Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nobody gave me ideas.

Welp, this week went well, we´ve been finding lots of new investigators and seeing a lot of progress in our area. One of the members in our ward, that was our ward mission leader just left today to go to the El Salvador mission, so we went to his setting apart last night to wish him off and to give him some last minute advice. I´ve been learning a lot lately, mostly on something that has been hard for me- to love everyone. I´ve always said to myself that I really did love everyone I met but then I realized I know almost nothing about them, nothing about their families, their backgrounds, nothing. So, Í´ve started to really try and learn about them, to be like Christ and be a friend. This week is Holy Week in Costa Rica, so there's no school and people are going to have work off, which means they all go to the beaches and stuff but we´ll see how many miracles we find! I don´t think God takes vacations, so he´s got people waiting for us out there!=D Also! This week is General Conference!!! Holy cow, invite ALL of your friends. If you really want your friends to hear about the restored gospel, to feel the truthfulness of it, I don´t think anyone could help them feel the Spirit better than the Prophet. So invite your friends! Be brave, if they say no they will still be your friends, I´ve noticed that in the mission, members have it so good, you have friends who know that you love them, all you have to do is share or invite, out of love, and they´ll accept, it may seem hard in the moment, make the decision now and then do it! =) General Conference is the best. 
Elder Lohberg!
Elder Contreras, Elder Acuña, Elder Lohberg, Elder Henry

Typing back and forth info:

mom: So - tell me about your week!!
Did your zone go to the temple today? Several of the mom's on the facebook group were freaking out cause none of us had gotten emails on Monday - and I had to work Monday but had moved appointments around a little cause Kara thought you'd told her you'd email around noon - so I moved a gal so I could be available but then no email - and then when dad finished working he monitored the email watching and still no email - it was later that evening that Sister Wilkinson said that several of the zones were going to the temple today so they switched their pday to do so - so we'd probably hear from our missionaries today - then she said "they were supposed to tell you that last week so you'd know" :)
Tell me your news! How are your investigators doing? How are things with your comp? How's the district coming along?  Did you feel the earthquake/volcano that just went off a couple days ago?

Aaron: Yeah we just came from there, I got my package as well. It´s because our zone leaders didn't tell us until Tuesday. ...The districts cool, we had 4 baptisms this last month, which isn´t very good, especially because 2 came from my area, but this next month we´ve got the goal of 10 and everyone's super pumped. No I heard about it but didn't feel it. Everyone told me that when it´s super hot that´s because there´s going to be an earthquake, I NEVER feel themÑ=(

mom: You got the box or the pringles cans? I'm guessing the box - was everything in there? I didn't list the protein powder and realized that after I'd sent it off - so wondered if it would make it.  I think the other 2 will never get there - oh well - now I know at least!!

Aaron:The box, 2 ties, shorts, protein powder, CHEX MIX, the note, andddd the 3 bars. oh yah hersheys! I took the blue one and he has the black one, I didn't want to give him it but oh wells haha. the chex mix is good it came in Monday when i was in the office, it was like perfect timing

mom: Dad and I are taking that member missionary class with brother Wilcoxson - had our first one last night - basically talked about how we needed to just invite and if we invite whether or not the person accepts - we are successful.  So - that's what we are going to try to do - invite, invite, invite.  Although we wont be home this weekend to invite anyone to conference with us - but I have been talking to people at the food bank! 
Sunday night I prayed that I would have people brought to me at the food bank that I could talk to about the church - and that I'd recognize them - well Monday (I'm working Monday's now too) I was talking to M about the church, and then G came up and I was talking to him and he said he had a cousin who joined the church - so we chatted some and then A (the meat guy we thought might be a member) well he came up to me and said he "used to be mormon" - went to seminary and everything - he went to school with Brother Duce.  We talked a lot about the church - and then this other gal - who was working in M's spot - D - she told me she was an inactive member as well - so we discussed things too!  Within 30 minutes or so I had several people approach me - so I felt it was an answer to my prayer the night before.  Now I just need to figure out how to talk with them more about the church and see what I can do to help them come back to church.

Aaron: Yeah, keep inviting, you have nothing to lose! haha it can be a little disappointing but we cant take away their agency, we just have to do our part and the rest is on them. Just do it with love and they´ll listen=D

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