Monday, June 15, 2015

Hola Amigos!‏

This week has been super good, my new companion is awesome, we get along super well! We´ve been making tons of changes in the zone and in our area to be able to have more success. We´re super coordinated and we work basically the same way so we´ve been seeing miracles. Throughout the whole week we were super focused on making changes in the zone but also in bringing people to church with us on Sunday. At the end of the week, Sunday in the morning we went to pass by for all the people, they gave us tons of excuses... so we went to church with one youth super cool and then when we were their a woman showed up that we had contacted in her house. We had only talked to her for like 10 minutes and we invited her to church and everything, so she drove from her house like 25 minutes away to the church Sunday morning at 9:00. I think we had contacted her Tuesday, and we hadn´t talked to her at all... it was an awesome experience and miracle. We talked to her after the gospel principles class and she told us, do you know why I showed up? Where we had contacted her was her dad and moms house, they´re like 95 and they´re both super sick. She told us that she is passing through a ton of problems in her life, but that when we talked to her for 10 minutes she felt peace. She felt good. So for that reason she came with us to church at 9:00. It was super awesome, a great miracle. We testified to her that she had felt the Spirit, telling her that we were God´s messengers and that this was the truth. We put a lesson to go back and visit her. I know that this is God´s work, when we´re obedient with exactness he blesses us, we can see miracles. He is in charge of this work and we´re His children. He wants all to find His truth but He can´t force them, no good father uses force, they use love. Thank you all for the love and support! 

Elder Aaron Lohberg     <--- Liga Deportiva Alajuelense (my soccer team here)

Hi mom! 
I´m sure you´re not on, President changed P-day studies to 4-6 in the afternoon, so I think we´ll be on at like 10:30 from now on!
My comp likes to run a lot, we get along well, he´s kind of nerdy but he´s cool. He has a good heart and we´re working well together. He´s from the city of Mexico, the capital. It´s the United States of Mexico, they´re states. Half my zone left, every area had changes, so we´re basically set up for having success now! We´ve talked to the families.. we lost some.. others are just super slow to progress.. but two of them seem pretty good, they´re just couples with little kids but we´re going to keep trying=) right now we´re working with some youth, so that we can baptize them and they can help us bring people to church and accompany us=D  That´s crazy that Tyler is going to mexico, I don't know how he will do it.. without getting sick.. they use a lot of eggs.. lots of milk.. lots of cheese... it´ll be hard. I think it´ll be possible but he´ll need members to coordinate super well with him. I don't know how it´ll workkkzzz. I´m feeling better, the medicine only lasted me the week they gave it to me, so i´m long done with that. she hasn't sent me any photos. but i remember she took them and told me she´d send them to you, its because they use an iphone to take the pictures! 
Next tuesday the mission splits.. we have a full mission meeting.. i might have to say goodbye to Elder Toledo and Elder Parker and even Elder Contreras until after the mission haha... that could be sad.. 
I got the package too, I basically have to go now mom, I love you! thank you for the package.. even though it was super expensive.. im going to be big now;) hahaha

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