping them progress even more with the assistance of the members. We made a lot of progress with many of our investigators, some of them had doubts and we got them to tell us them.. with one of our investigators they were actually really hard doubts to resolve haha. This was the last week of President Wilkinson, the mission President. He leaves tomorrow in the morning I believe. So tonight at about 8:30 the new presidents will land here in Costa Rica and take over as the Mission Presidents of Costa Rica. I look forward to the second half of my mission, now with a new mission President to see what changes happen when Presidents swap in a mission. I´m in the east mission, nobody had changes, everyone stayed where President had put them in the last changes we had. I´m super excited, but I also don´t have very much time to write right now, I´ll let you all know how it went the first week with a new president next week! Love you all thanks for everything!

Elder Lohberg

Mission just prior to split

President & Hermana Laboriel, President & Hermana Wilkinson, President & Herman Hayes

Aaron: hi mom!!!

Mom: I have like 5 minutes be for the flight will tell me to get off 

Aaron: No one had changes, like I assumed. President just told us that he sent his ideas to the first Presidency and they sent it back the same, so no body moved. They gave us a photo of the whole mission and we just listened to president teach us one last time. My week went well, we got 7 people in the church building finally, but it wasn´t easy haha, we had to show up 20 minutes late to church.. we went at 8:30 to the house of investigators and forced them to get up and get ready and then we took 2 kids that showed up at there house too haha and we bought a taxi to get us there faster but still got there late.. but we got the sacrament because the church starts late too so ya! Super tiring every week.. we give every ounce of energy we have. 
Aaron's first haircut :p

Mom: Anything else real quick to say? I'm sad to not chat for very long but glad I got to connect quickly :)
Love you tons! 
Glad you got a group to church even if it was hard to do it 

Aaron: I cut my own hair
this morning
with a razor and then with scissors.. and a super broken mirror.. it was hard.. and then also my comps hair but it was harder because he´s latino

Mom: What? YOU cut your own hair? 

Aaron: trying to send a photo. 

Aaron: And i got my Cedula too!!! My like.. green card Idk? I´m legal haha.

Mom: I have to go now! LOVE YOU! have a great week! I will be on next week for sure! 

Aaron: thanks mom!!! I really love you I hope you have a safe flight, President leaves today. HEY I CUT MY HAIR

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