Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello everyone!

General Conference was so good! I don´t have a lot to talk about this week, it was ¨Holy Week¨ here so almost everyone went to the beaches, so it was a pretty slow week. But, General Conference made it all better, just listening to the apostles and prophet talk in English was super satisfying. Everytime our investigators didn't come to a session was when all the talks that were perfect for them we presented. I was so disappointed haha, there were some SUPER good talks on marriage when our investigators who aren´t married weren´t there, I was like, we´re going to force them to read this talk after haha. There are times in the mission when out of love for people I really want to just take away their ageny, just make them do these things because I know in the end it will bless them. That´s probably the most frustrating thing in the mission, that people have their agency haha. But yeah, I loved almost every single talk, the talk that related dancing to learning and putting gospel doctrine in practice, and the talk by Elder Holland, about the brother who almost fell and his brother reached out and grabbed him. Really, I´ve grown to love general conference, listening to the prophets and apostles and putting all these principles in practice. I´m definitely going to study the talks in general conference when I get my hands on it! I encourage you to do the same, study them, feast on the words of the prophet and apostles and put them into practice! 

Elder Lohberg

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